Summery Memories

“So, do you remember that one summer”, I said inquisitively.
“Which one ? I guess we have known each other long enough to have just one summer.”

I smiled, thinking how he doesn’t even remember my adolescence persona and yet he fakes remembrances. I was left wondering,  if he had seen the transition, he would have been in one major shock. But, then some things are for good. I decided to tease him further.

” O really? then remind me one childhood memory ?”
“Hmmm….too many dear….that one you remember….when we went “, he fumbled to say

“hhahahhahhahaha” I returned a loud laughter.
“You still make fun of me all the time “, he said jostling away the coffee mug in a childish manner.

I smiled even more as I decided to finally give the gift I got for him .

“Read this” , I said handling an envelop to him.
“What is this now?”, he said annoyed.

“I am sure you will smell the fragrance of your favorite coffee as you read this. “

“Shhh…Just read”

He curiously opened the envelop of his memories, our childhood and few remnants we left in the patio of innocence.

You don’t remember our first smile, don’t you?
And that summer of memories we created with one ball,
Basketball it was , and we mixed it with some music,
Amusing ? But then you had your guitar for it.

Hold on to your heart and don’t be so surprised.
I still remember that cap and even that old car,
From which you waved even when running late,
Yes I owe your sisters this one for being kids.

My school bus could never arrive till you passed,
And day wasn’t complete till I was teased.
I was just creating some smiles to last.
You were making friendships in silly loves.

Then summer vacations made its own way.
Which made us take our long break.
But then I found the way to the court,
To play some charming games you liked.

Yellow it was? Your shirt smartest silly,
And you said how it has been a long time,
I laughed questioning that way of yours,
When you smiled to say, here idiot.

Then we grew bit more, and hormones acted,
On me and not you, and today I confess.
I know this will be a big surprise,
But then, that one moment changed it all.

Remember those summer classes ? algebra and me?
And then I met your arrogant brother once,
Maybe you knew about my presence or I presumed
And came with an excuse no one really believed.

That one drive was all that was required.
I looked my worse self and yet the excuses worked.
Dawn happened at dinner time I didn’t know.
Nor did I know that you visit friends without calls.

I know it was charming and beautiful but we whispered,
To know more than the years in those few minutes,
Blushing our heart away even no names were known,
To create pedestals to last a full life time.

Then, children became adult and life really happened,
I still laugh thinking of it all and thanking stars,
For keeping it just as a good memory without a story,
Or I wouldn’t have smiled narrating to my first crush.

“Wow, so you were that girl…I guess even I had…..”
“Shhh…..say nothing…..let it stay as a beautiful memory”

“Nope…Maya might be coming…lets order some food”

“You are crazy”, he said smiling 
“If I wasn’t. We wouldn’t have been best friends still? right? “, said the smiles

“Raul is a lucky man”
“I know, ”  I said and  pulled  his nose to tell how the chemistry stays the same.  

“Ouch. It hurts”
“What?the crooked nose”

“Youuuuuuuuuu, ” he said , simultaneously raising the envelop to hit me.

I smiled realizing how the rest of the story still had him and me together in the best possible way.

I thought , how some stories are best if we don’t change their memories and status and leave them as they were meant to be written. It was a similar case  between he and she, two best friends , married to two different people, who crushed on each other and still remained best of friends, making the world smile with their stupid antics.

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Rare Love

 “You look like a strict clown here, couldn’t you have smiled in your wedding pictures?”
On the stage, when I was shitting in my pants?”

” It was just your wedding, for Christ’s sake”
“Yes yes, i was being sacrificed for life”

“Very funny”
“Not at all. We got married seriously. Shit”

Now you have no option. You have to wake up everyday seeing my silly face”
“That sounds cute actually”

“Cute as hell right?”
“Not less horrific now, compared to the kind it will be when you get the wrickled face one day. I am scared thinking of it only”(makes horrific face)

” I will look the same always, get it? ” (popping eyeballs)
“You can promise? or you getting botox? I don’t have that much money, girl”

“Grrrrrr…Nope. I wouldn’t change internally, you see?”
“Good, now get me a coffee”

“I can see you have already changed”
“I am a guy”

“We have an inborn right to change”

“Don’t give me that look or I will catch you”

“Why? Your heart missed a beat?”*(winks)
“Very filmy”

“Very serious”
“Me? never.I am just a stale catching guy” (smirks)

“You already caught me, when stupid cupid caught you, remember?”
Not that catching, stupid, the other one”  (wicked smile)

“Stay off me, or you are so dead”
“Noppppe, now I have a legal right too”

“Excuse me?”
“Your mom excuses wouldn’t work, I can kiss you in front of her too”

(Eyes wide open)
“Don’t pretend you don’t notice such looks and heard my words. I can do, after all,  I am her pampered son-in-law, darling”

“Stay away” ( runs away)
“How far can you run in one room?”

