Romancing Nature


Morning sun smiled with the breeze today
Guess he knew I will just love the day
The thunders got mixed with the splashes
My window pane was frightened with the ‘plops’.

Rains are often dim and at times very gray.
But then they brought a different chill now
I woke up with the ‘yawns’ and felt some warmth
I disliked them once, but winters are my new love.

My scared kitten ‘purred’ as I gave him some cozyness
Even the birds were quite happily ‘chirping’ alone
The greens of my plants were in extreme jolly moods
As I sipped some cardamon tea amidst a beautiful morning.

Day just slipped by without much to my doing
Windows were today opened to let in the smells
The ‘scent’ we call petrichor I can never explain
But it fills my day with just certain misty romance.

Evening walks are still the favorite part of the day
Today the street dogs didn’t do the usual ‘bow bow’
For they were intoxicated by the incense of nature
And I just strolled away with some music to ears.

Splashing some water here and there, I saw serene beauty
I was just waving away to the scenic beauty of the moon
Stars whispered, and some insects made their ‘shooo’ sound
Solace was in the sky as I asked my mind some questions.

Night is here now and I sit here below my dear old fan
Home is silent as if signalling me to go to bed
I find my peace in the sounds of my computer now
As silence is my best sound, when my words speak.

Today I romanced myself fighting all cynicism
Found love lost in the season which is dear
I seek to spread my wings and fly once again
And send you across the sound of just true belief.

Written for the OctPoWriMo writing prompt Day 11:Using the Sounds Around You


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