Love and Marriage

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She: So, will you marry for love ?
He: Maybe. After having met you, I am thinking so.

She: Haha. So I changed your views I see.
He: I guess. Why will you marry for only love ?

She: Well, no other reason will make two people stick nowadays. You see, financial insecurity kept women respect the institution once. Now that is gone. Divorce is a mess. But they don’t have to think if they can manage it alone. They earn enough. Hell they can even manage to take care of the kids. Earlier, men went and worked. And women had to manage the home. Now, she can do it all. Manage home. Manage businesses. She in a way is self dependent. So why have a partner? If people want one, they can have live ins. Even that is legal. So casually date. Marriage is too big a thing. Earlier, people married for kids. But now, you don’t really marry for that. Single parent adoptions isn’t a disgrace. In vitro implants happen. People and society have issues if a man implanted his sperm by being intimate to you, but if they know a woman is pure , they will accept such single mothers too. So what will keep two people together? Love. The pure, breathtaking love. The can’t live without each other love. The breathing in you love. The soul united love. The love which will keep you together when everything fades.
He: Makes sense. But then what is the guarantee it will stay ?

She: No guarantee. But it can stay. Doesn’t it between parents and children? Then why not between two individuals? If the souls connect at some level. Not the movies kind. But some spiritual kind. If that happen, then even if life breaks them, a string will stay. And that will be the only thing that will make modern marriages work.
He *sighs*: I guess so.

And he once again wished for love. And maybe for that kind of marriage.

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P.S. : Off late been writing a bit of He-She fictions and this was some open ended conversation I wrote. I think I might write this style of stories on and off. I wrote a longer part before this and might update it too if I am satisfied.