World I Wish for You

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In those deep eyes of yours,
I see innocence of the world,
The cruel and bad one it is,
Yet I wish you cleanse evil off.

In those believes of yours,
I see a battle almost won,
Of the satan caged far off,
As you proxy fight and shoo away.

In those laughters of yours,
I see only peace skimming around
With no gore and blood ever dropped,
With war as a concept, nonexistent.

In those touches of yours,
I see harmless kisses flying along,
No hand can ever touch you impure,
Ash it turns, whenever filth nears.

In those words of yours,
I see all the strength of the universe,
To scribble and imagine, stars and moons,
To make heaven, divine, for you to live.

 Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt  Day 11: Couragely Speaking for Children

P.S. : In this poem I have  touched on topics I feel everyone should fight for  when it comes to children: Peace, Abuse and Education.

P.S.S. When it comes to children poetry, often I write thinking about my nephew. I want a world free from all things bad for him.

P.S.S.S. : Also, a haste tired attempt, so a short piece. Hope it isn’t that much a disappointment.

Why I still Write

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When life trials were beginning,
Humans were poking in and out,
Sitting in a corner, hopeless,
I sought some gift from almighty.

Words drenched me, one night,
I smiled even in all the pains,
For I discovered a gem within,
Something resided, distinguishing me.

Some encouraged, some laughed,
Some saw talent, some saw digression,
Still in one phase, all strings broke,
Leaving it aside, I thought I will live.

Beats of my heart, resided on paper then,
Gathering all willpower, I became stubborn,
Masked the reality, penned some fiction,
And I wrote again, and continue to do still.

One fine autumn, I took the challenge,
To write a poem, every day, this month,
Missed sometimes, got late at others,
But completed it, in abstract.

Days in, days out, the year went,
Now I struggle to write each day,
But I still keep the promise to oneself,
For these minutes, are all mine.

I keep my word, I keep my peace,
I find my moment, when the world sleeps,
To be prompted, to be expressed,
What no one, but only I seek.

Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 9: Do I Have to Do This?

Autumn Newness

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To autumn,
To rebirth,
To newness,
To beginnings.

To change,
To hope,
To beauty,
To peace.

To renewal,
To promises,
To believes,
To confidence.

To smiles,
To happiness,
To fulfillment,
To enjoyment.

To bonds,
To humour,
To games,
To chemistry.

To colleagues,
To lunches,
To conversations,
To friendships.

To Infatuations,
To coffees,
To dates,
To love.

To distances,
To missings,
To wishes,
To stories.

To hopes,
To destiny,
To fate,
To worthiness.

Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 5: Autumn Poetry