There Lies 

Mixing poetry and images makes it easier to blog while traveling and on my phone  so I decided it this way inspired by a friend.

But few people are unable to read that so I will be penning down the poetry in the content as well now on.

Day 4 

There lies my poetry
Hidden beneath clouds
Floating above the water
Romancing our hands
Kissing your lips
Feeling my smiles
There it lies
Where you cannot see
But it is dripping down
Your throat
And my eyes
Filling the insides
With only happiness.

Be Gentle With Yourself


Beware of the negativity you carry
Expel the pain you induce deep.

Give yourself benefit of doubt
Even angels fall, at bad times
Never question your own ability
Tattered might be the soul
Love your self a little more
Even when you might fail.

Whimper and then conceal the tears
Instead pledge to win the road
The spirit defeats the impossible
Heal yourself with that smile.

You are the hope, I see
Overcome all the obstacles
Utter no bitterness, just believe
Rest assure, positivity does win
Suffering are just about to end
Enemies allege a lot, don’t hear
Live in the moment, I propose
For gentleness always win

This is an acrostic form of poetry.

Written for the OctPoWriMo writing prompt Day4 : Poet: Be Gentle for Yourself


Also Prompted @3WW and We Write Poems

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