Freedom Redefined


July ended and there was this sense of extreme freedom which can never be defined. I had no idea what will happen next but all I knew was that a milestone was indeed achieved. An ecstasy that could never be expressed. All I needed was some rest, good food and just loads of sleep. Nothing really mattered at that time. A vacuum was left, with choices. It was up to me to make the decision to move wherever I want and yet I was utterly confused. But, then freedom was redefined in the month that followed.

August was a month of some spirituality for me. A bit of rest, a lot of fun, socializing again and loads of spiritual cleansing.  It was also a month of mental peace after a long time. I didn’t even realize where the month went in fasts and sleeps and foods. But yes, it was also a month of lot of post stress illness. Sigh, I am still fighting ill health even after six months. I even ended falling ill on day of a feast and spent the day in bed when the house was supposed to rejoice. So, August was not really good or bad but it did ended on a beautiful note.

Last week of August meant me going on few months of sabbatical as many saw. Well, the explanation for it was just one. A family reunion after a while. And the first glimpse of my year something nephew. Though, virtual and social isolation happened, my home was one joy ride.

August brought a little member to my house who took away all worries and brought only smiles. That night, the airport wait and sleeplessness was worth that first touch, embrace and smile. He was to become that one baby, that I could carry like my own and spend hours and hours with. Also, he brought unlimited happiness to the stressed house of old parents.


Reunions also meant some priceless gifts. I got my lucky stone as an astonishing gift I can never express. A gift I now call as my luck quotient which my sibling gifted me. My first apple product arrived and loads of cosmetics and gifts I cherish apart from my chocolates :-). But, the best gift will always be that little angel of mine.

Before, I knew September was here . September was all about sleeping, smiles, loads of food, lot of outings and shopping  It also meant lot of partying, few meetups, and lots of eating outs. And amidst these things, I learnt and grew a few more. Baby in the house taught a lot many lessons. Lessons to change diapers and clothes,  putting a crying baby to sleep, taking care of the cranky and hungry infant and loads of smiles. The first experience of being like a semi-mom was indeed good and best is when the infant uses his teasing antics on you which makes you just laugh. Trust me making a baby laugh his lungs out is the best stress buster. So, fall was indeed a season of just family and smiles.

Freedom was setting me free,
Glint in the eyes speak,
Dreams were all mine,
As I set foot on another mission.

Reflections of what past by,
And what were to be achieved,
In the glory of the August sky
Redefined all that was mine.

One broken string stood lose
For I was too afraid to pick
What I left in the dark
Ages back in unknown quests.

Pen still attracted the creative
Decisions to take it ahead sprinkled
I smiled as words were set free
In the fall of the leaves.

Paradise unleashed in my home,
As a tiny tot took its step in
And transformed life of all
That were connected to its veins.

Laughs and some smiles, it gave
Wiping tears whenever they came
Lifeline was created in the hearts
Erasing all bitterness with his gibberish.

September flowered in all its glory
After effect of some nice story
Reunions, and lot of affections
Ruled life of all dear ones.

Learning new rules of life,
Was this new phase I lived,
Even in soiled hands and mess
I danced to tunes of my rock-star.

As I rejoiced in my freedom,
I sat down to pray again ,
Seeking only happiness around,
In months that change fates.


Written as part of Lady Nimue’s Month of the Year Contest-Season 3.

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Timeless Dreams

Recollections are everywhere, as I look past the window. Telling me tales I lost in moments. Those tiny steps, or the crumbled life. Those smiles lost in the starless moonlit night.  From the foolish naive girl to a wise person, a long struggle I took. Still too innocent to survive, and stubbornly strong to be broken down. Drawn to care, pierced with betrayal, I wondered of the wrong I did. An uneasy feeling still wander across me, of what is yet to be unwrapped, from the dark exterior.  A mirror mask gave the delusion of nicety when an anchor held me. The evil is not far off when their need is met. Today, the cold tears are frightful of more mistakes I might make. I wonder if their scare is true. I hid in my own bosom to wonder where to find the light. However, the truth remains, no shortcuts lead to success

Smiles hidden in words
Some splashed on old paper
Others found in ancient saying
Crumpled yet so very apt.

