Beauty of silence
Grips fate’s hand
Forward I move
Amaze the world.

Wonder to feel
Mists of emotions
Envelop the wall
I created around.

Love drenches me
Enriching the soul
Immune to hate
I smile again.

Wishes to live
Slow Steps taken
Glow radiate around
I feel again.

I know not
What I seek
Promises I make
Binding my faith.

Life revolves full
Enmity dissolves itself
I smell ardour
Touches the lips.

Passions roar high
Love it seeks
Caressing the soul
I fall asleep.

I kiss goodbye
Moist eyes smile
Awaken is beats
Heart rejoice again.

Serenity speaks volumes
I love solitude
Beautify the vapors
Oceans are rising.

Dreams in eyes
Unfulfilled are wishes
World to conquer
Float in happiness.

Music rhymes around
Play different tunes
Falling in love
With Myself, I .

Love I Breathe

Dreams I visualized,
As I conceived you,
Happiness encircled me
As I wished seeing you .

Tears swelled my eyes
As treasure I held
You transformed my life
A ‘mother’ was born.



To you, he surrendered
Tears dampened his face
Glory shined with pride
As his ‘apple’ was born.


Your skids incensed me,
Your kiss melts me,
My world you complete,
As heart beats within you.

Today you conquer dreams,
Knight awaits his bride,
A vacuum teases me,
But pride bids fairwell.

Memories imbibe my life,
Eyes fell on a random scribbling
“Momma remember always,
‘A daughter is yours first all her life'”
Smiled I, as your growth I see.

P.S. This is my salute to the selfless love parents all over the world who live just to see us smile. This world isn’t a bad place really because of your love and determination and with the love you all give. 

Perfect Morning

Eyes sparkled
Smile flashed
Raised curtains
Rays fall
To awaken.

Orchid lay
Cinnamon smells
Half asleep
I wonder
And see.

Freshly laid
Egg toast
Scented rolls
Complimented well
Juices fresh.

Someone special
All dressed
For occasion
Smeared kiss
To tinkle
The ears.

Smiled I
Wonder seeing
Breakfast items
Placed perfect
Designed aesthetically.

Eyebrows raised
Surprised Me
Flowers handed
With tokens
Of love.

Platinum spoke
Ring placed
I blush
To hear
“Happy Anniversary”