You Once Asked…


You once asked me why love
Like a bud I let out fragrances
I wasn’t the dream you desired
Yet, I found perfection in real.

You once asked me why love
I silently listened to pains
In eyes refusing any affection
I slowly discovered purity, entirely.

You once asked me why love
When inspite all my surrender
You refused the touch for way long
I touched all those inside, with smiles.

You once asked me why love
In the secret lanes of hopes
Where all that was mine was moments
When you kissed eyes which ever cried.

You once asked me why love
When you were pulled off my embrace
In laps of those whom you disdained
I still, stayed straight, in your feet.

You once asked me why love
I worshiped the deity you became
I ran in perpetuity, in promise
To abandon all mine if you took risks.

You once asked me why love
In time when we knew no other way
First being you were, to sense within
Kneel in prayers, an atheist, to have you.

You once asked me why love
When you decided to turn away
Even in final breaths we stood
Below the stars that once united.

You once asked me why love
In mystical telepathic conversations
And I smiled as you professed love
From the stone that was not to melt.

You once asked me why love
In the point where we wrote destruction
And I let it be, for I knew no way
I died every moment, I disagreed last.

You once asked me why love
When it was the end of us
I held the hand to my beats
Seeking the blessing there forever.

You once asked me why love
When bitterness flew above
Yet, we found nothing of ours
Memories, we created, for lives.

You once asked me why love
In week moments of despair
I sat you down in my poetry
Embrace is all you could give.

You once asked me why love
With certain happiness I grew
You smiled in the hurt within
We still conversed through stars

You still ask me why love
Maybe through the dark moon
I look at it above and whisper
“For it was all I could give”.

Forbidden Love

A silence lurk around
Scary to the eyes
As I wander far
Retaining tear that fell.

Waking up to silence
I find something amiss
Love I searched around
In you I found none.

A closet love lurked
When all bonds broke
You were special
Nameless yet it was.

A surge of emotions
I felt all together
For one who gave smiles
When I saw no sanity.

In naughtiness of moments
As I sought to touch
Those silk of love
In whispers of voices.

Significant was the heave
Felt in innocent smiles
I was coming closer
To delusional vague times.

Change was the period
When I felt in control
Yet expectations ruled
Addiction you became fast.

The angers were trivial
As love held supreme
Recede was in your feel
Yet I stayed in your hold.

A clever tactic of diversion
Was what I had been
When no one cared you played
Innocently, I fell in  deep trap.

Zenith of emotion I reached
When I realized the love
Prohibited by time around
I cried in secrets lulls.

Slowly you drove me away
With harshness of tones
Yet stood just in caresses
I felt like you gave all.

I was special in thoughts
But that was slowly gone
When like a hard bolt
You told me to restrict words.

You were back in the world
Where you loved her again
I was way to playfully gain
The passion you had once lost.

I whimper and I cry
For I again lost one
I fell so much close
To caress my tattered heart.

You still stay but distant
I decide to let you go
For the black hole was
What I was falling within.

Your family I knew along
Your priorities I had seen
You wanted to feel my love
When I was fearful of emotions.

You made me sure of strengths
Believe you had in me
And when I showed loved
You ran away to your own.

Hurt I am in my minds
As this heart die again
I decide to let off addiction
I had for one forbidden.

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Burning Words



Symbols are what they seems
When language does not speak
Jumbled it is in my present
As I dreamily remember past.

Amusingly I turn across pages
Burning in the desire to fall
Turning into ashes slowly
As I see in them my fall.

A nauseating feeling overpowered
As devil in me stood here
I forget the past, cherishing hate
Celebrating what now I lost.

Guarantee lost , writing burned
Romance of alphabets not seen
In fires of time I disappeared
Searching for unknown quests.

Taking steps of time I moved
Deadly risks I still wanted
Lusting prohibited dreams along
I gave final burial to soul.

I gave that wicked smile
As the words try to escape
Smashing it one last time
For the agony they gave.

Up in the sky saw a dove
Words riding on it wings
Telling tales of love firmly
No one ever owns words
Nor can they destroy them.

Also Prompted @3WW, Sunday Scribblings, One Single Impression, The Gooseberry Garden Also,Thank You Rash for the theme
Fire to inspire me to write something again ­čÖé