Struggles and Hope



Words refuse to flow,and I struggle.
Struggle to survive in land, of magic,
I wonder if this was the end, of the story,
The one that made me smile, with love.

Then I wonder maybe times changed, a lot
From tears to smiles quite a journey, I saw
There isn’t something amiss as I see, across
But the emptiness still knocks on and off, here.

I smile, I fly, I whisper, I do it all, happily
Law of attraction, worked, say, my miracles
In my kitty came all that I waited, for years
Dreams fulfilment were the first step, to destiny.

Then I stir the heart within, seeking some more,
Love, was all I was living for, which is lost, maybe
Around in forms and shapes of blessings, it exist
But in forms I dreamed of always, they show, no light.

Friends, nicety, and lot of good I see around, but then
Life teaches me , selfishness I notice, wariness learnt
Maybe people aren’t that kind, but I am no fool, as well
Family is around, kind people are, and I smile with it all.

Then I desire a bit extra, a little bit more, of settlement
Some more laughs, some deep conversations, and quite much
I wonder, if all that, and much, are around, fulfillment
Or life has bit much more of struggles, for love, and peace.

I jump with excitement, over that name, over that laugh
Love, still makes me, and I desire, a hand, and an embrace
I seek, pure love, of the touch, of that newborn, by us
I believe, I smile, I chose that path again, of true hope.

Hope, excitement, dreams, and a lot more, still like words
And they flow, not just when the heart pains more, I see
So I coin more and more in my imaginations, to feel
As the passion strikes, words flows, and I smile, in bits, much.


P.S. : I was thinking of putting thoughts to words but then poetry flowed. Thank you Dip for that encouragement. I badly needed to go back to words. I feel so good. I hope to write more now on. Criticism are very much welcome.

P.S.S. : Life has been way too kind. Hope it is so for all my readers too.


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Hello everyone,

Life have been just very hectic and I had to let go off #OctPoWriMo in the last days. But its unfair I couldn’t complete it so I thought even if late let me just finish it today for it was something I took to challenge myself :).

So here to the last three days 🙂

Day 29

Love that was mad, I say
Consuming all that was me
Blissfully unaware of all
I lived in it madly each day.

Taught what nothing else could
Breathed in it, what others wanted
Heaven was his embrace, all together
Left me in shackles, to strengthen.

Seeking that love, in infatuations today
Gratitude I carry, for it did happen
Prayers for little bit more of it today
Even if less, but consuming I want still.

Day 30

On the day before, he decided to leave
I knew this was it, even if he didn’t
Taken aback was I, by lot of what he said
Shaken, yet I stood still, that moment.

Last night I call it, for what was  ‘us’
For what remained was, you and I later,
Yearnings and hurts sparkled in tears
A long darkness I saw later, but I lived.

Never forgotten,what the day before was,
Decisions I stuck to, for long even afters,
Today I feel the peace within, with bruises,
For today, my heart still knows, pure love.

Day 31

Writing whatever the heart felt,
In verses, in brief, in elongated terms,
I smile at the poetry, the month gave to me,
Almost missed the challenge, yet I wrote.

Scarcity of time, loads of work that brain had
Yet, peace was found, when I sat to write
A journey, to find, what I was loosing within,
Words, that were my love, were found somehow.

Experience, of joys, and pains, but still worthwhile
All penned, and shared, flowing out in the world,
Feeling, I didn’t know, were waving out to me
And today I smile, for somehow I lived to my promise.

Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 29: For All the Loves You’ve Loved Before , Day 30: The Day Before… , Day 31: Poetry Writing Challenges


P.S. : This is for Morgan Dragonwillow  for she pushed me to take up this challenge inspite of a busy schedule. Though I left in last few days, I am completing it still for myself 🙂

Once Upon a Time

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Once upon a time,
Lived black characters,
Inked on surface of desire,
Seeking meaning, hidden away.

Fighting the symbols everyday,
They needed some more decipher,
Of the emotions entangled within,
The artist that spilled ink.

Then convoluted designs danced,
Formation of a new piece it was,
Or maybe the completion neared,
Smiles, appeared, on the papyrus.

Rains of creation danced once again,
Passionate became the inked characters,
Poetry emblessed love in its desires,
And they lived happily ever after.

Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 16: Once Upon A Time 

P.S. : I have written many saga poems with this theme and would have written one again with a different perspective but time crunch and a hectic week spared me time for just impromptu short poetry. Hopefully on weekends I do better.


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Two girls discover the secret of life,
in a sudden line of poetry.
Poetry that spills out like emotions,
Stuck in the chord of the still heart.

Meshing various alphabets into nonsense
Just like life, that rises after lows,
Rhythm in every sense of combination,
Like love invokes music in the living.

Secret of happiness, secret of passion,
Hidden beneath convoluted thoughts,
Spreading out its wings with every feel,
Spilling all that, only it knows.

Characters transform into words,
Words transform into vague sentences,
Then before we know, stanzas are written,
And hence is born the mystical world of poetry.


Inspired by this quote:

“Two girls discover the secret of life
in a sudden line of poetry.”
― Denise Levertov

Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 14: Inspiration from the Poets who went Before

P.S.: Very short and little senseless attempt but then working days does that to me and I am trying hard to write during weekdays too.

Why I still Write

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When life trials were beginning,
Humans were poking in and out,
Sitting in a corner, hopeless,
I sought some gift from almighty.

Words drenched me, one night,
I smiled even in all the pains,
For I discovered a gem within,
Something resided, distinguishing me.

Some encouraged, some laughed,
Some saw talent, some saw digression,
Still in one phase, all strings broke,
Leaving it aside, I thought I will live.

Beats of my heart, resided on paper then,
Gathering all willpower, I became stubborn,
Masked the reality, penned some fiction,
And I wrote again, and continue to do still.

One fine autumn, I took the challenge,
To write a poem, every day, this month,
Missed sometimes, got late at others,
But completed it, in abstract.

Days in, days out, the year went,
Now I struggle to write each day,
But I still keep the promise to oneself,
For these minutes, are all mine.

I keep my word, I keep my peace,
I find my moment, when the world sleeps,
To be prompted, to be expressed,
What no one, but only I seek.

Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 9: Do I Have to Do This?