Goodbye 2013


Hello people, as we say goodbye to 2013, I realised I needed a closure post. An introspectic one and a thankful one. To see what I learned and what I earned. I wanted to just say goodbye to all part and welcome 2014 with a smile. Seriously 2014 I seek lot of nice things from you. So this is what all this year gave as well as taught me:-

Givings of 2013:-

1. If you work double hard, you defend your thesis indeed very well.  And hence will learn the art to manage stage frights and presentations anxiety.

2. Got a Ph.D. degree awarded. Hence, got Dr. sufficed to my name. And it indeed is a wonderful feeling.

3. Gave academic interviews for the first time and each one taught me how to do better than the last one.

4. Became part of a poetry club and hence decided to do something about my love for literature. In the process, learned to give recitations confidently in front of 20-30 people. I love you PACH. Seriously I do. Thanks to you guys I write so much now. Also, wrote 31 poems in 31 days.

Learnings of 2013:-

5. Learned to get over obsessions for certain people.

6. Learned that there are certain people who truly love me.

7. Learned to meet new people, let myself free and in between make new friends.

8. Its okay to have infatuations and use it to unleash your creativity. Mulling over something lost only hurt us and never helps.

9. Sometimes its not important to be friends to have good conversations and good memories. And some acquaintances are there just for a memory and then you say goodbye.

10. Some best friends are for life. They might get married, lose touch and yet will forever value you and be there for you always.

11. Learn to let go people who forces you to love them but never love you back

12. At the end of the day, never ignore parents. They are the only way who are there for you all the time

13. At the end of the day, you are all alone. So learn how to manage loneliness with a smile too.

14. Love yourself. Give time to things you love doing. Also, always have time for a cup of coffee with friends.

15. Never judge anyone. Met new people. You never know when a new friend is round the corner.

16. Listen to good music. Watch great movies. Dance like you flying. Read and write. Just love yourself.

17. Nothing like a baby’s love. Just nothing.

18. Happiness of a birthday surprise post birthday even on a video call is beyond words. For family is special.

19. Be open to love always. You never know when it happens.

20. If your conscious say so, you are right. People are jealous. They might say things. You might do things but if you hurt no one, its okay. No one is born as a sinner or dies as  a saint.

21. Be ready to apologize if you are wrong. A ‘sorry’ is all that is needed at times to mend bridges.

22. Past is past, let it go. Give yourself chance to make new memories. They try to haunt you for they hurt you. You loved them for the person they were back then. You can never love a person like them now. Smile at it and just be happy, it made you the strong individual you are now. You have learned the art to say ‘No’. And always use that word when needed.

23. Sometimes people are just interested in the flesh and not the person. Its okay to have desires for them. So learn to stay aside if you like them for more than that.

24. Stand by your passions and ambitions. They will take you places one day.

25. Never let someone overstep you and use you as a mat. If they hurt you, just give them a piece of your mind.

26. Not everyone worth doing things for.

27. Have fun. Laugh hard. Love madly. Make good friends. Travel. Write. Photograph and life will be good.

28. Work hard and your fate will smile on you.

29.  Just be a little patient and be positive. You never know.

30. At the end of the day, life is good. Value it and take it with a smile for all the precious things it has given you.

I wish all you readers an awesome 2014. I know it is gonna be life changing for me and I wish it is just perfect for you all 🙂

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 to you all.

Live. Love. Laugh 🙂