Wedding Dreams

I bind with you a seal
Entwining our names
Forever in the gem .

As the night arrive
I engrave your name
In my hands forever.

My henna shine
As my rings sparkle
Glowing the smile forever.

Friends surround across
To make the gorgeous look
And I smile of your love.

I await the horse
Which brings you to me
You will soon be My Man.

As I sign the deal
With kiss of my life
We are officially one soul.

Tears sweep across
I can never bear the hurt
My lifelines are gonna be forever apart.

That one smile makes me sane
Holding me today silently
You pray only death do us apart.

I hold your hand like forever
Embarking on a journey
Where only love and happiness awaits
As we get hitched.

I Dream…

Of the fluttering eyelids
And the shaky hands
Pursuing the hue of passion
I shiver for life that lay at behest
Of being an ‘unconventional’ Bride.

As you hold on to wipe the tears
A sheen pass through those eyes
Strengthening within I imbibe your words
Sky is the limit speak my lusty dreams
As ‘Love’ cull the thorns to pave my way.

As I lay my eyes on thy
I feel a flutter pass through the heart
The tiny beings own my unknown existence
A tear seep giving unbound happiness within
I bow to Almighty for ‘completing’ me in all aspects.

Divinity engulfs me as I lay my hands on you
The rhymes dance to let my imaginations run
Words play with me a beautiful game
Hide they and I catch, Attaining peace as I write
Being a ‘versatile’ writer is what makes it all worthwhile.

I fantasied of encircling the universe
Leaving hints of my being in those footprints
As I step on the masterpiece crafted to sail
My dreams are realized in the waves
To ‘Vacation’ the planet with the one I love.

I attain what I sought in fictions
The perfect exemplar for my gene
Beauty surfaced in the classy attire
Brawns in flowing intensity of words
Fame never hides when talents arise
The ‘quintessential’ women finally rest in peace.

I gave a blissful laugh as you swing glory to me
My wrinkles shine even though weak I became
Content is what I attained in the small journey of life
Worthwhile for I had you to share it all this while
Finally, I seek a ‘Peaceful’ death in the arms of my soul mate.

Also Prompted @ Wordless Wednesday and 3WW

Dreamy Haven

1. Scattered around in its glory
Are the petals, the candles and the glasses
Speaking of the love that passes through
Creasing its folds on weekend getaways.

2. Snugging each other passionately
Lie the pillows, the sheets and the furrows
Just beneath the tinkles of light and curtains
Speaking of the love and of the fights of its cozy inhabitants .


3. Come and peek a sneak into me
Speak the green nature path as its opens
To show a glimpse of the heaven within
Spoken through the plays and laughter of its angels.


4. Center stage of this home hold this watery haven
Speaking of the passionate dreams someone held
Years ago to have me as a part of them
To let a new world within their own universe.


5. Come and drench yourself
In the sprinkling waves of my oxygen
Play and dance, fight and love
For I bear testimony to this everlasting fun.


6. Peace is restored in my laps
Fondle yourself in rejuvenating trance
As your bones break down with angst
It’s this jacuzzi that relieves you the most.

7. As the air waves through the skies
Igniting new passion to get evolved
I await you to take a scenic sleep
As nature sings you a beautiful lullaby.


8. Playing with nature to feed
The chef within comes out in open in my arena
And the sinful smells wrap the whole house
And one savors it to quench hunger of all kinds.


9. Smokes of creations pass through the valves
In my lap she finds streaks of minds lost somewhere
Peacefully letting the sparkling pen jot
Whatever the mind conspires.


10. Roars of laughter pass through me
Hiding places and stuffy things encircle me
Baby food and shriek voices are heard
Reside here the angels giving glory to this home.

11. Spiraling in its circles are the feet
Of the tiny tots, and the naughty lots
Circling up and down to create a uproar
Running ever for work and pleasures.

12. Silently sailing through is a tent house
In the plains of some water
Underneath the moons and the stars
Speaking of the love that is forever eternal.

13. Tucked nicely on the door like the pillows
Is the story of their lives
Sometimes happy and sometimes sad
But the end line of it said it quietly

Also Prompted@ Wordless Wednesday and Thursday-13