Game o games
Lot we did play
From ‘house’ during holidays
To ‘swings’ on which we flew .

Youngest was I, as a child
Friends I did make still
Sometimes smirked at,
But often embraced was I.

I still remember those fights
Outdoor and indoor we played still
Friends they stayed, inspite it all
On birthdays, they made a jam.

My teddy called ‘baba’ was my favorite
For he was gifted when I was little
Taller than me, yet the greatest smile
For he welcomed me into adolescence.

Teenage changed the games I played
Badminton became my favorite game
During basketball I found many smiles
For crushing was also a new game.

Outdoor we often loved to be always
Festivals brought us celebrating
Running from house to house
Was the most ‘cool’ game.

Slowly we all did grow up
Studies was the prerogative
Places changed, friends changed
And I saw what life was still.

Games we now play with gadgets
And poking has replaced pushing
We now share tears with this screen
Which can so not even give us a hug.

Mind games is what is the new ‘in’
Indoor people stay even on festivals
Walk is the only outdoor adults still do
I wonder now why did we desire to grow big?

Written for the OctPoWriMo writing prompt Day 17: Games We Played

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