A Chef-d’oeuvre


Scent of the papyrus lured me
Scattered were some letters
Waiting to be weaved once
Into a masterpiece unsung.

A ticket to fame shout head
Flare high the Imaginations
I sit alone in a blank might
Making no sense of empty sheets.

Naked truth are all mine I speak
In the marathon of life
I lost opportunities to think
Not loved my beloved dreams.

Fool you are to feel to write
Says the annoyed head in wonder
I smirk at his foolish thoughts
For head never rhymed for me.

Let me cry for all miseries
In the embroidery I made
Filled puzzles full of convulsions
Unleashed I, with empty alphabets.

Characters make no history
Write O fool, utter head
I scribble not some art
For words are in combat

Cheated them, in hallucinations
To equate  wealth as happiness
In rush to earn and fly high
I blocked all literary quests.

Hiding in all those lies of artificiality
Left alone, with scribbles and some vacuum
Head laughs over the helplessness
I refuse to hear him, one last time.

Hiding my face in some dew
I let out a shout of pain
For the heart could not partake
And like a blast it all came.

I wrote one line of extreme distress
Then one after another came rhythms
Setting me free of all worries
A chef-d’oeuvre was in these hands.

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Burning Words



Symbols are what they seems
When language does not speak
Jumbled it is in my present
As I dreamily remember past.

Amusingly I turn across pages
Burning in the desire to fall
Turning into ashes slowly
As I see in them my fall.

A nauseating feeling overpowered
As devil in me stood here
I forget the past, cherishing hate
Celebrating what now I lost.

Guarantee lost , writing burned
Romance of alphabets not seen
In fires of time I disappeared
Searching for unknown quests.

Taking steps of time I moved
Deadly risks I still wanted
Lusting prohibited dreams along
I gave final burial to soul.

I gave that wicked smile
As the words try to escape
Smashing it one last time
For the agony they gave.

Up in the sky saw a dove
Words riding on it wings
Telling tales of love firmly
No one ever owns words
Nor can they destroy them.

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Fire to inspire me to write something again 🙂

Freedom through Words

Disgruntled around myself
Tears crystallized in an instance
Wondering at the muse
When your demise happened.

Words were exhuming from within
As I was penning the thoughts
Prisoned within the spectrum
For as long as I ordained them .

Pain was once again felt
To give voice to my conscious
As it drilled deep within me
Not to be contained anymore.

I whispered sweet nothings
To the nous as it got liquefied
From the spectrum of rust around
It relented to speak of the within.

I got mesmerized in the rhythms
Of sounds that appeared on the maple
Speaking of life that was disappearing
I retouched for its revival once again.

It tinkled out in an abrupt manner
Yet it pained to wipe my tears
As I felt relived to see it all alive
I smiled aloud as the agony was passed.

The efforts finally gave way
Freedom of the senses were felt
Dancing in rains of the pains
I rejoiced in the harmony of the words.

Also Prompted@ 3WW and One Single Expression

An Unfinished Saga!

Not so long ago, I wrote a story,
Of the lovely dimes and their damsels,
In a different town , In a different world,
Where the identity was known ajar.

Not so long ago, Where I was me,
And the story was near and complete,
In the minds it revolved each day ,
Prompting me to write and culminate.

Not so long ago, came a breaking,
When the cork rushed off a jar,
And came a storm to pause it all,
Like a numbness life went still.

Not so long, the numbness went far,
Healing restored the cells in the brains,
And I poured the scribbling on a paper,
Hidden behind a mask but I still created.

Not so long ago, eyes stationed on a few pieces,
Of paper and of ink, where I wished to be a star,
Twinkling in the sky of fame, with the writings of a genius,
And I wondered, What will be the fate of that story,
Lost in anonymity, or a published self generating smiles in all?