The Struggle Within!

Heart– I feel like writing.


Head – No way you aren’t made for it.

Heart– I feel alive when I write and that matters.
Head– Its just a waste of time and nothing else.

Heart– Its one passion which lights up my soul.
Head– Yes why not. And also one pursuit which threw you into darkness.

Heart– Writing never pushed me to darkness…..The lack of it did.
Head– Fool….Had you not been bullshitting so openly you wouldn’t have suffered through all that.

Heart– It’s not my fault that my family doesn’t understand and appreciates this side of me.
Head– They are the only ones concerned for you. Does it change anything even if they understood ?

Heart– Yes it would have made me so elated to see them have pride on my talent.
Head– What for? What have you achieved to make them notice you.

Heart– I haven’t achieved much but I will one day….When you love what you do …U always excel in it.
Head– Hahahha….U see the amount of talent flowing around in this field….You are not even a miniscule.

Heart– If one is talented enough….They do get recognized one day.
Head– Ya one day when you have no teeth left to even eat.

Heart– It hurts to be unvalued by the one you love most and now even you started.
Head– Comeon. They just want you to leave worthless activities.

Heart– Worthless? Writing is not a bad habit?
Head– Yes. But it’s not even fruitful for you.

Heart– Comeon. It is. It stirs my brain and fly in my imaginative sky.
Head– Ya Ya. Stir your brain for your professional works rather than here.

Heart– Why do you discourage me always?
Head– I don’t. I just show you the correct path of wisdom and success.

Heart– What will I do of success where I am not at peace with myself and satisfied.
Head– Peace doesn’t grant you food to eat and money to survive.

Heart– Try eating food and spending money when your heart is unsatisfied with your achievements.
Head– Huh.

Heart– Now you know why I somehow end up winning always?
Head– Whatever.

And the struggle goes on forever.

26 thoughts on “The Struggle Within!

  1. Excellent pouring!you remind me of The Struggle Between Passion and Reason in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre :)I have to seldom be at war with my head and heart – cuz I got them married off some time ago :Pso less of a struggle now!ek doosre ko samjha detay hain khud he khud

  2. i agree..this is one of the many reasons why my head and heart are forever at war!we can only hope the two will agree at some point in life

  3. if this is something you personally experience, i'll take it upon myself to give some free advice because i've been through just this kind of conflict. listen to your heart… the head will just mess you up a lot. if u wish to write, make a career of it! i did, and i don't regret it at all. yes, the money takes time to come, but it does come and when you spend the money that you've earned by doing something you love, it's a different kind of good feeling that u get! write on, girl! if you feel you are made to do it, then you surely are!

  4. @ Mehak thanks so much for the concern girl…feel touched :)Well life decisions take time but am sure I will always go where my heart takes me…Thats how I am made.And i know i will do it one day for sure and make all proud πŸ™‚

  5. u know what it would be….vowwwww…..d way u described reminds me of jane eyre,struggle between passion and emotion.It reminds me of struggle between good and bad angel in Dr.Faustus.It evn recollects whispering of souls of lovers in wuthering heights….its beyond words.and yeah,i feel the same fight going on inside me…

  6. @Nikita Omg i m just so honoured …u just named my all time favourite novels and having my works reminding ppl of them is indeed too much honor for me…thanks so much :)That fight is eternal …we need to learn to find balance somehow….a balance which keeps us happy forever πŸ™‚ so just be happy with ur decisions πŸ™‚

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