Celebrating December


The December post have been long pending. And I even missed out on the contest deadline but then everything needs closure so this had to be written. How do I describe December- quite eventful I must say. It was a month of travelling, a train journey after ages. It was a month of lot of photography and sight seeing. It was the month of the wedding of my ex- roommate. So a lot of happy happy days in the initial days. Then, it was also the month when sibling and family went back home. So, the nephew crossed seven seas and said his goodbye for a year. The house became very very empty. Also, the year ended on a not so good note with me falling extremely ill. Hence, the new year was welcomed in bed. But, then I was glad it ended.

So, coming to the good parts- the wedding. It was roomie’s wedding so I HAD to go. It was only few months back that she told me that she was seeing a guy for three years and didn’t tell as wanted to tell her mom the first (cute no?) . Well, since weren’t roomie anymore there was no way I had an inkling too. But, then the guy came as no surprise. Back in grad days we used to forever want them together and they pushed off the idea. But then sometimes destiny had other plans. Though I had not talked to him much after a tiff we once had ( It was just overboard sarcastic teasing…and now I guess we can laugh about it).  But, I think she choose the right guy and what was amazing is the families agreed and things took a jet plan speed to heaven. So, finally my best room-mate ( and the only one) found her hero.


The gift shopping, the packing and all the preparations were fun.  The train journey was fun too. Though, too much food and more of sitting isn’t always good. There was some eye candy to look too but then when your parents travel with you, not much fun 😉 Anyways, music kept company and before I knew the destination arrived. Some sight seeings, loads of food, some music and dance, loaads of pictures, sleepless nights and the wedding was all this trip was about. Though, a lazy day happened when I cursed I should have stayed at her place, as I stayed at a very far off place. But, the day of the wedding just took care of everything. The music function where we made her dance was the fun quotient too. And she looked gorgeous on her D-Day. What was most fun was that I knew lot of people on both sides. So, the whole night of wedding till the goodbye was just too much smiles. The groom and me met after many a years but the fun tease and smile stayed. I remember while one of the function when her sister was talking to him in respect and I by mistake addressed him same way he went like when did you start giving me so much respect . The memories are fun. Also, his forever flirting friend made us all wait before the ceremonies started for he danced rather too much in the drunk state. But, it was fun to meet people and just chill. Though, it was heart breaking to see her mom break down as she having been the most responsible one. But , then that is life.

Anyways, post return was all about more sleeping in a way. We also realized how the week we were away had the nephew going crazy knocking all doors to search for us. Gosh, and before we knew his days with us was over. Goodbyes are tough and was a lot tough for us. He came as a breeze of smiles in a house where parents had almost silent lives post retirement. So, a dismal environment entered the house with half the family left in the house. But, then the nephew had been here for four months which meant lot of memories. However, the first video call post going was toughest for him as he wanted to just jump inside the camera to embrace us. Sigh. And with his going, I fell more sick. A week of extreme fever and what not. It was like bed ridden me. I was on almost no food for a week. But somehow new year was celebrated in sickness but not too bad with everyone cuddled in blanket and watching a movie on the laptop. Though, medicines went for a month, I no longer want sickness in this year. I could say I am sick of sickness 😛

Anyways 2012 went and there were some hopes in the professional front too as  it was leaving. So, hopefully 2013 brings some good developments in my life of waits.

Some walks and some journeys
Some excitement and smiles
As I take a step to move
To refresh the tired soul.

Tired legs continue to walk
As the pictures tell stories
In a city that speaks history
I arrive to create memories.

Waffled is the mind over clothes
And the jewels are all scattered
With some kohl and gloss I line
I am raring to go one extra mile.

Smiles I give to thy friendship
And dance with all my might
For informal was the house around
Having shared mighty roof once.

Expectations were raring to go
And the laziness created arguments
Some cries and some anger around
Yet the day just passed with hope.

The unions of two souls I saw
In holy matrimony I witnessed
Whole night of fun it gave
And removed all the tiredness.

Old friends, new made around
Some harmless flirting mates
Mixed with luscious food
Made it all the more real.

Good byes made it all tough
Re-bonding had somehow happened
Glad was the heart as witness
To love that what sprinkled.

Some sad partings the year saw
But lot more memories it gave
Even a weak body disputed
Be glad the year is now gone

And I welcomed a new year
With all smiles I gathered
Hopes for all dreams I see
I wish it gives what I desire.


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Written as part of Lady Nimue’s Month of the Year Contest -Season 3

Also Prompted @ 3WW, OSI and  Two Shoes Tuesday

P.S.:  Finally, 2012 has been summarized as a whole, so now back to poetry, fictions and the same old blog. But, it was fun to random talk too so I might end up doing that too once a while 🙂

Winter Love

Its been years gone
But memories are fresh
Of the day you said bye
To the singleton life.

The month was indeed heavy
Festive was the air around
As October end would come
To give a new phase to you.

Smiles and tears were mixed
Nostalgic moments we shared
But happiness had no bar
As you indeed found the prince.

