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Imperfect perfect
I call thy life
Lost in seeking
What is perfection.

Explore Unexplored
I call thy options
Still finding them
In ocean of opportunity.

Beautifully Wrong
I call thy men
Who came for learnings
Leaving baggage to hold.

Weirdly Confused
I call thy destiny
Lost in mazes round
Still seeking my fate.

Unhappy Happy
I call thy circle
Revolve around them
I find hopes sometimes.

Unfulfilled desires
I call thy dreams
Yet I yearn everyday
To achieve through baby steps.

Blissful Peace
I call thy love
Aimed to achieve
Through fast turmoils.

Concealed Bonds
I call thy chemistry
Unspoken, still there
Giving wishful hope.

Divine Right
I call thy light
Guiding me along
To achieve imperfection.

Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 6: Perfect