Burning Words



Symbols are what they seems
When language does not speak
Jumbled it is in my present
As I dreamily remember past.

Amusingly I turn across pages
Burning in the desire to fall
Turning into ashes slowly
As I see in them my fall.

A nauseating feeling overpowered
As devil in me stood here
I forget the past, cherishing hate
Celebrating what now I lost.

Guarantee lost , writing burned
Romance of alphabets not seen
In fires of time I disappeared
Searching for unknown quests.

Taking steps of time I moved
Deadly risks I still wanted
Lusting prohibited dreams along
I gave final burial to soul.

I gave that wicked smile
As the words try to escape
Smashing it one last time
For the agony they gave.

Up in the sky saw a dove
Words riding on it wings
Telling tales of love firmly
No one ever owns words
Nor can they destroy them.

Also Prompted @3WW, Sunday Scribblings, One Single Impression, The Gooseberry Garden Also,Thank You Rash for the theme
Fire to inspire me to write something again 🙂

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