“Mummmmmmy”( cute fake crying)
(Catching her stole from behind to hug her and whisper)

“Yes, my inborn children’s mom”


“I can’t help but  love you, my stupid husband”
“I love you, my silly wife”

Two individuals, two lives,
Bubbling with new found love,
In the vitality of existence,
To seek meaning together.

Desires are new,
But dreams old,
They plan to fulfil,
Together like a fairytale.

X- box, or a Louis Vuitton,
Leather, or feathers,
Sports or movies,
Variety and yet spice.

Resting in each other arms,
They kiss some, they fight some
They love some, they cry some
Yet they stay as mine for all.

It was fresh love, all said
Staleness will make it hard
You will cry and dispiced
When look fury sights.

They grew up old together
Tarnishing all claims,
Cradling one chair,
Still kissing to fame.

Embracing the feel,
Even in crackled bones,
They define true love,
Found just in true souls.

I wish everyone reading this post,


Today, make a promise to yourself,

To love yourself the most and be your valentine first before loving anyone else.

And also promise to follow this rule 365 days of the year and see how life changes for best.

Love yourself, pamper yourself, smile crazily, stay happy and be forever blessed. 

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Note* :  That dialogue which was initially to be used was-  “Why? Kuch Kuch hoya” , but since the blog is read by not just South Asian audience , I changed it. For South Asian people, I know it appealed and resonated more with the filmy dialogue later and surely make more sense now for you people. For everyone, kuch kuch hoya means same as heart skipping a beat but it is used in reference to a Indian movie- Kuch Kuch Hota Hai which also mean something something happens in heart (stupidly translated). Click this to know more of the reference.

P.S :This is one of the rare posts whose conversations I wrote in mind while still waking up and realized later it could have been the conversation a close friend of mine would have had with her husband post marriage as we all asked her post marriage, he could have atleast smiled. So, dedicated to you too Munza 😉

P.S.S. It would have been two years today for my blog had I stuck to the older one. But since I imported all posts, Happy Birthday, my baby blog ( It’s almost four years since I first started blogging though but I took a long break in between so that doesn’t count ;-)) 🙂

Glory of Love


” A kiss”

“Offcourse, one needs to shut up to kiss”
“Grr….I meant shutup your stupid ideas”

“Now I became stupid, I thought you found me smart, right?”
“I guess all men become such once they fall in love”

“Love? What is that ….never knew such a thing”
“Hmmmph. Then who am I for you?”

“A stormy woman whose mind is always covered with words. “
“I am not asking your opinion of me but my meaning in your life”

“Now my opinion also doesn’t matter. You are a buffoon “
“So I am so detached from your life that I became a comic”

“Hahhahaha. It’s so easy to irritate you “
” Get lost”

“Sure sure. But my kiss?”
“Ask it from the innocence of your moon outside,  maybe it complies”

“It isn’t night yet, baby”
“Move away. I am going to make some food. I am hungry”

“Why do you jolt me sideways when you get irritated? Anyways, make me some chicken sausages too ?”
” How about having my foot?”

“Naaa. Then how will you walk ? Also, it wouldn’t be that tasty”
“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh. I will kill you.”

“I will kiss you, my action packed girl ”
“Alas you can’t. Also, you are so wrong about me.”

“When you fight you are indeed one. And the sound of your lips speak to the silence in my eyes, darling”
“Stop, playing with words. It wouldn’t calm me.”

“You are already guilty to having fallen in love so only I can pacify you.”
” Love? Go to hell.”

“Love can’t , so we will but only together.”
“Hahaha. You are too much”

“But my love will never be too much .”
“Awww. Should I say that?”

“Naah not needed. Because you reside in my heart even if you don’t say, silly”

Two different souls
Opposite yet similar
Fighting to love
Surging forward  .

Eyes met long ago
Yet the child breath
Within to love again
Like spirit of unknowns.

Unaware of the world
Yet dream they weave
To make all it own
Catching the sun away.

Broken they once were
Tears in each eyes
Smiles of known seen
When friendship bloomed.

Today they still disagree
They still annoy and tease
They run off to disturb
Yet heart beats like one.

Innocence of love smiles
As he pampers her
She loves him abound
As life merge together.

Standing on the aisle
One day she dreamily smile
As he whispers softly
” You are only mine, till eternity”.

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Love thy Parents

He: You know, you make me proud?
She : Now what did I do to make you say such nice things?

He (Smiles): Come on, I appreciate and flatter you quite often.
She (Sarcastically) : Yes Yes. Only when you want that Dark Chocolate Brownie right out of the oven with your evening tea.

