February Learnings

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February. The month of love. The month of newness. The month of hard work. This was one defining month in my life this year. It was a month of learnings. A month of strong bonds. Month of strengths. And a month where I found my calling. A month where I realised that the profession I somehow chose was somehow something I loved doing and in a way made me passionate.

February brought me anxious pangs and trying to cope up with life moments too but I had no complaints. For it made me an ever more ambitious person who knew it’s possible to live your dreams.  It taught me that it was worth sticking to your resolves for in the end it’s your life. February brought me my first job finally after a long wait. Though it was temporary, I was in a field I always wanted to be in. Lot of people called me stupid past year or so for not doing anything that comes my way but thanks to supportive parents I never lost it. And it was worth it. For if I had chosen a more hectic job and different field I would have not have been this happy and satisfied. I might not have not stuck in that workplace for long but it was all worth it.

February also made me closer to certain people in my life who made sure I sailed through that first stressful month of work smilingly. I will cherish that person for that always. February was also about friday socialising. It was about comic cons and birthdays. It was surprise plans and lot of HKV visits. It was about lot of love and hugs.

February was also about lovely students. My first batch of students who made me love my profession. They were the ones who made my day even when I had bad woken up moods. They were one special batch. February was about plain hard work 24X7 to be the best. It was about proving to all that I am the perfectionist and hard worker no one sees. It was about learning to teach older students and learning the art. It was making my profession into my passion.

February was about lot of things. But in the end it was about finding the much needed peace and happiness for my soul which comes from taking first steps towards satisfying future.

Love sprinkled around
In the mist of mornings
In anxious early travels
In new beginnings I saw.

New phase, new moments
In taking baby steps
In turning victorious
Every second moment.

New pressure, new plans
In working the hardest
In giving the best I knew
In learning art of survival.

New bonds, new loves
In the evening outings
In warmest of embraces
In the hand that held.

New smiles, new laughs
In the weekend coffees 
In the impromptu visits
In the memories of a life.

New surprises, new happiness
In the secret expeditions 
In the circle of friends
In moments to cherish forever.

New passion, new satisfaction
In the confidence found alone
In the passion of loving it all
In the yearning to be the best.

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Written as Part of the Month of the Year Writing Prompt 2014-Season4

February Valentines

We met as tiny tots
Moving steps of love
Waving flags of roses
Celebrating first Valentines.

Those cards still present
Filled with chocolate kisses
And heart so pure
That I forever miss those days.

It was school of just girls
Where forever bonds were formed
Love meant just us and no relations
And yet we made it all special.

We wrote poetry to dedicate
For each other’s lives
And cut cakes of rejoices
In heart of free wills.

Valentine day might never be same
When we stopped meeting every day
Yet the beautiful bond stayed
And we still wish love on this day.

Then we got the best Valentine Gift
This year of all years I passively smiled
When a princess arrived from your womb
On rose day to make this day forever special.

It was the first time I saw a new born
Touching the essence of God in it
And will forever feel that love divine
In form of the gift you gave, my valentine.
P.S. This post is dedicated to my school best friends and specially to my bestie who gave birth to a princess a week before Valentine’s Day and gave us a Valentine gift we will forever cherish 🙂

I Also take the opportunity to Thank Thursday Poet’s Rally for the award. I would like to nominate Yogesh for the award next week.

r This post is written as part of the The Month of the Year Challenge- Season 2.
Also Prompted @ Three Word Wednesday