You are Love


You leave me wanting for more
You leave me seeking for more
You sieve through the words you say
You feel beneath the beats of a lost heart.

You are the muse on a rainy day
You are the hope on a lonely night
You are the creation that never existed
You are me, from the different world.

You are the smile on a teary face
You are the touch for a frightened fate
You are the longing sight of embrace
You are the dew on a parched land.

You walk past through the halo I see
You converse through the silences and say
You are the words I often forget
You are the poetry entwined deep within.

You are the observer lost on solitary roads
You are the painter who sprinkles color in shades
You are the melody that turn into masterpiece
You are the peace after a long tiring day.

You are that one argument we desire to have
You are that irritant we want in our lives
You are the love we cannot live without
You are the soul, that makes me survive.

You are the meaningful lines on a blank paper
You are the mystic wanderer we just love to stare
You are that one treasure that is priceless
You are that partner, I want sitting aside.

You are that cigarette, that never burns
You are the string, that is always in tune
You are the prayer, that always heals
You are the hand, that forever holds.

You are the blessing, I seek to keep
You are the unspoken, I just feel
You are the eyes, that reach deep
You are the whispers, you forever cherish.

You are the rain showers, that make one dance
You are the goodness, that makes one grin
You are the friendship, that is beyond words
You are the only one, that can never be defined.

P.S. I wrote this piece in parts and for a very dear friend. This is for you Anurag. You are one great find of friendship for me and a blessing to my uninspired thought. He also happens to be such a great muse to me when all that my brain needs is just some distraction. Also, Anurag you will be forever treasured and loved ūüôā

P.S.S. I realised I don’t have a good picture with this sweetheart of a friend but wanted to post something so used an image that defines fights and love of a great friendship.

My Ideals


Born as the youngest one
I was indeed the most loved
Surrounded by ideals around
I had just to choose one.

In form of the brother I found
He was everything we aim to be
He lived up to the persona
And achieved what I still desire.

Growing up I could go on and on
On the personality called him
He showered me with no less love
And yet told me how to stand still.

That little girl grew up one fine day
And he didn’t know how to react to that
Mind diverge, arguments happen, love stays
And I still seek to make him proud one day.

Convent gave me the education I still cherish
And girls many I were in awe with for ages
Wrote a piece for her when I came to college
And gifted her one on her birthday for a smile.

Adolescence gave me many things to awe about
In mother I found a bestie, and teachers were ideal
Some happened in school, and college gave more
And I still thank my stars for they were around.

In school, chemistry was the favorite for its teacher
She was the ideal mixed with a friend we wanted
And I am glad inspite of all the naughtiness
That I had a pride when she loved inspite of all.

College happened, and then a warm beauty entered to teach
She taught us ‘Jane Eyre’ and all through I imagined her as it
Editing my creativity, she also let me be published
And I missed her when she wasn’t around much.

A sir he was to all, but ideal I call him still
Introduced me to true ‘feminism’ mixed with ‘derrida’ love
He took pains to make sure we got in depth of literature
And I call to tell him I owe it all to him still.

Many more crossed my path whom I sought 
But now only passions drive me to the hilt
And today I just yearn for that one fine day
When someone come and call me their ‘ideal’.

Written as part of the OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 28: Who are we?

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P.S.¬†This is a dedication to everyone who I always inspired to become like . Thank you bhai, Mrs R, Mrs NC and SK Sir for being that inspiration and encouraging me always. I owe a lot to you. This is also to that school mate called I.S. We never really interacted much in school but I was glad to know you later in life and realized you are one helluva sweet girl. And I am glad we managed to become some sort of friends ūüôā

My Forever Love


Nowadays, when I think of family I think of you
For each moment that has you it has smiles
Even my tears swell up in to laughs with you
And I wonder are you the magician of almighty.

I remember the day I knew of your conception
I had never been more happy in a lifetime
Months were spent preparing for your arrival
For I knew my precious gift you will be always.

I still remember that first moment I saw you
Hidden beneath a blue cloth behind the screen
I saw those tiny eyes and it was just pure love
Everyone said you were my mirror, and I held pride.

It was different home which now had a tiny angel
You were seperated by the seven seas yet so near
I remember your first smile, and even the first walk
Then I knew you going to be in my embrace very soon.

Post midnight you indeed entered our haven one fine day
I haven’t seen my family smiling with so many tears before
You brought the laughter and joys I had missed long
And hence came someone who taught me lessons unknown.

I will forever call you my very first baby
For a mother in me was born with your presence
Changed nappies, fed food,  and took tantrums smilingly
And when you slept on my arms, life was indeed the bliss.

