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Silence speaks to me
In loneliness of moment
Through the air whispers
Passing through all of me.

Silence feels within me
In the sound of the fan
In the air conditioning
In the soft peaceful breezes.

Silence smells in me
Through fragrances around
Of the perfumes of the beloved
With the musk I inhale within.

Silence touch around me
In the flowing hair strands
Of the feel of the moon
Giving me  missed breaths.

Silence converse with me
In the naked thoughts inside
Of all that he said,I heard
Hearing only sounds, I feel.

Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 7: Writing Poetic Silence

Silent Memories


Silence, Ah Silence
How I love thy
In the dark nights
Makes me remember him.

Silence was in that night
Winters were at its peak
And music was in its jest
Then one corner found, we friends.

Quietness was in the moment
For we knew what the heart desired
Just the glow of the moon whispered
Not giving I, yet yearned all there.

‘Precious’ is what you called me
Wary was I,  conversing with thoughts
Those hands just assured me there
As I sealed the love, with a kiss.

In the warmth of your arms I could die
As silently, I heard your heart beats
Intimate was even our lips then
For souls did all the talks needed.

I still remember how you loved these eyes
Taking off my spectacles, you often watched
I could never understand the addiction
But then they often pierced me, deep within.

Words have often my favorite thing
Yet they were lost when I had you
I scribbled them on a paper for you
And watched your misty eyes read silently.

We communicated a lot even with distances
But those moments when silence came, were loved
You wanted to express it all, I sought patience
We wiped our tears softly, in those dreadful nights.

That embrace of yours is still my life
When in that night, I said the goodbye
For I stood with you, beneath the stars
Long enough for the silence to just talk.

On lonely nights, I still think of you
We are the souls bound forever
Silence still  assured of the love
As in my words, I find you hidden.

Written for the OctPoWriMo writing prompt Day 14: Silence


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Quiet Love


Silence speaks to me tonight, like I know not
For moments of laughter, and tears I know not
It whispers all through, in to the ears that hear
It speaks of all the moments, lost forever in haste.

It blows to my side, alphabets only I can recognize
It flew through the dry leaves, in whistles of magic
As the bird preach me alone, of romance in the darkness
The sadness of the road, today has a tale to tell.

A lanky persona falls in memory as I think of the moment
The one closest to winds breeze, of beats conversing alone
A moon whispered some intoxication into those eyes of thy
Uniting the sky to sing a poem, of love that was felt.

Looking through the stars, and trifling through the sand
We teased each other, through the lesson of friendship
A chemistry as of the angels, spoke through our stares
Before we knew, a tree shielded us, in that cold winter night.

Come with me, I said, as I took him through quiet lanes
With not a soul to be seen, I introduced him to senses
To read, what no one ever could, even when mind is crowded
He did it all, as he showered gratitude, with that one kiss.

No royal blood, we belonged to, nor of the uniting flames
Separation was our game, someday lost will we will, in woods
He was the popular one, I was the naive one
One day, we were the sparkling bond, emitting jealousy, to others.

His charm spoke, as I recorded it all in memory, in breaths
We conversed, of words and books, of music and movies
We spoke to realize, we were one in thoughts, with difference
Ultimatum gave our heart, in those times, when fingers intermingled.

Mysterious were his eyes, when they talked of hope, seeing none
I sought to just touch, the soul, hardened to the world ways
One day, It melted like wax, to fall on my feet, and thus begun
Destruction we called it, for there was no way, to return alone.

Once laying him in the grass, I read him the abstract dedication
Poetry heals I said, tears were all he could give, in embrace
To the stars, we sent our story, enveloped in our pains
Promising a visit, every time the pain was way too harsh.

We conversed, today, after all these decades of misery
In silent breaths, of what I could not undergo all alone
Of lives hidden in the moon, and those tiny stars of his
In the breeze I again felt his touch, speaking of his quiet love.

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Tales of Silence

Silence sneaks through the mist
Formed in the window stains
Revolving around the idea
Lost in world of its own.

World  built from illusions
Fate took along to destroy
Strength I had to move on
In the mimicry of great powers.

Crystal clear was destiny once
When I embarked on black waters
For I sought just negativity
In mistakes and wrong falls.

Common seemed my journey
Unusual was this long path
Waking up, sleeping alone
Cries and joys , nothing rare.

Falling up the stairs of silence,
A loud thunder reached my brain,
Heart wanted to converse quietly
Filter the diamond from dust piles.

A dream it saw in the long struggle
To give a moment of ‘Eureka’
Thick layer of fog it removed
To speak of the art I lost.

It sought me to be lenient
To the soft sparkles moving
In efforts to ameliorate, the hurt 
From the pains I lived for long .

Brightness of the sun entered
As I took a step one last time
In pursuit of happiness I moved
new beginning,  of words and tales.

Also Prompted @3WW, Sunday Scribblings, Poets United, Inspiration Monday, Weekend Wordsmith, Theme Thursday, Open Link Night and One Single Impression

P.S.  I seek forgiveness from all my readers for being away for months. It will take a while to be back but today was one of those days I couldn’t resist but to write.  I know my writing has regressed a bit due to lack of practice but hopefully you all can enjoy my thoughts. Hope to be back soon so I can read you all and write more. Hope I still get the same love from you all  like I did months back. Promise to be back pretty soon 🙂

Silence of Time

A small speck of time
Navigate in by lanes
Where the cerebrum crinkles
Telling stories I know not.

A pearl drop on the green
Leaves or flowers I don’t gather
Demanding attention of sound
In the quietness of the wrinkle.

Tears of the obscure modernity
Seen in that one rebellion
When I tell tales in whispers
Falling within smell of roses.

I laugh at the muse of words
Which seeks sanity to express
Believing in the feelings of touch
I walk across fields of grass.

Decades past since the fate wrote
Sadness of sheen spoke again
In transversal of decays around
I fringe at the final goodbye.

It stands still waiting for a voice
With reactions at every instance
Speech beholds itself this time
For the overwhelming emotion.

A deadly paper sits still
As I imagine rebirths of time
Still choosing not to tell
What this mind conceives.

I smile in lost words
Sending signals of time
To the nature filled souls
Telling of conversations eternal.

Infinite talks I lived within
Not with words of alphabets
But with rhythms I figured
In the silence of the universe.

A big Thank You to the Thursday Poets Rally for The Perfect Poet Award, thanks for the encouragement always, I nominate Noble for next week. 🙂

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Also, thanks to that noble soul for the suggestion once again. You know who you are 🙂