I run my hand across the book
I read the first time, ages back
With the coffee in hand
As the breeze tinkled the hair.

I feel the touch of music still
The one which played as background
To all my works of passions
And sometime artistically roved my feet.

In one side across my station lie a smile
Of photographs I clicked in my jest to capture
Moments and some random lines I see
For I was reveling in rain to hold forever.

Some cinnamon spells works in my abode
Where some creams smile with spatula
I sprinkle the magic of love
As the oven smell of desires I hold.

Passion stir deep within still
I somehow still lose the courage
Yet these tiny meaningless things
Hold me up to conquer timeless dreams.

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Summery Memories

“So, do you remember that one summer”, I said inquisitively.
“Which one ? I guess we have known each other long enough to have just one summer.”

I smiled, thinking how he doesn’t even remember my adolescence persona and yet he fakes remembrances. I was left wondering,  if he had seen the transition, he would have been in one major shock. But, then some things are for good. I decided to tease him further.

” O really? then remind me one childhood memory ?”
“Hmmm….too many dear….that one you remember….when we went “, he fumbled to say

“hhahahhahhahaha” I returned a loud laughter.
“You still make fun of me all the time “, he said jostling away the coffee mug in a childish manner.

I smiled even more as I decided to finally give the gift I got for him .

“Read this” , I said handling an envelop to him.
“What is this now?”, he said annoyed.

“I am sure you will smell the fragrance of your favorite coffee as you read this. “

“Shhh…Just read”

He curiously opened the envelop of his memories, our childhood and few remnants we left in the patio of innocence.

You don’t remember our first smile, don’t you?
And that summer of memories we created with one ball,
Basketball it was , and we mixed it with some music,
Amusing ? But then you had your guitar for it.

Hold on to your heart and don’t be so surprised.
I still remember that cap and even that old car,
From which you waved even when running late,
Yes I owe your sisters this one for being kids.

My school bus could never arrive till you passed,
And day wasn’t complete till I was teased.
I was just creating some smiles to last.
You were making friendships in silly loves.

Then summer vacations made its own way.
Which made us take our long break.
But then I found the way to the court,
To play some charming games you liked.

Yellow it was? Your shirt smartest silly,
And you said how it has been a long time,
I laughed questioning that way of yours,
When you smiled to say, here idiot.

Then we grew bit more, and hormones acted,
On me and not you, and today I confess.
I know this will be a big surprise,
But then, that one moment changed it all.

Remember those summer classes ? algebra and me?
And then I met your arrogant brother once,
Maybe you knew about my presence or I presumed
And came with an excuse no one really believed.

That one drive was all that was required.
I looked my worse self and yet the excuses worked.
Dawn happened at dinner time I didn’t know.
Nor did I know that you visit friends without calls.

I know it was charming and beautiful but we whispered,
To know more than the years in those few minutes,
Blushing our heart away even no names were known,
To create pedestals to last a full life time.

Then, children became adult and life really happened,
I still laugh thinking of it all and thanking stars,
For keeping it just as a good memory without a story,
Or I wouldn’t have smiled narrating to my first crush.

“Wow, so you were that girl…I guess even I had…..”
“Shhh…..say nothing…..let it stay as a beautiful memory”

“Nope…Maya might be coming…lets order some food”

“You are crazy”, he said smiling 
“If I wasn’t. We wouldn’t have been best friends still? right? “, said the smiles

“Raul is a lucky man”
“I know, ”  I said and  pulled  his nose to tell how the chemistry stays the same.  

“Ouch. It hurts”
“What?the crooked nose”

“Youuuuuuuuuu, ” he said , simultaneously raising the envelop to hit me.

I smiled realizing how the rest of the story still had him and me together in the best possible way.

I thought , how some stories are best if we don’t change their memories and status and leave them as they were meant to be written. It was a similar case  between he and she, two best friends , married to two different people, who crushed on each other and still remained best of friends, making the world smile with their stupid antics.