The best wedding I ever saw
And lived every moments in it
Heart was happy as you went
And tears didn’t really stop.

Little angel color your world
And I smell happiness around
Glad is me for the friendship
That stayed even post changes.

I met someone on the same day
Year later, I wish I shouldn’t
And I cried to wipe  memories
This year renewal, I pray to.

I was harsh to being loved
Life left me no choices now
Selfish I was to be seek sanity
I cry for forgiveness from you.

Hated me some, loved some
Winter was indeed coming
To bring some peace back
I pray happiness for forever.

First winters they were to me
When I fell in complete love
With this one beautiful season
As the cold breeze came along.

Cold often made me wary
November was no less still
I was bitter and scorned
Pulling my brain into dark.

Demolishing the own spirit
To love and live completely
Regretting decision I made
Regressing in past nostalgia.

An Angel I bombarded always
With my digressing live stories
Patiently he contained anger
For the care he forever felt.

One night stress of the bond
Overcame both of us together
And made me aware, he again
Stopping happiness I was .

Hated him I did in the anger
Wanting to have a cold war
Then the cooled me realized
The truth in the words said.

Taking break from life I lived
Time made me  analyze myself
Removing  all the hatreds I had
Bitter and negatives I erased all.

Transformation I was taking
As the last month arrived now
Smiling more, Loving what I did
Firmly I set eyes to goals of joys.

I thank you O my dearest friend
You are the rare blessing I got
From the misery of this ‘bad’year
I resolved to love myself again .

Resolving to smile all  the times
Feeling the beauty around me
I aim to spread happiness always
As live I to reach laurels pretty.

P.S. : This also happen to be my 100th post.  I dedicate this to the friend who made me a better human by his scoldings, advises and words inspite of all his busy life. You heard all my boring talks and was there for me always and ever. I am sorry from the heart for whenever I hurt you. You are the greatest friend anyone can have and I wish this friendship remains forever. I am sure the wordings would have made you know who YOU are. I love you, my guardian angel 🙂

Written as part of The Month of the Year Challenge-Season 2.

Also Prompted @3WW, OSI and Sunday Scribblings

Wedding Dreams

I bind with you a seal
Entwining our names
Forever in the gem .

As the night arrive
I engrave your name
In my hands forever.

My henna shine
As my rings sparkle
Glowing the smile forever.

Friends surround across
To make the gorgeous look
And I smile of your love.

I await the horse
Which brings you to me
You will soon be My Man.

As I sign the deal
With kiss of my life
We are officially one soul.

Tears sweep across
I can never bear the hurt
My lifelines are gonna be forever apart.

That one smile makes me sane
Holding me today silently
You pray only death do us apart.

I hold your hand like forever
Embarking on a journey
Where only love and happiness awaits
As we get hitched.

As She Leaves!

As she gets ready to leave,
Tears speaks it all,
Heart beats fluctuated ,
As feet refuses to move.

A new world awaits her,
But it seeks her to leave the old,
The world where she was conceived,
And the one where she moved,
Moved to carve a niche of her own right.

She was the baby in the hands of her mother,
A darling in the words of her father,
The beautiful doll in the arms of her brothers,
And the life beat making the house alive,
House whose door she was to cross today.

Crossing doors was her destiny,
Destiny which she knew since her birth,
She will remain the dearest even now,
But still the life was opening doors of change,
Change which seek to transform her,
Herself is to grow from a girl to a woman.

Today the world is rejoicing her wedding,
Wedding to the man of her dreams,
The ‘one’ who will keep her like a queen,
A queen of his heart and that of his world,
His world which will be transform into hers,
involving her to leave behind the footprints,
The footprints of the child she always want to stay.

She knows double happiness waits for her,
A new transformation is there to receive her,
She is to begin a new journey as she steps out,
The journey from being just a daughter and a sister,
To becoming a wife and a mother,
The journey which will give her eternal happiness,
And would complete her existence.

Today she can’t help dropping that last tear,
Nor can she wipe them from her family,
The family which celebrates her happiness,
Yet feels the bereavement,
The process of letting their pride become other’s pride,

The proud ‘she’ smiles at the love being showered,
And promises she will make their head high forever,
And then she hugs them one last goodbye to tell,
This Daughter will stay yours forever,
even after she gets a groom to call her his bride.

Wedding Angst!

Eyes gazed down in a quest,
The laden hands greeted me,
I dreamed of the moment,
Moment of eternal graze.

As my first steps entered,
I felt a quiver of anxiety,
The fright of the pre ultimate,
made the hungry stomach numb.

As the petala came crashing down,
The crowd full of brazen looks,
Walking forward abruptly, slowly.
Just to nuzzle us, catch just a glimpse.

A pearly tear was about to fall,
I was feeling a fret,
When a hand caught me,
Making me look up with a lump.

With it fled all my fears,
There was an eternal promise,
In those eyes I saw forever.

Forever bliss was showered,
In the glint of a smile,
Promising me of a life,
To live like a ‘Bride’ forever.

Also Prompted@3WW