We Write

Waterman Perspective Fountain Pen in Black

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Day 2

We write for we must do what we have to in life
   We write for we have to pour it all that is  felt
      We are here to let breathes escape secretly
         We are scribbling fast to empty our felts
           We smilingly jolt down all deep desire
             We are furiously writing happiness
                We feel and escape the dark side
                  We mix the gins of gooey fruit
                     We intoxicate papyrus deep
                       We induce our loves here
                          We cry our timely hurt
                            We dance to liven up
                              We sprinkle spirit
                                 We losen cracks
                                   We drop  inks
                                     We laugh it
                                       We love it
                                         We smile

Style: Shape Poetry

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P.S. : The shape poetry took a while to be formulated due to all html on blogs so forgiveness for not a perfect triangle shape but I attempted so happy about it.