Tales of Silence

Silence sneaks through the mist
Formed in the window stains
Revolving around the idea
Lost in world of its own.

World  built from illusions
Fate took along to destroy
Strength I had to move on
In the mimicry of great powers.

Crystal clear was destiny once
When I embarked on black waters
For I sought just negativity
In mistakes and wrong falls.

Common seemed my journey
Unusual was this long path
Waking up, sleeping alone
Cries and joys , nothing rare.

Falling up the stairs of silence,
A loud thunder reached my brain,
Heart wanted to converse quietly
Filter the diamond from dust piles.

A dream it saw in the long struggle
To give a moment of ‘Eureka’
Thick layer of fog it removed
To speak of the art I lost.

It sought me to be lenient
To the soft sparkles moving
In efforts to ameliorate, the hurt 
From the pains I lived for long .

Brightness of the sun entered
As I took a step one last time
In pursuit of happiness I moved
new beginning,  of words and tales.

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P.S.  I seek forgiveness from all my readers for being away for months. It will take a while to be back but today was one of those days I couldn’t resist but to write.  I know my writing has regressed a bit due to lack of practice but hopefully you all can enjoy my thoughts. Hope to be back soon so I can read you all and write more. Hope I still get the same love from you all  like I did months back. Promise to be back pretty soon 🙂

Summery Memories

“So, do you remember that one summer”, I said inquisitively.
“Which one ? I guess we have known each other long enough to have just one summer.”

I smiled, thinking how he doesn’t even remember my adolescence persona and yet he fakes remembrances. I was left wondering,  if he had seen the transition, he would have been in one major shock. But, then some things are for good. I decided to tease him further.

” O really? then remind me one childhood memory ?”
“Hmmm….too many dear….that one you remember….when we went “, he fumbled to say

“hhahahhahhahaha” I returned a loud laughter.
“You still make fun of me all the time “, he said jostling away the coffee mug in a childish manner.

I smiled even more as I decided to finally give the gift I got for him .

“Read this” , I said handling an envelop to him.
“What is this now?”, he said annoyed.

“I am sure you will smell the fragrance of your favorite coffee as you read this. “

“Shhh…Just read”

He curiously opened the envelop of his memories, our childhood and few remnants we left in the patio of innocence.

You don’t remember our first smile, don’t you?
And that summer of memories we created with one ball,
Basketball it was , and we mixed it with some music,
Amusing ? But then you had your guitar for it.

Hold on to your heart and don’t be so surprised.
I still remember that cap and even that old car,
From which you waved even when running late,
Yes I owe your sisters this one for being kids.

My school bus could never arrive till you passed,
And day wasn’t complete till I was teased.
I was just creating some smiles to last.
You were making friendships in silly loves.

Then summer vacations made its own way.
Which made us take our long break.
But then I found the way to the court,
To play some charming games you liked.

Yellow it was? Your shirt smartest silly,
And you said how it has been a long time,
I laughed questioning that way of yours,
When you smiled to say, here idiot.

Then we grew bit more, and hormones acted,
On me and not you, and today I confess.
I know this will be a big surprise,
But then, that one moment changed it all.

Remember those summer classes ? algebra and me?
And then I met your arrogant brother once,
Maybe you knew about my presence or I presumed
And came with an excuse no one really believed.

That one drive was all that was required.
I looked my worse self and yet the excuses worked.
Dawn happened at dinner time I didn’t know.
Nor did I know that you visit friends without calls.

I know it was charming and beautiful but we whispered,
To know more than the years in those few minutes,
Blushing our heart away even no names were known,
To create pedestals to last a full life time.

Then, children became adult and life really happened,
I still laugh thinking of it all and thanking stars,
For keeping it just as a good memory without a story,
Or I wouldn’t have smiled narrating to my first crush.

“Wow, so you were that girl…I guess even I had…..”
“Shhh…..say nothing…..let it stay as a beautiful memory”

“Nope…Maya might be coming…lets order some food”

“You are crazy”, he said smiling 
“If I wasn’t. We wouldn’t have been best friends still? right? “, said the smiles

“Raul is a lucky man”
“I know, ”  I said and  pulled  his nose to tell how the chemistry stays the same.  

“Ouch. It hurts”
“What?the crooked nose”

“Youuuuuuuuuu, ” he said , simultaneously raising the envelop to hit me.

I smiled realizing how the rest of the story still had him and me together in the best possible way.

I thought , how some stories are best if we don’t change their memories and status and leave them as they were meant to be written. It was a similar case  between he and she, two best friends , married to two different people, who crushed on each other and still remained best of friends, making the world smile with their stupid antics.

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Rhyming Stories

I know I have been blogging quite less but then that doesn’t mean I am writing less. Infact, certain forums are making me write a lot of short fiction ( 55 fiction)  and rhymes (4 lines) . I missed doing it for few days, so I thought I will use all the themes to show to my readers what I have been upto off late :-). So sit back and enjoy and tell me what you think of them 🙂

Short Fictions 


The Warm Bed

The sun flashed a smile through the window crack to shine. The dreamy haven in me detested the brightness inviting me. I slowly opened my lid, raising eyebrows to scare the rays befalling on my magical sleigh. Then, like a tonic, my angel visited silently, making me leave the bed of roses with a grin.


The Red Chilly

I had a rare fixture with that tingling smell. It was pungent yet indispensable. I worked my ways through various flavourings when creating magic in my delicacies. I was avoiding its presence today. I was amateur and it was the scholar. In the end, something was amiss in my dish. It was the red spice.


Poetic Rhymes

Amateur games

Smile sang at his eye fixtures
Unaware of the game of crying times
I amateurishly moved to be trapped
As a wandering knight captured my lips.


Unrequited Ardour

I noticed the diligence in his eyes emitting sparks,
Nurturing love through colourful messages,
His heart beats made headlines everywhere,
Tears fell, to dream his ardour was for me, not her.


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The White Shadow

The white shadow lurking behind the spectrum of light gave a minuscule glimpse. Since time immemorial, we have played trivial games as I searched for its essence. Often, it deviated from its place to hide or to smile. I, like a little mermaid, tried clenching it in my fist, admonishing it for unleashing the child within.  

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Silence of Time

A small speck of time
Navigate in by lanes
Where the cerebrum crinkles
Telling stories I know not.

A pearl drop on the green
Leaves or flowers I don’t gather
Demanding attention of sound
In the quietness of the wrinkle.

Tears of the obscure modernity
Seen in that one rebellion
When I tell tales in whispers
Falling within smell of roses.

I laugh at the muse of words
Which seeks sanity to express
Believing in the feelings of touch
I walk across fields of grass.

Decades past since the fate wrote
Sadness of sheen spoke again
In transversal of decays around
I fringe at the final goodbye.

It stands still waiting for a voice
With reactions at every instance
Speech beholds itself this time
For the overwhelming emotion.

A deadly paper sits still
As I imagine rebirths of time
Still choosing not to tell
What this mind conceives.

I smile in lost words
Sending signals of time
To the nature filled souls
Telling of conversations eternal.

Infinite talks I lived within
Not with words of alphabets
But with rhythms I figured
In the silence of the universe.

A big Thank You to the Thursday Poets Rally for The Perfect Poet Award, thanks for the encouragement always, I nominate Noble for next week. 🙂

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Also, thanks to that noble soul for the suggestion once again. You know who you are 🙂