Silent Death

The betrayal still haunts
For I loved enough
A face still lingers
Which turned me numb.

It was easy for life
To bereft me again
Of the smiles attained
In one such corner.

I still seek answers
For objectivity of past
And falter in the present
Falling back in the race.

I hurt the one
I will never earn
Love I killed
For I sought it.

Seeking what was unknown
Dreams that never exist
Holding hands of fate
To drive everything away.

A trap was laid
When I entered alone
The moment seemed dull
But the purpose scared.

The almighty yawned
When he wrote destiny
Of Life, I lived
Fighting to even breathe.

I fought every step
To have my dreams
He keep cutting ajar
When I reached it.

Bruised are my feet
Eyes pains a lot
Hands are faltering too
And I wander clueless.

I kneel in prayers
To reach my fate
Happiness I again seek
Deserving it every time.

Standing fore are questions
I left in behind
Making struggles prominent
Till moment I die.

Confusion resides all around
Tears refuse to stop
I gave gloomy look
For fears again unite.

Snatching away all rights
Dragons are showing might
Tempting me to escape
Pulling away my right.

Rebel I, still fight
Spirit tired in night
Shouting loud I again
I will survive still.

Dreams still in eyes
I promise to scribble
Even if muse dies
Breathing in last drops.

I forgive it all
Who made me such
From a smiling angel
To a hurting devil.

One last time broken
I fall down to cry
Angel wings break down
I still try to fly.

One last try left
I challenge the lord
To give as much
I try before quitting.

Spirit breaks ,I battered
Last drops of water put
Blood snoozes out itself
I die a silent death.

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