World I Wish for You

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In those deep eyes of yours,
I see innocence of the world,
The cruel and bad one it is,
Yet I wish you cleanse evil off.

In those believes of yours,
I see a battle almost won,
Of the satan caged far off,
As you proxy fight and shoo away.

In those laughters of yours,
I see only peace skimming around
With no gore and blood ever dropped,
With war as a concept, nonexistent.

In those touches of yours,
I see harmless kisses flying along,
No hand can ever touch you impure,
Ash it turns, whenever filth nears.

In those words of yours,
I see all the strength of the universe,
To scribble and imagine, stars and moons,
To make heaven, divine, for you to live.

 Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt  Day 11: Couragely Speaking for Children

P.S. : In this poem I have  touched on topics I feel everyone should fight for  when it comes to children: Peace, Abuse and Education.

P.S.S. When it comes to children poetry, often I write thinking about my nephew. I want a world free from all things bad for him.

P.S.S.S. : Also, a haste tired attempt, so a short piece. Hope it isn’t that much a disappointment.

My Forever Love


Nowadays, when I think of family I think of you
For each moment that has you it has smiles
Even my tears swell up in to laughs with you
And I wonder are you the magician of almighty.

I remember the day I knew of your conception
I had never been more happy in a lifetime
Months were spent preparing for your arrival
For I knew my precious gift you will be always.

I still remember that first moment I saw you
Hidden beneath a blue cloth behind the screen
I saw those tiny eyes and it was just pure love
Everyone said you were my mirror, and I held pride.

It was different home which now had a tiny angel
You were seperated by the seven seas yet so near
I remember your first smile, and even the first walk
Then I knew you going to be in my embrace very soon.

Post midnight you indeed entered our haven one fine day
I haven’t seen my family smiling with so many tears before
You brought the laughter and joys I had missed long
And hence came someone who taught me lessons unknown.

I will forever call you my very first baby
For a mother in me was born with your presence
Changed nappies, fed food,  and took tantrums smilingly
And when you slept on my arms, life was indeed the bliss.

My name was the first name you ever really learned
And I still pride myself on that very discovery
After a long day, your hugs used to take pains away
You tired me and yet I did it all for you are my precious.

We all cried when you left after months of togetherness
I still remember how you wanted to tear apart the screen between
I knew I had gained the bond that even the distances can’t break
And smile when you jump seeing me, with your cute flying kiss.

I am growing up more and more as I see you grow up
We might meet way too less but I know we will miss none
For the hearts have gelled together like one souls we are
And I am glad for every moment I spend holding your hands.

I forever yearn for your sweet kisses and games when away
All I desire is to be your best friend even when you grow
Tell me your first girl and tell me all about your first kiss
And I will pride over me being the first girl your parents teased.

Darling, life is hard and there will be moments that confuse
Live life with hearty spirit and when world trashes come to me
I promise I will never ever judge and will always jump to be aside
For dear nephew, you are one love, I am proud to forever keep beside.

Written as part of the OctPoWriMo writing Prompt Day 26: Family

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P.S. : Anyone who follows my blog knows how much love my nephew evokes in me. So when I think of love and family its only about him I could write about. He is someone I thank my stars for bringing in my life everyday. He is just 2+ now but wish someday he reads all I write for him and cherish the fact that he indeed is a very special boy. Till then, I just want him to know that I love you my little boy and not just flying but bountiful of real kisses and hugs to you.

Birthday Celebrations


Birthdays and parties
Celebrations and Imaginations
Smiles and all the  fun
It is indeed a beautiful  life.

I remember my childhood always
When birthday parties happened
We all reminisce it still quietly
When we had all the fun.

There used to balloons and strings
Cakes and loads of  good food
We all dressed as the fairy buffoon 
And then there were ‘fun’ games.

As we grew up, the hoopla stopped
But celebrations continued
And sibling always had surprises
Like friends who always loved.

Some surprises happened in between
When love had knocked with smiles
Midnight cake and cards I remember
When dorms gave me lifetime loves.

Now birthdays are all about baking
And some telephonic conversations
But laughter doesn’t really stop
Till people are there to love.

Now nephew makes me live more
And across seas, my family plan
Like I do, for them in time
Over a video, we have celebrations.

I still wish for that surprise
That I can keep for a lifetime
When plannings do succeed for them
And taken aback, I just give teary smiles.

Written as part of the OctPoWriMo writing prompt Day 25:  Celebrations, Good Times and Poetry

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Love is Like this…


Lying alone in a dark corner
I often wonder what is amiss
You often said bliss is me
And I said, love is like this.

Memories are often wrapped up
And some of them not worth it
I close my eyes to feel some rains
Petrichor tells me, love is like this.

To escape the loneliness around
I often brew some coffee in a jar
Baking some cake to have a round
Chocolate tells me, love is like this.