My name was the first name you ever really learned
And I still pride myself on that very discovery
After a long day, your hugs used to take pains away
You tired me and yet I did it all for you are my precious.

We all cried when you left after months of togetherness
I still remember how you wanted to tear apart the screen between
I knew I had gained the bond that even the distances can’t break
And smile when you jump seeing me, with your cute flying kiss.

I am growing up more and more as I see you grow up
We might meet way too less but I know we will miss none
For the hearts have gelled together like one souls we are
And I am glad for every moment I spend holding your hands.

I forever yearn for your sweet kisses and games when away
All I desire is to be your best friend even when you grow
Tell me your first girl and tell me all about your first kiss
And I will pride over me being the first girl your parents teased.

Darling, life is hard and there will be moments that confuse
Live life with hearty spirit and when world trashes come to me
I promise I will never ever judge and will always jump to be aside
For dear nephew, you are one love, I am proud to forever keep beside.

Written as part of the OctPoWriMo writing Prompt Day 26: Family

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P.S. : Anyone who follows my blog knows how much love my nephew evokes in me. So when I think of love and family its only about him I could write about. He is someone I thank my stars for bringing in my life everyday. He is just 2+ now but wish someday he reads all I write for him and cherish the fact that he indeed is a very special boy. Till then, I just want him to know that I love you my little boy and not just flying but bountiful of real kisses and hugs to you.

Best Friends


Today I just had to spill it out. If not the ink, then the blood of emotions. ¬†Everything on this page today, will smell of only you. ¬†I don’t even want to sound lyrical, for it doesn’t matter what anyone read of it. ¬†After three sleepless nights, three days of innumerable missed calls, three days of silence and three days of hurts, my heart finally gives up. I know I have often done it this year. Even spoiled my birthday somehow, for it hurts. People and their opinions rarely matter to me. But your opinions do. Always did. Even after two years of being extremely close friends ( many more years of being friends) , it really does.

I still remember that long mail when the disturbed me was pacified by you. You wanted to talk. But sharing numbers wasn’t my thing ever. And then time just went. I know you have managed my typo from the touch screen phone the most. ¬†And I think you revived in me the ability of writing mails and mails. Long ones infact. And how I used to go and on whole day with my issues. And all that I needed was a call from you. And sigh. I think I have told you enough, but let me rephrase, the first time I talked to you, I fell in love with that voice. That accented, deep voice, O man. I can never get over that feeling. I am glad that very day you said, I choose who comes in my life and never let them go. ¬†And then the friends forever promise. I often keep it but it was the first time someone wants to keep it with me.

Offcourse, we have had our share of fights. ¬†One of my male bestie just told me that I can’t imagine you fighting with anyone. I actually don’t, I just go silent. And it hurt us both. Also you have reprimanded me too much for my pessimism and negativity. But I think it is all good. Who could handle my suicidal texts with humour? You only I think. And I actually have often ended up laughing. Also, who could keep texting me on important days to make sure all goes well. I think only you know how to make me laugh on my worse phases and moods. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know you get tired of taking care. You also want to be take cared. I have often tired. But then you are just way too nice to disturb me. But maybe sometimes you can try no?

All that was years back. Our friendship have changed too. We are busy and we hardly get time. Now you are more relaxed with me as my worst phase is over. But then I do have my blues. Also, I complain for I just miss ‘us’ being the more free kinds. ¬†A person who has pushed each and every friend in these few years, kept you close. I survived for you were around. Otherwise, breakdowns I had was too much to be even told. I trusted the belief you have in me. ¬†I test you and myself off late. I know I over react too. But then I just want to steal a piece of you which everyone gets. And often you forget I might be understanding but then I am human too. Am I not? I love and I care and also need the friend. I know I am not your best friend but then I also know how you hate when I say I have no best friend. I love it when you do realize you are my closest.

I think apart from you, hardly any know my personal issues. You think I could ever let you go? I push you off. On my birthday week I even decided I am never ever talking to you. You are my addiction. But I just was too disturbed with the accusations. And your thoughts about my issues. I don’t care what is the reality and not. I don’t even care if I ever see you . But yet I care about you and that be all. And yet, I was forced to give up. All because of the love. I weakened. I chose to never talk of those things anymore. I learnt my lesson. Every time we have fought, I learnt something and never talked on that line. A little of me died but I learnt. Now you see the effect?

Seeking to hear your voice once a month isn’t too much? Is it? Who knows where I be next year. Who knows where life takes us all. Utilizing it till the time is at hand isn’t too much. Or is it? A girl who never listen to anyone, does to you. Apart from 1-2 mistakes, you are always first one to know. When I submitted last july. I wanted to just call you. I might just do it post viva. And yet? I never intend to insult you. Never did. I have been as messed up last three days as you could ever imagine. It wasn’t about me. But me doing such things. I just want you to know that you are way too precious, just like how you considered me special.

