My Forever Love


Nowadays, when I think of family I think of you
For each moment that has you it has smiles
Even my tears swell up in to laughs with you
And I wonder are you the magician of almighty.

I remember the day I knew of your conception
I had never been more happy in a lifetime
Months were spent preparing for your arrival
For I knew my precious gift you will be always.

I still remember that first moment I saw you
Hidden beneath a blue cloth behind the screen
I saw those tiny eyes and it was just pure love
Everyone said you were my mirror, and I held pride.

It was different home which now had a tiny angel
You were seperated by the seven seas yet so near
I remember your first smile, and even the first walk
Then I knew you going to be in my embrace very soon.

Post midnight you indeed entered our haven one fine day
I haven’t seen my family smiling with so many tears before
You brought the laughter and joys I had missed long
And hence came someone who taught me lessons unknown.

I will forever call you my very first baby
For a mother in me was born with your presence
Changed nappies, fed food,  and took tantrums smilingly
And when you slept on my arms, life was indeed the bliss.

My name was the first name you ever really learned
And I still pride myself on that very discovery
After a long day, your hugs used to take pains away
You tired me and yet I did it all for you are my precious.

We all cried when you left after months of togetherness
I still remember how you wanted to tear apart the screen between
I knew I had gained the bond that even the distances can’t break
And smile when you jump seeing me, with your cute flying kiss.

I am growing up more and more as I see you grow up
We might meet way too less but I know we will miss none
For the hearts have gelled together like one souls we are
And I am glad for every moment I spend holding your hands.

I forever yearn for your sweet kisses and games when away
All I desire is to be your best friend even when you grow
Tell me your first girl and tell me all about your first kiss
And I will pride over me being the first girl your parents teased.

Darling, life is hard and there will be moments that confuse
Live life with hearty spirit and when world trashes come to me
I promise I will never ever judge and will always jump to be aside
For dear nephew, you are one love, I am proud to forever keep beside.

Written as part of the OctPoWriMo writing Prompt Day 26: Family

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P.S. : Anyone who follows my blog knows how much love my nephew evokes in me. So when I think of love and family its only about him I could write about. He is someone I thank my stars for bringing in my life everyday. He is just 2+ now but wish someday he reads all I write for him and cherish the fact that he indeed is a very special boy. Till then, I just want him to know that I love you my little boy and not just flying but bountiful of real kisses and hugs to you.