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Cloudy skies, thunderous warmth,
Grass await, downpours now,
Drizzles aloud, dampens earth,
Beauty in the air, as cold descends.

A smile on the face, brings autumn,
Mist awaited, rainbow formed,
Green milieu, happy melancholy,
Dance with each drop, of harvest.

Lipstick stains, dewdrop on panes,
Memories abound, of embraced hands,
Of new starts, and sunshine within,
Hopes sought, past dropped.

Drives, coffees and laughters,
Tales new, be written,
Hurt accepted, but risks taken,
Rains or not, drenched in love.

Wet sands, cold mornings,
Renewed passions, new strikes,
Hopeful skies, deep sighs,
Mystic prayers, of good winters.

Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 19:Raindrops on my windowpane

Autumn Newness

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To autumn,
To rebirth,
To newness,
To beginnings.

To change,
To hope,
To beauty,
To peace.

To renewal,
To promises,
To believes,
To confidence.

To smiles,
To happiness,
To fulfillment,
To enjoyment.

To bonds,
To humour,
To games,
To chemistry.

To colleagues,
To lunches,
To conversations,
To friendships.

To Infatuations,
To coffees,
To dates,
To love.

To distances,
To missings,
To wishes,
To stories.

To hopes,
To destiny,
To fate,
To worthiness.

Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 5: Autumn Poetry

January Beginnings


As the new year whispered in my ears about eleven months back, I smiled and thanked it with the utmost care. After all, the year that went by was by far the worse year filled with downhill roads I climbed inspite of no desires. Today, as the year ends and like the last December  I sit down to pen my thoughts for this year. I wonder what exactly did this year gave. Nothing special compared to what all I expected. Yet, nothing worse happened, which makes me all glad.  It had its bad moments , and yet there were some beautiful smiles. So , by being part of  Lady Nimue’s Month of the Year Writing Prompt, I decide to de-fragment the year that went with some thuds, and loads of hurts , and yet gave me patience  to not leave herculean  tasks midway.

January brought hope. It brought snuggling in the blanket. Also, it brought some promises. Tasks I took first step towards. Healthy food habits and some weight loss ( which was useless as stress of later year made me gain double). Some positive mindset and some determination to make a new beginning this year and finding a new nest in a different location.

A year which has memories, I hardly bury away. Beautiful when I lived.  First year, in ages, I forgot to remember, the date and him. What transpired between you and me, still hold precious within. But the head finally said, it should stay in recesses I know not about.

Too much stress, bundled away in meditation, made me know the solution to health -mental and physical. I fainted in thoughts of the deadline I was preparing for years and clenched on to the strength I was losing. All work , no play rule came into life as I prepared for what this year was to be about. Prodding my mind, to work fast, to finalize a near perfect work, is all aimed. Looking in the mirror, at the face last December left me, I wonder, “Don’t I know you?” Only to start regaining what I was losing, even if I fail.

January hopes, sprinkled away
In the winter snow outside
Meditating for better tomorrow
Amidst health diets and hot showers.

Some tasks to be fulfilled, in hardships
The year promised, with isolated dependence
I smiled, in worrisome beings
For what I see, even in broken dreams.

Spirit high, in positive thoughts of tomorrow
Of written words and dreams of the read scribbles
Hopes and dreams, of miracles I lost
In years that went past.

Prayers of dreams, hopes of love
Friends, and enemies, rolled in one
In the year , carrying the number,
Of the birth, as I lost and yet wished.


Written as part of the Month-of-the-Year-Writing-Prompt-2012-season-3

Also Prompted @3WW, Theme Thursday, JP at Olive Garden, Sunday Scribblings, Inspiration Monday,  OSI

A New Journey

A new path. A beginning of destiny I know not.  Roads of happiness it seems, or dreams only I see. I move ahead to uncharted territories in quest of what I desire.   Someday I desire to create a niche of my own, in a world so large.  There is a treasure that awaits me somewhere where the sun rises, but for now I just sit down to decipher, of what is yet unknown. I pledge to write and smile, even if harsh might be the world around.

I made a cut above the rest, when I stepped into the arena that I just finished. A vacuum befalls me, but it is one of hope, standing affront with a pamphlet of choices, I am clueless about.  I cried, I smiled, I endangered my existence and fought all hazards to finally put a full stop to what  I promised to finish.

I made some connections of a lifetime and learnt lessons of betrayal, of opportunism and meanness this world holds.  Some questioned my conclave and I allow them to enter, others bewitching eyes scared me, so I deny to listen to them.  Harsh was I to myself, and gentle to the ones who cared with true hearts. At the end of the day, I survived even in isolation and smiled for the tough lessons I learnt. There was time crush in culmination of goals, and the extra wishes of love helped me pass across. I am here once again to my promise to words, to write like the old times, conjuring my muse to shine on me, like old times.

Some hurt, some cries
Some fears, all mine
Scared Faith, lost belief
I conquered to take leap.

I stand alone yet happy
To conquer what I deserve
In a life all so small
World is opening up.

I bow my head in gratitude
To the almighty who stood
Tested me beyond limits
Yet made me come out alive.

A prayer on my lips wish
Of all I desire to fall
In laps of my destiny
Making designs of bliss.

I know not where I move
All I see is a fairy tale
Of sweet noting I scribble
 leaps of faith given by heaven.

As the home smells of contentment
I move even if I shake
Smell of the books call me forth
As I sit down to write my fate.

P.S. I am finally back after finishing the project that kept me away from blogging and hope to write regularly as long my muse agrees. I have lost the touch to write, so initially I might not be so regular but hope to be soon. And this time I am here to read you all as much I write.  Missed this place a lot. Hope you all are well 🙂

This blog post is also a way to thank TBG for it was for his promises, support, care and love that helped me sail through in the past few months. I am super grateful that I have a best friend like you. You are indeed my guardian angel. I wish it was possible to thank you in the acknowledgement of my work, but since you wouldn’t have liked that, take this as the grateful thanks  for all the moral support you give me  and how you never let me give up 🙂

Also Prompted @3WW, OSI, Theme Thursday, Poets United, Inspiration Monday and Sunday Scribblings

Tales of Silence

Silence sneaks through the mist
Formed in the window stains
Revolving around the idea
Lost in world of its own.

World  built from illusions
Fate took along to destroy
Strength I had to move on
In the mimicry of great powers.

Crystal clear was destiny once
When I embarked on black waters
For I sought just negativity
In mistakes and wrong falls.

Common seemed my journey
Unusual was this long path
Waking up, sleeping alone
Cries and joys , nothing rare.

Falling up the stairs of silence,
A loud thunder reached my brain,
Heart wanted to converse quietly
Filter the diamond from dust piles.

A dream it saw in the long struggle
To give a moment of ‘Eureka’
Thick layer of fog it removed
To speak of the art I lost.

It sought me to be lenient
To the soft sparkles moving
In efforts to ameliorate, the hurt 
From the pains I lived for long .

Brightness of the sun entered
As I took a step one last time
In pursuit of happiness I moved
new beginning,  of words and tales.

Also Prompted @3WW, Sunday Scribblings, Poets United, Inspiration Monday, Weekend Wordsmith, Theme Thursday, Open Link Night and One Single Impression

P.S.  I seek forgiveness from all my readers for being away for months. It will take a while to be back but today was one of those days I couldn’t resist but to write.  I know my writing has regressed a bit due to lack of practice but hopefully you all can enjoy my thoughts. Hope to be back soon so I can read you all and write more. Hope I still get the same love from you all  like I did months back. Promise to be back pretty soon 🙂