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Words o words where are you hidden,
Deep within , yet so far.
Lost in yourself weaving your own stance,
Teasing me with the urge, yet refusing to bulge.

I seek you to weave a game of rhymes,
And you resist for some long lost crimes.
Sulking in my own vice, seek I for your rights,
And you show a glint ,then budge back in your nights.

I fret at the state where I lacknimbleness,
And you spat me for bringing upon that fickleness.
Theorizing my state I urge you to accede,
And you spite me for the random conceit.

Meditating over the memoirs of the past,
I acknowledge how I relegated you to the last.
Squeezed in the cerebrum you struggled to live,
But my helplessness refused the means to breathe.

Stuck in my heart and messing the brain,
Losing the air to feel, You got lost somewhere in between.
Gaining my life soon, I started to feel the air,
But lost was the vigor which was mine all within.

One fine day I wanted to fly in the words of the skies,
Like the imaginative dreams which I worn with you aside.
Then I realized you were tough to play around,
And I missed my accomplice who made all so alive.

Banished all along from my world, you got hidden away,
Scarily seen in some spoken thoughts.
You sneaked in with promise of a lost potential,
Frighteningly you came out to make known what was amiss.

Missing the unstrained flow of words.
I called upon you with the emotion of love.
Caressing you with the simplicity of the heart,
I breathe once again, As the hidden stood revealed,
And the words started pouring out all unrestrained.

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56 thoughts on “Hidden!

  1. I absolutely loved it. I can understand it well and it feel it too. I feel like the words dont flow like they used to. Remember the timers we came up with instant poems and write ups, I wonder where they are now. Hidden and buried somewhere deep within! Sigh!

  2. Hello,Glad to have visited. Totally loved this one! I'm sure a lot of people including me, can relate to this one..The feeling of helplessness often caused by 'Writer's Block' has been portrayed so brilliantly! Great stuff! Good luck with BAT! πŸ™‚

  3. Excellent writing . Just loved reading it . You have an amazing ability to bring out your feelings so well in the formof poetry. Simply one among the top I have read so far in batom . All the best. Keep writing . Will stop by to read more of your work –Tuppence

  4. Wonderful weaved words ! one of the best hidden poem in the BATOM πŸ™‚ loved the expressions and helplessness painfully described ..But of all i love the line : struck in my heart and messing in the brain ..So very true , we all can realte to ! πŸ™‚ All the best for BATOM πŸ™‚

  5. after reading for the third time, am commenting here…I will remember this poem for long time….Soothing, beautiful, matured, balanced and impacting ….drenched myself in your poem…I couldn't imagine better treatment for 'words' as of now….. Probably one of the finest and matured poems i read recently…made me to intrigue and contemplate on some issues of my thoughts…..I think it has got absoluteness and comprehensiveness ….apt and perfect treatment to the topic….satiated with the quality read…..Great work buddy:)wil consider this for voting:)

  6. @Mahesh Kalaal OMG i am just so very honoured. Your comment made writing this poem all the more worthwhile. I have no words to explain how much these words mean specially because this poem a express a lot which had been inside. I am just overwhelmed….thanks so much for liking it :)Thanks for the vote and thanks for such beautiful remarks πŸ™‚

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