Friends who Touch the Soul

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Been a while I wrote here. Maybe lack of time. Lack of inspiration or just lack of myself. But then I had to write today. Not for myself or you but for people I made friends with yesterday.

It is not like I met strangers. I met people I have known for many months now. But the fact that I gel so well with them that it made it all worth it. From decisions that involved meeting one person to two person….to becoming a gang of four and man we had FUN.

I finally let my hair down after ages and ages. Doctorate had just made me such an apprehensive person. I preferred myself and family to friends or new acquintances and then I realised world has some warm nice people too. Some people exist who just know how to enjoy and let you do it without really judging you. And that are the kind of friends I like and so after many many years I made some real friends whom I absolutely love.

Also, I got drunk 😀 Now that was fun considering I had to take a subway to home after that. But then I reached home pretty fine and was like high on happiness and smiles and friends and looove.

It was a trip of food and drinks and gossips and coffee and the madness. It was like long time friends meeting up after ages and it was amazing.

And these guys made me meet myself so I am all in for meeting people, both old and new. And accepting life as it comes. Maybe life brings something nice now on.

So cheeers to you all:-

Apprehensions were many
Of a girl lost in pain
Hurt in the past more
And lonely in the present day.

Then some magic was sprinkled
In the rains full of blessings
As people believed in my worth
And wanted my presence to stay.

I took some steps, you covered others
Silence over powered by voices
Handshake led to empowering embraces
I tightly let you all enter, the heart.

Some intoxication, some foods and smiles
I was happily crazy in a company only mine
Lot to talk and so less of a time
And yet I was sure I made friends, for a lifetime.

I seek to meet you all, whenever I move ahead
To catch you when you fall, and be picked in my shreds
For it happens very less, we meet people loved so
It is like they touch souls, as if soul-mates.

Dedicated to Arch, AB and Aakansha 🙂

Today I say a small prayer of goodwill to us, for you are someone I want to keep with me always. I hope I never make you go away.


P.S. I loooove you guyyys so much :* ❤

P.S.S. Arch, you are an angel in disguise for me. I really do love you ❤ And Ab you are one of those gem of a friend people wish to have so I love you for being so ❤ And Aakansha you are this cutest sweetheart of a girl. So much love for you all ❤

P.S.S.S. We have to meeet again soon 😀

P.S.S.S.S. The poetry is way too stupid as I lost my muse somewhere but read it as if coming from my heart 😀