Tears are my beloved when I lose
Courage to go on is what I miss
Then some rhythm plays to my ears
Music tells me , love is like this.

My feet have often moved at its discretion
Hearing what my heart feel was its tune
Even in trauma, it could get lost alone
Dance tells me, love is like this

Sky often smiles when I have a dream
Sun plays a game with the clouds
Orchids bloom, as moon play games
Nature tells me, love is like this.

Eyes still dream what I cannot see
Fables in my mind weave it as reality
I scribble it all on a blank sheet
Writing tells me, love is like this

I remember the tiny being that I first saw
I remember the first embrace, and the first word
I smile the most even today when you call me
Nephew tells me, love is like this

I cry when the world just seems insane
Lost I am in work I do most often
Then an embrace just listen and say nothing
Mother tells me, love is like this.

In my weak times I often just blabber to you
You listen patiently, and then make a joke
I laughingly cry in moments like this
Best friend tells me, love is like this.

I sleep everyday to be woken beside you
That morning kiss and sweet nothing I see
I wonder of rains which shower these blessings
Then love tells me, love is believing like this.

Written for the OctPoWriMo writing prompt Day 8: Love is Like…


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Birthday Wishes for My Favorite Man

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Today,  a very special man celebrates his birthday, some seven seas apart. And he deserved a post on his birthday somehow. Maybe when he grows up he will read my feelings for him through my words and know how special he is. He turns two. He is my darling nephew and the one who replaced me as the youngest member of my family. Somehow, last year, my relation with him was just phone and skype calls and as much I loved him, the pressure of deadline didn’t let me do something special for him.  But  then lot of things happened in a year. The 1+ baby visited my house and was around for four months. And the connect we built has only increased ever since. I can no longer wait for that bundle to visit again. So let me start it from the very first.

I still remember the day when my sis in law gave me the news of pregnancy. It was just weeks after they went off after vacationing with us. And I did not even have an idea that they were planning a baby. And there she went ‘I am pregnant’. I think I jumped and shouted and went crazy that day.  From that day on, life was a different kind of roller coaster. Bro wanted a girl and she a boy and I remember when they found out what is it, how bro went ya ya you win.  The baby was one bundle of joy. And then he was born.

I still remember that skype video still. Those tiny feet and tiny hands. Those closed eyes and the whimper. Those red cheeks and the most beautiful baby. It was as if an angel has just entered my house and sat in my heart permanently. Even since, seeing him was like our daily endeavor.  Watching him lie like puddle , to seeing him crawl, to his shouts, and then to his first few steps.

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Then, the little angel visited us. In the early hours of morning, we welcomed the little man into our house. Even since, life changed. Everyone woke up way too early for he was awake. Made him food so he likes it. Watched his steps so he never falls. And laugh with all his antics. It was my favorite way to be woken up by a sleepy boy by coming and siting on me and getting his game ride. His kisses I craved and jumped for the my pet name he learned to say even before he could say dad. This little man even made me change diapers, change his clothes, take him for walks, and keep sitting still to make him sleep while his mom was away. He became my life in those months. I look forward to coming home for his smile greeted me. I loved dancing with him, playing games of hide and seek, those walks and everything.And his naughty antics assured that I was his best friend  and mother in one. His favorite hangout was my room for the laptop had the cartoons. And I never complained. I remember when I went to a friend marriage for few days he missed us like anything and used to knock all doors just to find us. And then he went off to his home again with promise to be back.

The skype calls were our life then. I remembered that first call when he wanted to just jump and hug us and he was so lost and cranky. For he missed us all so much. But then, he understood. We taught him words, made him dance, recited rhymes and life had a new meaning. And then this little man was crazy for this aunt when he used to jump when he saw me. Sends across umpteen flying kisses and keep saying my name and we used to have best conversations in his gibberish.

And now he is two. My darling you are a big boy. I baked a cake for you and on skype call, we had a cake, some candles, a complete family, we sang the birthday song and you blew candles. We had the cake but you will have it there too in your party. But promise loads of your favorite pancakes and cakes when you visit.  I can’t wait to hug you. My mom says he is going to be like this crazy fan behind me when you visit. All I seek is to make you the best man  to be proud of having raised with the correct love, respect and everything that will make him the most amazing human being.  I want to be that best friend you speak of everything without hesitation for I am not a parent.  And yet give you  the most peaceful embrace of a mother in my lap. You are the man who ignited motherhood to me and will be forever mine and so have loads of fun and remember I love you very very much.

An  angel  found  his way through
Into the embrace of a mortal house
Trusting himself with the existence
And showering love and happiness forever.

Igniting motherly instincts within
Giving smile to a crippled soul
Embarking us on a journey to heaven
In the innocent bundle of pure feelings.



So, for my readers here is the most beautiful scene we experienced yesterday:-


P.S.  I kept my date of dedicating a post to the birthday boy finally 🙂

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