Kiss of Death

Soul seeks death
As I pass through
Solace gets left
In this journey
Of delusional life
Existence questioned
For faults gone pass
Vindictive impuissance
Conspiring to remove
The caring persona
For ones who lashed
Cluttered life stands
At threshold of tears
Feet falters to hold
Hands which ones loved
Voting for the devil
Removing the angel
Sought earnestly once
Pushed to perdition
With paths of thorns
Enter perpetual vacuum
Approaching end
To feel extensively
The kiss of death.

Muse Dies

Tears sweep past
As muse dies
Stifling itself again
Breathing its last.

Wonder I again
How jest lost
To pen thoughts
Of deep within.

A flower resides
Deep in scents
Of pages of book
You gifted along.

How world drifted
We became I
I stand downhill
To be flooded.

Life moves ahead
So did I
Wheat and barley
Still smell same.

Rain remind me
Of memories past
When I wrote
Nothing that last.

I found hand
Imbibing my struggle
Tears comes again
For I transgressed.

He penetrated thoughts
I Mumbled nothing
Before I knew
Dragged was persona.

In deep recesses
Of memorable times
I flashed smiles
To cry again.

Life ran fast
Leaving me behind
Hurting the soul
Clueless was I.

Struggle in hurts
I numbly move
Questioning the life
Testing my patience.

I die again
Not to renew
Battered is soul
In deciding turns.

Turns I oversaw
Which leads astray
World rolled down
I couldn’t decide.

Choosing the right
Or loving wrong
Happiness of moments
Destined to cry.

Clueless I remain
Life makes move
Dying soul inside
Buries the muse.