You are one of those unnamed relationships which are like forever. I love you abound. You are my bestest friend. I want to share everything. Even when I mess my love stories.¬†I want you to hold my hand and take me to the wedding hall someday. I want you to be the god father to my baby girl some day. And yet nothing will change. I will still throw kisses on you. Flirt in our cute harmless ways. And yet love our respective partners the most. You are the hottest and sexiest man I know. You got the moves. And I am glad I know you. ¬†You are just everything in one. A ¬†best friend when in tears, A lover when I am messed, ¬†A mentor when indecisive, An ideal who makes it all easy. I know how much you try to settle things for me. No one will ever do. I just don’t allow. I might one day and that day you might be you even with me. I know it will come. I just respect you way too much.

Till that time, I just want to say ‘Don’t give up on me’. I am way too impossible. I might want you to know, times ahead are harder for me. Let me cry, and then even wipe those tears. Let us rekindle our friendship every other day. Come what may, just stay aside, even if geographical distances and time zones come between us some day. I want to get old and be the same with you. Even when our kids will go off and I am that crippled oldie, I want to call you and just smile. For in old age, all that matter is good friends. ¬†I also want to make you proud of me one day. Have a place in the universe, where you go and say, hey that is my friend.

Space I need at times. But then don’t doubt my emotions? My actions are never deliberate. They are possessiveness at times. Jealousy at others. But then even you have them. Don’t lie that you don’t. I become helpless at times, I trample and fall. For this world is a mess and my fate even more at times. But when you be vigilant and make sure I get up, it is easier. It really is. People have warned me of attachments. Of trusting. And even keeping ¬†close. But then, others also say you care. And that is all that matter right? You know way too much for me to now go back. I might know nothing. But trust me maybe. Someday?

I think that is all I guess. So how do we conclude? I love you beyond words, sweetheart. And my treats and coffee are pending and I will not leave without having then. Even if  it takes me decades to take it. Also, it is not easy to get rid of me. If you are stubborn about keeping some people close. Even I am. Even more if other person is the kindest and warmest human being. Someone who leaves me in awe at his sensitivity.

So forgive me, maybe? Not just this time but always?

You and me walking the opposite roads
Seeking a place in the universe
Filling hate with just purity
Of love, only we know, and cherish.

Undefined I keep ‘us’, and closed
In the palm of my hands and heart
I desire nothing, and give it all
All I want is your gift of friendship.

My creativity falls short when it’s you
You are not the muse, yet beyond
You are not just special, but beyond
Let us keep it simple, and call it heart beats.


P.S.¬†: I am glad you called as I was about to publish this post. I know you don’t want it published but still read no? And tell me if you hate it. Thank you for the smiles. Also, yes we can be back to being normal. ¬†I never realized I went overboard. I am really sorry. Never again. But I will be messed more at times, just understand no? Also, I will never be bored of you. Even you don’t be no, please?¬†:*

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As She Leaves!

As she gets ready to leave,
Tears speaks it all,
Heart beats fluctuated ,
As feet refuses to move.

A new world awaits her,
But it seeks her to leave the old,
The world where she was conceived,
And the one where she moved,
Moved to carve a niche of her own right.

She was the baby in the hands of her mother,
A darling in the words of her father,
The beautiful doll in the arms of her brothers,
And the life beat making the house alive,
House whose door she was to cross today.

Crossing doors was her destiny,
Destiny which she knew since her birth,
She will remain the dearest even now,
But still the life was opening doors of change,
Change which seek to transform her,
Herself is to grow from a girl to a woman.

Today the world is rejoicing her wedding,
Wedding to the man of her dreams,
The ‘one’ who will keep her like a queen,
A queen of his heart and that of his world,
His world which will be transform into hers,
involving her to leave behind the footprints,
The footprints of the child she always want to stay.

She knows double happiness waits for her,
A new transformation is there to receive her,
She is to begin a new journey as she steps out,
The journey from being just a daughter and a sister,
To becoming a wife and a mother,
The journey which will give her eternal happiness,
And would complete her existence.

Today she can’t help dropping that last tear,
Nor can she wipe them from her family,
The family which celebrates her happiness,
Yet feels the bereavement,
The process of letting their pride become other’s pride,

The proud ‘she’ smiles at the love being showered,
And promises she will make their head high forever,
And then she hugs them one last goodbye to tell,
This Daughter will stay yours forever,
even after she gets a groom to call her his bride.