Silent Memories


Silence, Ah Silence
How I love thy
In the dark nights
Makes me remember him.

Silence was in that night
Winters were at its peak
And music was in its jest
Then one corner found, we friends.

Quietness was in the moment
For we knew what the heart desired
Just the glow of the moon whispered
Not giving I, yet yearned all there.

‘Precious’ is what you called me
Wary was I,  conversing with thoughts
Those hands just assured me there
As I sealed the love, with a kiss.

In the warmth of your arms I could die
As silently, I heard your heart beats
Intimate was even our lips then
For souls did all the talks needed.

I still remember how you loved these eyes
Taking off my spectacles, you often watched
I could never understand the addiction
But then they often pierced me, deep within.

Words have often my favorite thing
Yet they were lost when I had you
I scribbled them on a paper for you
And watched your misty eyes read silently.

We communicated a lot even with distances
But those moments when silence came, were loved
You wanted to express it all, I sought patience
We wiped our tears softly, in those dreadful nights.

That embrace of yours is still my life
When in that night, I said the goodbye
For I stood with you, beneath the stars
Long enough for the silence to just talk.

On lonely nights, I still think of you
We are the souls bound forever
Silence still  assured of the love
As in my words, I find you hidden.

Written for the OctPoWriMo writing prompt Day 14: Silence


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