The ‘Frightening’ Love!


“Hello sweetheart, you fine?” said the voice on the other side of the phone line.

“Clara, what happened? Why are you not speaking up?”, asked the worried voice to the silence which was a proof of the anxiety felt in the breath of Clara.

“Ron, I will call you later”, said Clara cutting the phone line to anticipation of the moment she was currently in.

A fragrant of familiarity was creating havoc in the peace of the place for her.

Today, the office was not the usual for her for there was a familiar smell doing the rounds. A smell of the moments she was afar from and which created a horror in the minds ages ago.

She thought of it as just an illusion and thought of having a cup of coffee so that she could start working again.

Walk steadily across the corridor reaching the coffee machine was a task in itself. She was not afraid of the illusion but the reality in it. Reality of the moments she had ran from across in that time.

Pouring coffee in that hour seemed like the refreshment of the moments of agony. Just when she heared the voice as if like a whisper ….’Claraaaa … sweet clara”…

Aghast….she turned back to find nothing but a dead flower resting near her feat….She picked it to see…..fearing the moments and the voice……Life was turning full circle in her face for they were reminding her of just HIM.

Five years back

It was exactly five years back when he had seen her for the first time in the dormitory and that was the beginning of something she had never imagined. He was a complete definition of what a dream man could look like and that’s why she couldn’t help pass those glances in those innocent moments. All that she never knew was those harmless flirtations could increase the secret passions stored in him.

It was in one of those evenings that he caught her unaware, lost in herself to catch a glimpse and feel the breathe of love.

Before she knew , the way to the library turned into a way into another territory where the dreams caught her arms sticking her pencil body to the walls to catch a glimpse of her eyes.

She was just catching words when those strong hands closed her speech and whispered in her ears:-
These eyes
Speak of beauty undefined
Moments stored inside of glory
Creating ripples of breath within
Of the love that was never known
Yet to be created in the face of earth
Love of the unknown
Eternal in blessings
Love of the people
Love of Us,
You and Me

The beauty of words swelled a unknown feeling inside her and before she knew , with a innocent kiss on her checks, he disappeared in thin air and leaving her feeling a moment she could never decipher- a moment which could create laugter and smiles.Before she could even know, the moment had turned in love, the love of the senses, the love of the smells.

Eyes had met
To speak the desires
Of fulfilling the loneliness
They had lived far past the time
Time spend afar
From the embrace
Which made them together
To twiddle together the destinies
And making them

The moments were beautiful, the love was amazing and the history was being written. The history of time, of the moments , of the love and the history of Clara and Brian. The love which will be revived time and again till…………..

To be continued………..

30 thoughts on “The ‘Frightening’ Love!

  1. Hmmm I have to say this, "The pics that you are posting are very very very awesome", frightening love expressed neatly with lovely words. I was waiting to read the complete collection of The History of Time, of the Moments, of the Love between them. do post soon.–Somoene Is Special–

  2. U know what i am having goosebumps all over my arms…gal,u have got the ability to electrify minds with your words…very powerful words.and that moment spent in library made me all awwwwwwwh…eager to know what made Clara speechless and what happens finally between both of them.hugs…kisses on those hands.

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