Turbulent Summers


Firstly, apologies to the readers and Nimue for not completing the Month of the Year challenge in December 2012 as I fell severely ill. But, starting 2013 with a baggage doesn’t seem a good idea so I was granted 15 days extension thanks to Nimue. Thanks darling. I promise, to write it all this time.

Let me just jumble May and June together in the monthly challenge. To be honest, May and June were just too identical in 2012. I mean they meant just one thing, pure hard work from dawn to dusk. And the hard work of the kind, I doubt I ever did. After all, the project was life breaking (which I submitted in July end). So, I doubt I got time to even breath. It was just books, loads of reading, than the loads of writings and re- writings and task to finish on time. I doubt I had any outings. I even missed some nice gatherings. On top of it all- the scorching heat.

Yet, there was the Nephew’s birthday. But sadly got no time to bake. The cake was bought and cut over on a Skype call. So sweet memories 🙂

So, in essence, May and June were the stormy summers for me, filled with hard work, super stress, falling ill , and many nervous breakdowns. It had some bonding friendships too , but they were there till project lasted. Some colleagues are just so selfish. All that I needed in this period was the jest to survive it all.

A world of impossibilities it seems
In the sweaty hand that scribbled
This time to survive, the hardships
Possibilities were to be made, in summers.

I have been defiant, in the past
Rolling in my own sky, and losing
Now no options, stood ahead me
It was to be done, to move ahead.

Watching were the heavenly skies
Said my well wishers, all around
Every time I broke and lost spirit
To achieve it all, one last time.

I whispered “Again?” to myself
For the ordeal was not new
But I had past of failures I detest
I prayed for the strength till the last.

And with those strengthening words
I scribbled, I cried, I died within
I smiled, I succeeded, and broke more
But in the end, the first step was completed.


Written as part of Lady Nimue’s Month of the Year Writing Prompt-Season 3.

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