Day 13

Sprinkling colours on blank pages
Like filling the emptiness residing
Every drop is the tear that got frozen
To tell the story of hurt only I know.

Hidden Shadows


Standing alone against a wall
I wonder of all the scares
Which I unleash on others
Who are not what I desire.

These are my shadows hidden
Behind those scared eyes often
For they reveal the unknown
Which even I not see.

I remember that one alone child
Which was stubborn beyond points
Tearing away the stole precious
With the teeth called own.

Calmed by no force large
Hidden behind closed locked doors
I often cried and threw havoc
Fits they were, of my darkness.

Scared at my side, still held
Dears of mine, gave love  no less
And with time, I learnt the art
In dance, I sweat all hidden angers.

Other innate pains started surfacing
As I experienced, what you call love
Possessive of him, yet trust I held
The jealous streak seen, in extremes.

I lost often in game of the dears
Learned the game of own, for moments
Specials made me lose my confidence 
As I try to win their hearts  most.

Broken hearts I have, even pained others
Let down expectations, and shattered promises
Fate taught me the lesson, when I had nothing
Days and nights I sought forgiveness to see some light.

Fake people I met, and learned rudeness
Saw the masks who often gave the love smiles
Crippled my soul, here and there, but I learn
For my voice I found, to show their black mirrors.

On my feet is not my destiny’s plan yet
But I now learn to live for the closest
Attachment is still my biggest weakness
But I share it more with paper, than humans.

Shadows still follow me where I go
Hurt the ones who heal me often
But learnt the art of grown ups
And trust I more, and love before shouts.

Written for the OctPoWriMo writing prompt Day 12: Shadows


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