You are Love


You leave me wanting for more
You leave me seeking for more
You sieve through the words you say
You feel beneath the beats of a lost heart.

You are the muse on a rainy day
You are the hope on a lonely night
You are the creation that never existed
You are me, from the different world.

You are the smile on a teary face
You are the touch for a frightened fate
You are the longing sight of embrace
You are the dew on a parched land.

You walk past through the halo I see
You converse through the silences and say
You are the words I often forget
You are the poetry entwined deep within.

You are the observer lost on solitary roads
You are the painter who sprinkles color in shades
You are the melody that turn into masterpiece
You are the peace after a long tiring day.

You are that one argument we desire to have
You are that irritant we want in our lives
You are the love we cannot live without
You are the soul, that makes me survive.

You are the meaningful lines on a blank paper
You are the mystic wanderer we just love to stare
You are that one treasure that is priceless
You are that partner, I want sitting aside.

You are that cigarette, that never burns
You are the string, that is always in tune
You are the prayer, that always heals
You are the hand, that forever holds.

You are the blessing, I seek to keep
You are the unspoken, I just feel
You are the eyes, that reach deep
You are the whispers, you forever cherish.

You are the rain showers, that make one dance
You are the goodness, that makes one grin
You are the friendship, that is beyond words
You are the only one, that can never be defined.

P.S. I wrote this piece in parts and for a very dear friend. This is for you Anurag. You are one great find of friendship for me and a blessing to my uninspired thought. He also happens to be such a great muse to me when all that my brain needs is just some distraction. Also, Anurag you will be forever treasured and loved :)

P.S.S. I realised I don’t have a good picture with this sweetheart of a friend but wanted to post something so used an image that defines fights and love of a great friendship.

Love Forever

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The heart sings a different tune tonight
Like someone knocked the closed doors again
A serene smell lingers in the surrounding
The shroud is escaping to lift the veil again.

He was standing at that juncture, as the door was ajar
She sought it removed, and he preferred it present
There were scared souls who knew not the fate
Destiny indeed it was, that made them bond like inseperables.

Her laugher gave him the much unasked zeal 
His silence gave her that knotted pain
They knew what they felt was tearing their inside
Yet, ignored, for the scars that were still healing.

She decided to take two steps, if only he took one
He was standing at the corner, with his embrace
All that they were missing in this juncture, was words
Words, that could convey, what was written much before they met.

Yet, they still linger , holding threads of hope, of desire
Of that conspiracy, the world, might have in store for them
For the tarnished spirits they were, yearning some sprinkled blessings
To bloom the flower of love again, and make them one forever.

P.S. As promised first poem of my muse poetry is here post my recital.  With it are uploaded all poems of the series. Hope you guys like it too :)

Loved and Lost


Tears don’t stop when we are overwhelmed
Expectations kills what was the beauty
Love we shared, misconstrued in between
And I just stood still, breaking into bits.

There was a beauty in the sunshine behind clouds,
I learned just to love when that is all I got
Yet, I knew relationships were much more than that
And a break in emotion was demanded, as I over did.

I wanted to fall in that wet grass and just scream
Feel the droplets of water, and disguise it as rain
I wanted to run away and just get mingled in the crowd
Today, I just despised love, for it was growing way deep.

Poetry was in the air, in the embrace of one’s I cared
I spoke lot more then anyone could ever feel in life
I conversed with mist in my eyes, and sweaty palms
I learned a lesson, in the new year, and parted ways.

Aloofness, defined me, when life was teaching me through stories
Misjudged the experience, and forgotten were all valuables
The wings were flying, ignoring the scars that bothered
Now I sit down, to clip them, once more in a lifetime.

I still say a silent prayers to invent a balm for sorrows
To just wipe all the hurt that the bruised heart feel again
To seek no talks, and just keep the sealed lips still
And wish, maybe I be that angel God conspired someday, for you.

Dependency is what love creates, for I want you to be mine
‘Only mine’ is the selfish variant I see, as I lay my eyes on you
Then I burn the fire of love within, for you have many around
And in that struggle to own, I lose what was even mine.

Slowly slowly I become a shadow of what was the one you knew
I vaporise, I diminish and then one day I am just a memory
I just wish, one day on my elegy you write what I desired
“Here lies the one who knew nothing but just love”.

Today I Just Want to…

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Today I just want to write
Some senseless, meaningless words
Today I just want to feel
Some intrigue that spill ink.

Today I just want to wander
In the dark realm of your brain
Today I just want to see
Even with closed eyes what you perceive.

Today I just want to fly
In the magic of that blue sky
Today I just want to embrace
That fragrance that often awaken senses.

Today I just want to wipe
Those tears that makes you scared
Today I just want to listen
To all the conversations that we never had.

Today I just want to be here
To give that warmth you always needed
Today I just want to dream
To see what makes it all worthwhile.

Today I just want to smile
And give the laughter you missed
Today I just want to love
For all the times you desired it.

Today I just want to be the friend
That you never had and just wished
Today I just want to be the magic potion
To rescue you from all pains you feel.

Souls that Just love

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Pain hidden deep in the tears
That were sealed by the fate
Which froze them to death
As he was taking the steps back.

He came in form of dew drops in a parched land
Laughed his way into the numbness
Ticked her to free from the shackles
Making her believe, in the word ‘hope’.

Decades had passed, since the last time she felt
Wings were being born, on her scarred body
Finally, she desired only to fly this one time
And touch the skies which brought him here.

He had a plan, not to give her what she desired
But much more, for he gave what she needed most
Hope, trust, freedom and dreams were all he had
And he sought to just write them all in her palms.

She learned the art finally, to smile and to live
She finally had dreams and hope, she had long lost
He knew the next step , but his tears made him scared
The conqueror in him was failing, he was losing in winning.

Goodbye was waiting to be said, for the bird to fly
She knew he will stay, He knew he had to go
She had words to say, He wanted to just stop them
In between all these confusions, two souls just became one.

P.S.  : This piece was lying in my draft for way too long so thought will just post. If you guys remember I told you of writing three poems in three days thanks to my muse blessing me, this is the second one :)

P.S.S. : I am not sure of the title for this piece so just randomly wrote one to publish the post. If you find a better title, kindly suggest in the comments :)

P.S.S.S. : Happy New Year to you all. Remembered, it is my first post this year. Not too happy day for that post but that will happen soon. I wish I write more this year. Also, I am way too optimistic about this year  :)