Creating Time


Immemorial time speaks
Instant truth belies
As I peek through
An aperture of the past.

Time travel in the hour
When a grave shout miseries
World revolving through
Speaking of ironic beauty.

Religion mocks with the cross
As it exhibits pain there
A hood of freedom in the tears
That fell from the heavens.

A lone sparrow meets a point
Where past meets the future
It traps life in its wings
Even illusion of mistakes.

‘Careful,’ says my instinct
As I step on a harsh reality
Interpreting what is beauty
A hug come as a wind, from history.

I embrace the present, in lights
In fragrances of the nature across
The path shows me a way out
To what I do not even seek.

I lay in the dark, all through
For they teach me mysteries
Choice of the truth, non existent
For there is no wrong, like the right.

 I wander out, in the open skies
A set of wings show the way
To explorations of the senses
For history is still in making.

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P.S. The above picture is clicked by yours truly.

Mighty Ruins

Standing in the corner
Tall it looks affront
Ruins define existence
Telling mighty tales.

Dark is all the present
As glimpse of light falls
Sun rises beneath it
Glittering image of history.

Lessons are written in walls
Of the sour grapes it gave
And rosy petals that smelled
In garden of sorrows and love.

That wasn’t supposed to happen
Screams the tomb residing within
Dead are the pillars and yet alive
In the history of times it lived.

I stand alone watching it
Of the sun going back
To the home I know not
Revisiting pasts and presents.

Controlling the magnificent trail
Lies the beauty of time
Yet darkness brings its story
To a standstill I know not.

Like a flesh cut by a razor
The segments whisper nothings
Crying aloud of sadness within
Yet laughing at smiles it held.

I am still wondering of the circle
When death will leap across me
And no one will wonder for long
In a spectre of light I will be lost.

The monument of death and prayer
Stand eternal mocking me
Asking me as to what I leave
To be remembered forever like it.

I become a chutney of confusions
With having nothing to say
A disembered structure stands
Even thousand years later
Giving lessons of  worthy life.

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