Loved and Lost


Tears don’t stop when we are overwhelmed
Expectations kills what was the beauty
Love we shared, misconstrued in between
And I just stood still, breaking into bits.

There was a beauty in the sunshine behind clouds,
I learned just to love when that is all I got
Yet, I knew relationships were much more than that
And a break in emotion was demanded, as I over did.

I wanted to fall in that wet grass and just scream
Feel the droplets of water, and disguise it as rain
I wanted to run away and just get mingled in the crowd
Today, I just despised love, for it was growing way deep.

Poetry was in the air, in the embrace of one’s I cared
I spoke lot more then anyone could ever feel in life
I conversed with mist in my eyes, and sweaty palms
I learned a lesson, in the new year, and parted ways.

Aloofness, defined me, when life was teaching me through stories
Misjudged the experience, and forgotten were all valuables
The wings were flying, ignoring the scars that bothered
Now I sit down, to clip them, once more in a lifetime.

I still say a silent prayers to invent a balm for sorrows
To just wipe all the hurt that the bruised heart feel again
To seek no talks, and just keep the sealed lips still
And wish, maybe I be that angel God conspired someday, for you.

Dependency is what love creates, for I want you to be mine
‘Only mine’ is the selfish variant I see, as I lay my eyes on you
Then I burn the fire of love within, for you have many around
And in that struggle to own, I lose what was even mine.

Slowly slowly I become a shadow of what was the one you knew
I vaporise, I diminish and then one day I am just a memory
I just wish, one day on my elegy you write what I desired
“Here lies the one who knew nothing but just love”.

Love Tale

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A daisy
She was
Often tender
Dew drops
Defined her
Melting away
By words
Sought nothing
But happiness
Spread she
Pure smiles
Sugar talks
Simple dreams
Danced often
When jubilant
In dreamland
Lived forever.

Then came
A mate
Who ignited
Infinite dreams
Eyes glitter
Heart beats
Passions felt
Kisses exchanged
Dream real
She felt
Counting stars
Embracing moon
Living heaven
Alive fully
She embraces
True love
Then finally.

He was
Little devil
Plans other
He kept
Within self
Playing safe
He loved
Saying aloud
No promises
For fate
Delusions they
Give her
Every day
Before he
Stab spirits
And heart
She carries.

No fool
She was
Knew plans
Yet convinced
He changes
For love
Saw lies
Saw indifidelity
Believed wrongs
Yet stayed
Strength he
To her
She wanted
It all
For succumbed
Completely was
In love.

One day
Knowing all
Took stand
Tired now
Of lies
Tore heart
Saying goodbye
Ignoring today
The pleads
And cries
He shouted
Other one
Not be
Memories hers
Stored within
Stepped out
She finally.

Soul cried
Bereaved now
She broken
No reason
She found
To live
Said goodbye
For right
Knowing not
To survive
Harsh world
All alone
She tried
Failed again
Numb statue
She became
To dears.

Dark room
One corner
Sleep someone
Tears many
Horror felt
Sadness seen
Love tested
People saw
Mad lover
No more
He dumbstruck
She proved
True love
Engraved name
Of his
On veins
She died.

This is a Narrative Poem

Written for the OctPoWriMo writing prompt Day 7: Narrative Poetry


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Lost Soul

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Trials and tribulations
Tears and Sorrows
I sat alone
In world mighty.

All I see
Is empty hands
With faltering steps
Seeking the undesired
In a bowl.

Passions lay tired
In the embrace
Of the unknown
I  seek light.

Derelict I see
In the mirror
An image unreal
Losing the sanity.

Cut and paste
Tests and errors
Life at standstill
Awaiting a masterpiece.

Medicate the self
To wipe dust
From destiny lines
Says the mind.

I apologize again
To the almighty
For sins lost
Seeking a miracle.

Less in hand
Wishes are large
Dreams I had
When I started.

Bow to thy
I once again
If not anything
Then grant smiles.

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Lost in shacks of the mistakes
Expressed way in the past
Wishing for what could be
I sought a path unknown.

Hopes and fear envelop me
Dreams I seek to conquer
Imaginations are all mine
Yet the feet refuse to move.

I struggle to find a way
In this dark jungle of life
Where all ahead is dark
For light I have to carve.

Expectations cringe me within
Insecure of my capability
I wonder of the proud feel
People give to one they love.

Life is giving me a chance
To show my own worth
Yet steps I refuse to take
For I have never chosen oneself.

I will falter, I will hurt
I will cry and I will break
The lost me just fearfully ask
“Will I ever conquer all?”