Beauty of silence
Grips fate’s hand
Forward I move
Amaze the world.

Wonder to feel
Mists of emotions
Envelop the wall
I created around.

Love drenches me
Enriching the soul
Immune to hate
I smile again.

Wishes to live
Slow Steps taken
Glow radiate around
I feel again.

I know not
What I seek
Promises I make
Binding my faith.

Life revolves full
Enmity dissolves itself
I smell ardour
Touches the lips.

Passions roar high
Love it seeks
Caressing the soul
I fall asleep.

I kiss goodbye
Moist eyes smile
Awaken is beats
Heart rejoice again.

Serenity speaks volumes
I love solitude
Beautify the vapors
Oceans are rising.

Dreams in eyes
Unfulfilled are wishes
World to conquer
Float in happiness.

Music rhymes around
Play different tunes
Falling in love
With Myself, I .

76 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Hey just came to your blog and read a couple of posts. Lovely blog. Simple yet amazing poetry. I am unable to follow your blog. Can you just check if the link is working or not and drop me a comment on my blog?LoveNidhi

  2. although the entire verse is deep and very emotional-some of the lines are absolutely beautiful SG:-)like enveloping the wall I create and immune to hate…:-)nyyyyyyyyyyyce:-)

  3. hi there ..very nice lines <3I've created a new girls blog around with the name She Exists and He Stalks .. hope you'll come and have network with me .will love to see you around ..Aish .

  4. S G,One who can not love own self can not love anyone else too. Loved your flow of words, specially " Love drenches me, Enriching the soul, Immune to hate, I smile again." Take care

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