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Cloudy skies, thunderous warmth,
Grass await, downpours now,
Drizzles aloud, dampens earth,
Beauty in the air, as cold descends.

A smile on the face, brings autumn,
Mist awaited, rainbow formed,
Green milieu, happy melancholy,
Dance with each drop, of harvest.

Lipstick stains, dewdrop on panes,
Memories abound, of embraced hands,
Of new starts, and sunshine within,
Hopes sought, past dropped.

Drives, coffees and laughters,
Tales new, be written,
Hurt accepted, but risks taken,
Rains or not, drenched in love.

Wet sands, cold mornings,
Renewed passions, new strikes,
Hopeful skies, deep sighs,
Mystic prayers, of good winters.

Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 19:Raindrops on my windowpane