He: It is ever possible that you don’t taunt me?
She: Well, only if you come straight to the point without going round in circles about what you want.

He stands up and lumbers his way to the book shelf.

She: Can you not be lazy atleast in your walk early mornings. Anyway, I will go and brew some coffee.

He: You know your patience quotient is like a bubble?
She: Ask my school buddies, they will tell you how good with patience I have been.

He: That’s history, dear. Now all you have is a bundle of wrecked nerves.
She (Raises eyebrows): What do to do? I live with one jittery soul.

He slowly opens the marked page from a book he picked up from the book shelf and read it aloud.

“Kneeling down touching the feet of my mother I smile and seek to capture this moment forever. She must be in her nineties’s now and it would be not very far when I would be left without her presence. There was not a single moment I must have lived without her. Be it in school, college or when I left the city for my job or even when I got married. All I demanded from the people who entered my life is that this lifeline accompanied me always. People considered me mad and some nice ones considered her lucky for having such a daughter but nothing made me part from her. I came into this world as she of all people wanted to conceive me. She knew it would be a daughter all the nine months even when people said you should want a son and it was she who taught me basic principles of self respect , love and adjustments of life.

Today when I am a successful woman, a loved wife and a loving mother, I want to tell her that she is  the one who taught me to balance life and also she  was the only one who never let me break and  held me at every crossroad of my life. I  kissed her feet and  said  with a tear in my eyes, 

“Mom, Stay with me forever”

At that instant, my precious mom opened her eyes from her afternoon slumber and put her hands on my head to bless me and to tell I will live forever inside you.  She also made me aware that  whenever I needed her all I had to do was  just feel her inside my heart. In her blessings she inspired me to teach my children what she taught me always . She didn’t speak a word and yet she said it all in conversation with my heart to make me smile once again.  “

She (With a wide grin): You managed to read my book when you said you will never do so.
He: You think I can resist not reading you when your words were what made me fall in love with you?

She moved forward to embrace him.

She (Embracing his arms) : It would be nothing if I didn’t had a loving husband like you.
He: It could only  have been a super woman like you who could have made the world realize that happiness indeed lies in taking care of one’s parents even as they grow old . You had just one plan, to stay beside and take care of ones who brought you in the world, and you worked all according to plan.  It is woman like you that make my chest swell with pride it is woman like you that make a man like me love my woman so easily.

She (Blushingly): You make me so proud in knowing and marrying you. All that I am was possible only for I had someone like you beside me always.
He: I am a much more prouder man.

She (Kissing him): I Love You
He(Kisses his forehead):  I Love you too

Before both of them could say more, screams of children started coming from the front door .

He (Sighs): There comes our devils to intrude in our moment of romance.
She (Punching him in the stomach) : Grrr….they are my angels.

He (Bigger sigh) : Mothers will be mothers.

The children come and embrace both of them.

Children (Screaming together) : We love you Mom and Dad.
He and She ( Together kissing their angels): We love you too.

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Siting in one corner of the world, as water swept past rhyming songs of death, she wondered, if life was really worth all the struggle. Brutal seemed fate to her , drowned in tears of blood,  where all she saw was gory and horrific.  If wishes were dragon, she would have burned every hatred within and embraced all the dreams she saw shattered one after the other.

It only seem like yesterday when in one of her sullen moods, she had said goodbye to the only one she trusted most with her life for over a decade. The energy she had put in the produce of the lifetime was today withered away as one bad memory of a lifetime.

It was spring outside, trees were all laden with colored leaves and smell of beautiful flowers filled the air with fragrance of its own. One tarnished soul sat at the crossroads of life where the question of life and death is what bothered her most.

What she didn’t know was what life had in store for her.

Across seven seas, he was smiling at the teasing of his sister who was eager to get him hitched. The picture of her was in front of him and a rosy blush on his face. He was denying any interest to everyone around but how could he deny the truth to himself. A man who never believed in love but was falling in love, not at first sight, but first glimpse of her picture. This was not the usual practical him, but then when paths and destiny decide to make things work, there isn’t any logic. Is there?

Two people miles apart, one thinking to end life over a broken heart. Another, thinking if the illusion of love is worth a try. But yet both are unknown to the fact that one day, destiny will bring these two strangers together to live a happy life together, as each other’s Soul- Mates.

Strangers are they
Siting in corners
Crying over the past
Fearing the future.

Unaware of the music
In rhymes of time
When flowers bloom
And rivers swing.

Tears will be pearls
Smile all magical
As love bird burn
In union of souls.

Souls meant to unite
Till eternity of time
Blissful marriage shine
As families drink wine.

Siting in one corner
Or running across seas
Romance will smile
At the beauty of cries.

Old joints will ache
When sea smile of old
Who still love close
With all their might.

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