You Once Asked…


You once asked me why love
Like a bud I let out fragrances
I wasn’t the dream you desired
Yet, I found perfection in real.

You once asked me why love
I silently listened to pains
In eyes refusing any affection
I slowly discovered purity, entirely.

You once asked me why love
When inspite all my surrender
You refused the touch for way long
I touched all those inside, with smiles.

You once asked me why love
In the secret lanes of hopes
Where all that was mine was moments
When you kissed eyes which ever cried.

You once asked me why love
When you were pulled off my embrace
In laps of those whom you disdained
I still, stayed straight, in your feet.

You once asked me why love
I worshiped the deity you became
I ran in perpetuity, in promise
To abandon all mine if you took risks.

You once asked me why love
In time when we knew no other way
First being you were, to sense within
Kneel in prayers, an atheist, to have you.

You once asked me why love
When you decided to turn away
Even in final breaths we stood
Below the stars that once united.

You once asked me why love
In mystical telepathic conversations
And I smiled as you professed love
From the stone that was not to melt.

You once asked me why love
In the point where we wrote destruction
And I let it be, for I knew no way
I died every moment, I disagreed last.

You once asked me why love
When it was the end of us
I held the hand to my beats
Seeking the blessing there forever.

You once asked me why love
When bitterness flew above
Yet, we found nothing of ours
Memories, we created, for lives.

You once asked me why love
In week moments of despair
I sat you down in my poetry
Embrace is all you could give.

You once asked me why love
With certain happiness I grew
You smiled in the hurt within
We still conversed through stars

You still ask me why love
Maybe through the dark moon
I look at it above and whisper
“For it was all I could give”.

Empty Moves


Another day ends in mystery
Sun sets in some deep darkness
I sit alone encircling fates
On the palm of my hands.

Sand escapes without any thought
Touching the wrinkles of the feet
That age even sans movement
As I struggle to slip ahead.

A drop of pearl is seeking me
Signalling on the rain to befall
Maybe it want the blessing to be felt
And the numbness is stuck in ice within.

A wave comes through the breeze
From the past sealed in a bottle
Filled with laughs and tears
Ending with scars that got fixated.

Some stones go astray and other stick
Some fragrances find the way to me
Some droplets fall to feel the essence
And I stand waiting for the unknown.

I take a step to be engulfed totally
Into the sea that takes my tears
Listening to every story I scream
In moments of agony, and in joys.

A strong air of familiarity splashes
On the face of worries to speak
Of what you lose if you do not wait
Asserting me of strength one last time.

Tears roll down the cheek to soil
After decades of tired helplessness
For that one soft touch I lost
I choose to move, back home.

Back to an emptiness, but to a life
Which might grant a blessing I not see
To place, where I seek new perspective
For something just moved, even if within.

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