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Rhyming Stories

I know I have been blogging quite less but then that doesn’t mean I am writing less. Infact, certain forums are making me write a lot of short fiction ( 55 fiction)  and rhymes (4 lines) . I missed doing it for few days, so I thought I will use all the themes to show to my readers what I have been upto off late :-). So sit back and enjoy and tell me what you think of them 🙂

Short Fictions 


The Warm Bed

The sun flashed a smile through the window crack to shine. The dreamy haven in me detested the brightness inviting me. I slowly opened my lid, raising eyebrows to scare the rays befalling on my magical sleigh. Then, like a tonic, my angel visited silently, making me leave the bed of roses with a grin.


The Red Chilly

I had a rare fixture with that tingling smell. It was pungent yet indispensable. I worked my ways through various flavourings when creating magic in my delicacies. I was avoiding its presence today. I was amateur and it was the scholar. In the end, something was amiss in my dish. It was the red spice.


Poetic Rhymes

Amateur games

Smile sang at his eye fixtures
Unaware of the game of crying times
I amateurishly moved to be trapped
As a wandering knight captured my lips.


Unrequited Ardour

I noticed the diligence in his eyes emitting sparks,
Nurturing love through colourful messages,
His heart beats made headlines everywhere,
Tears fell, to dream his ardour was for me, not her.


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Winter Smiles

The first flecks of snow, or the first winds of freeze, the darkness abound and the hidden sun. That is what winters is to most. Some call it dark, some call it negative, some call it blue and some call it unfair. I had no real liking/ dislike for winters for they were mostly extreme here or it was just like spring. As they are  saying their goodbye to welcome the next season, I think I should thank them for one thing they gave me this time, smiles.

Well , for the past few years, there was no wit or humour, no happiness or laughs, be it winters or summers. Life tested me without hope for as far I remember since a while. I labored hard to move on , to be cancelled from the light of life. The elasticity of the moment made me lose what I had and I was responsible. I saw hate before love, bad before good, and rejection before hope.

Then the double load of life started making me fall, in dark recesses of tears. Cries which hounded deep within the self I know not of. Tests were slowly ending to show me hope in different symbols. Mysticisms of life crept through, I sometimes ignored. Then I chose to made a call, to tell myself, things cannot go worse and I decided to live again.

A new start, a new beginning, and amongst the troubles I felt, I decided to  chose. Choosing to building without windows, which were shattered ages back . I chose to attach the strings of life back to me. I chose to hope, to smile, to explore and try. Try to find the happiness within, the joy in darkness and hope in closed walls. I chose to defy and rebel against the sadness of life. Only to find-I survived.

A new tractor of life carried me to unknown zones of talent, I knew not of before. I loved winters, I loved smiles, passions were overriding within. Talents were blooming with enthusiasm and I knew I was coming to conquer. Today, the winter, the dark, the snow is going away, I dont relish summers but I decide to open arms to it as well and thank the breeze of winter that is still touching my skin. The elementary existence of life found a meaning in life , by showing both happiness and sadness, and yet making the pessimism go with the welcome of optimism. I thank it for the smiles, I forgot I had.

I walked alone in silence
Tears fell in dust
Seen by no one to feel
I tired the spirit within.

A cold breeze touch within
As to speak of some love
Telling me stories of hope
To explore the smiles around.

It took me to expedition of life
Feeling talents I lost long
I read, I wrote, I conquered
Clicking to glory the world.

I smiled, I laughed and I loved
Making companions I knew not
Feeling love to anyone tired
Lifting spirits of one down.

I conquer love, I conquer life
I dream of what lies ahead
So much to see, so less time
I run ahead to have it all.

My eyes taste, hand feel mist
Warmth and emotions I lost fast
I become good, I feel good
As I thank winters for the smile.

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Thank You Noble for this wonderful idea to write,  as it made me think so much , and made me end up with a post which makes me feel glad that I wrote 🙂