Why I still Write

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When life trials were beginning,
Humans were poking in and out,
Sitting in a corner, hopeless,
I sought some gift from almighty.

Words drenched me, one night,
I smiled even in all the pains,
For I discovered a gem within,
Something resided, distinguishing me.

Some encouraged, some laughed,
Some saw talent, some saw digression,
Still in one phase, all strings broke,
Leaving it aside, I thought I will live.

Beats of my heart, resided on paper then,
Gathering all willpower, I became stubborn,
Masked the reality, penned some fiction,
And I wrote again, and continue to do still.

One fine autumn, I took the challenge,
To write a poem, every day, this month,
Missed sometimes, got late at others,
But completed it, in abstract.

Days in, days out, the year went,
Now I struggle to write each day,
But I still keep the promise to oneself,
For these minutes, are all mine.

I keep my word, I keep my peace,
I find my moment, when the world sleeps,
To be prompted, to be expressed,
What no one, but only I seek.

Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 9: Do I Have to Do This?

You are…


You are
Poetry in motion
You speak
I just wonder
You say
I stand still
You object
I never repeat
You imagine
I weave along
You crave
I still relish
You are
I just desire.

You are
River in motion
You sail
I breath deep
You flutter
I despair more
You rise
I am aghast
You trick
I am curious
You still
I find solace
You are
I just dream.

You are
Silence in motion
You inhale
I skip beats
You smell
I desire gluttony
You play
I sail smoothly
You scribble
I stare blankly
You whistle
I just admire
You are
I just yearn.

You are
Wind in motion
You breeze
I just inhale
You stroll
I live bliss
You fly
I smile quietly
You move
I hold on
You hush 
I hear it
You are
I just feel.

You are
Music in motion
You rhyme
I feel peace
You tinkle
I move along
You rise
I dance ferociously
You blabber
I fill words
You fly
I run behind
You are
I just listen.

You are
Words in motion
You concur
I embrace it
You think
I spill ink
You mean
I find essence
You move
I coin heartbeats
You flow
I exhale aloud
You are
I just scribble.

You are
Passion in motion
You near
I move back
You stare
I melt away
You speak
I feel choked
You hold
I anxiously shake
You touch
I crave more
You are
I just tempt.

You are
Love in motion
You fall
I am trapped
You rise
I am ecstasy
You whisper
I feel gooey
You touch
I shake within
You dream
I see heaven
You are
I just smile.

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Lousy Scribbles


Lousy bad poetry is often my genre
For words often fight with me
I read my best works quite often
And wonder where did I go wrong?

That magnificent vocab still incite me
And I wonder how can I write like this
But when I seek to pen my thoughts
All that flows out is insane trappings.

I am glad at inspirations I find
Forced outflow of words they look
But they are my heart’s manifestations
And make me attempt to fulfill dreams.

I still have goals that reach the sky
Of penning the masterpiece never read
For literature is what has shaped me
In it I found first meaning of passion.

I now scribbles thoughts out more often
Senseless they maybe, but attempts they are
After long, I do have poetic notes everywhere
Desire I still, they weave magic one day.

Written for the OctPoWriMo writing prompt Day 18: And the Poetry Runs Through it


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A feeling of ecstasy overpowered the existence
With just a peck of passion,  secrets unrelieved
Craving your touch, was my self, with every breath
Intoxicated in realms of unreal, I desired you.

I often said what lies  within was mere putrid
For it exhumed a bruised heart and a charred soul
Still, you sought to just entangle my fingers
Seeking to embalm me with the love, hidden afar.

It was a while that my flesh shuddered with thoughts
In which you played magic, with power of your feelings
Intensity, heard in your voice, spoke of all hidden
I rushed far, into resistant embrace, with every smell.

A speck of darkness was fading away, as dawn enlightens
In closed cubicle, I saw glowing smiles, of pure trust
I held it close, to speak of all the fears I knew not
For a confidante you were, before the steps moved ahead.

We whispered dreams and fantasies, life and death
Today, we chose to imprison the words, closely
Among the shine of giggles, and pure laughter
I took a leave, as moon appeared, only to reappear.

Fragrances of fresh henna awoke you from the fresh mist
As I stepped, with empty feet, and wet hair strands
To make love, with passion, found in unwritten leaves.
The eyes were there to entice, into a dream world today.

A spring it was, in our heart, as I moved in tandem with you
The colors in that chamber spoke of only deep romance
Orchids gelled with those red roses, as yellow marigold smiled
I asked you of their presence, you said they climbed for your glimpse.

A blush overwhelmed me, demure I became in love showers
You carried me towards a breeze of air that welcomed us,
Some rain drops, some glistened rays greeted us early
As I melted away like a liquid, in the sparks of your flesh.

Rare was the assortment, of lust and love, of purity and sin
Scared were my eyes, as you felt my lips, whispering a tale
I seek to love just the soul, move away if you must, of devils
I succumbed within you deep, with pains of desire, of eternal love.

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Written for NaPoWriMo-Day 28

Also prompted@ 3WW, OSITheme Thursday, Trifecta, Inspiration Monday, Sunday Scribblings, The Poetry Pantry, A-Z Blogging Challenge( Y for Yellow)

Coffee Stains on the Sheet


Lining those lips, deep red
Lashes checked, in mirror
Dress donned, perfume sprayed
Slipping the silhouette, at last.

Just a date, you said,
To convince me, for nod
Smirked amorously, intensely
Decision, I made. Yet unknown.

Fragrances of candles
Merged with some roses
In the tiny cornered room
Where desires inter-meshed

Coffee on the table
Awaiting my presence
Glint in your eyes
Sought some intoxication.

Orders of fate emerged
In the drinks I brought
His smile said it all
For the game had begun.

Desires locked in wine
Passion mingled densely
Aroma of lust, in dim light
A lurking tale written.

Music moved the curves
Body in tandem tonight
Feet quiver in the heat
Leaving no space within.

Some laughs, some embrace
Meeting fates, in touches
Dirtying the sheets once
For coffee leaves stain.


P.S.: I have been suffering from writer’s block for many days so the irregularity in blogging. It so happened that I read a post on writer’s block and the word ‘coffee stains’ just unleashed some thoughts I could put on paper. Though I know I was not able to do justice to the idea, I hope you guys like it.

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