Kiss of Death

Soul seeks death
As I pass through
Solace gets left
In this journey
Of delusional life
Existence questioned
For faults gone pass
Vindictive impuissance
Conspiring to remove
The caring persona
For ones who lashed
Cluttered life stands
At threshold of tears
Feet falters to hold
Hands which ones loved
Voting for the devil
Removing the angel
Sought earnestly once
Pushed to perdition
With paths of thorns
Enter perpetual vacuum
Approaching end
To feel extensively
The kiss of death.

Burning Words



Symbols are what they seems
When language does not speak
Jumbled it is in my present
As I dreamily remember past.

Amusingly I turn across pages
Burning in the desire to fall
Turning into ashes slowly
As I see in them my fall.

A nauseating feeling overpowered
As devil in me stood here
I forget the past, cherishing hate
Celebrating what now I lost.

Guarantee lost , writing burned
Romance of alphabets not seen
In fires of time I disappeared
Searching for unknown quests.

Taking steps of time I moved
Deadly risks I still wanted
Lusting prohibited dreams along
I gave final burial to soul.

I gave that wicked smile
As the words try to escape
Smashing it one last time
For the agony they gave.

Up in the sky saw a dove
Words riding on it wings
Telling tales of love firmly
No one ever owns words
Nor can they destroy them.

Also Prompted @3WW, Sunday Scribblings, One Single Impression, The Gooseberry Garden Also,Thank You Rash for the theme
Fire to inspire me to write something again ­čÖé

Silent Death

The betrayal still haunts
For I loved enough
A face still lingers
Which turned me numb.

It was easy for life
To bereft me again
Of the smiles attained
In one such corner.

I still seek answers
For objectivity of past
And falter in the present
Falling back in the race.

I hurt the one
I will never earn
Love I killed
For I sought it.

Seeking what was unknown
Dreams that never exist
Holding hands of fate
To drive everything away.

A trap was laid
When I entered alone
The moment seemed dull
But the purpose scared.

The almighty yawned
When he wrote destiny
Of Life, I lived
Fighting to even breathe.

I fought every step
To have my dreams
He keep cutting ajar
When I reached it.

Bruised are my feet
Eyes pains a lot
Hands are faltering too
And I wander clueless.

I kneel in prayers
To reach my fate
Happiness I again seek
Deserving it every time.

Standing fore are questions
I left in behind
Making struggles prominent
Till moment I die.

Confusion resides all around
Tears refuse to stop
I gave gloomy look
For fears again unite.

Snatching away all rights
Dragons are showing might
Tempting me to escape
Pulling away my right.

Rebel I, still fight
Spirit tired in night
Shouting loud I again
I will survive still.

Dreams still in eyes
I promise to scribble
Even if muse dies
Breathing in last drops.

I forgive it all
Who made me such
From a smiling angel
To a hurting devil.

One last time broken
I fall down to cry
Angel wings break down
I still try to fly.

One last try left
I challenge the lord
To give as much
I try before quitting.

Spirit breaks ,I battered
Last drops of water put
Blood snoozes out itself
I die a silent death.

Muse Dies

Tears sweep past
As muse dies
Stifling itself again
Breathing its last.

Wonder I again
How jest lost
To pen thoughts
Of deep within.

A flower resides
Deep in scents
Of pages of book
You gifted along.

How world drifted
We became I
I stand downhill
To be flooded.

Life moves ahead
So did I
Wheat and barley
Still smell same.

Rain remind me
Of memories past
When I wrote
Nothing that last.

I found hand
Imbibing my struggle
Tears comes again
For I transgressed.

He penetrated thoughts
I Mumbled nothing
Before I knew
Dragged was persona.

In deep recesses
Of memorable times
I flashed smiles
To cry again.

Life ran fast
Leaving me behind
Hurting the soul
Clueless was I.

Struggle in hurts
I numbly move
Questioning the life
Testing my patience.

I die again
Not to renew
Battered is soul
In deciding turns.

Turns I oversaw
Which leads astray
World rolled down
I couldn’t decide.

Choosing the right
Or loving wrong
Happiness of moments
Destined to cry.

Clueless I remain
Life makes move
Dying soul inside
Buries the muse.


Beauty of silence
Grips fate’s hand
Forward I move
Amaze the world.

Wonder to feel
Mists of emotions
Envelop the wall
I created around.

Love drenches me
Enriching the soul
Immune to hate
I smile again.

Wishes to live
Slow Steps taken
Glow radiate around
I feel again.

I know not
What I seek
Promises I make
Binding my faith.

Life revolves full
Enmity dissolves itself
I smell ardour
Touches the lips.

Passions roar high
Love it seeks
Caressing the soul
I fall asleep.

I kiss goodbye
Moist eyes smile
Awaken is beats
Heart rejoice again.

Serenity speaks volumes
I love solitude
Beautify the vapors
Oceans are rising.

Dreams in eyes
Unfulfilled are wishes
World to conquer
Float in happiness.

Music rhymes around
Play different tunes
Falling in love
With Myself, I .