Forbidden Love

A silence lurk around
Scary to the eyes
As I wander far
Retaining tear that fell.

Waking up to silence
I find something amiss
Love I searched around
In you I found none.

A closet love lurked
When all bonds broke
You were special
Nameless yet it was.

A surge of emotions
I felt all together
For one who gave smiles
When I saw no sanity.

In naughtiness of moments
As I sought to touch
Those silk of love
In whispers of voices.

Significant was the heave
Felt in innocent smiles
I was coming closer
To delusional vague times.

Change was the period
When I felt in control
Yet expectations ruled
Addiction you became fast.

The angers were trivial
As love held supreme
Recede was in your feel
Yet I stayed in your hold.

A clever tactic of diversion
Was what I had been
When no one cared you played
Innocently, I fell in  deep trap.

Zenith of emotion I reached
When I realized the love
Prohibited by time around
I cried in secrets lulls.

Slowly you drove me away
With harshness of tones
Yet stood just in caresses
I felt like you gave all.

I was special in thoughts
But that was slowly gone
When like a hard bolt
You told me to restrict words.

You were back in the world
Where you loved her again
I was way to playfully gain
The passion you had once lost.

I whimper and I cry
For I again lost one
I fell so much close
To caress my tattered heart.

You still stay but distant
I decide to let you go
For the black hole was
What I was falling within.

Your family I knew along
Your priorities I had seen
You wanted to feel my love
When I was fearful of emotions.

You made me sure of strengths
Believe you had in me
And when I showed loved
You ran away to your own.

Hurt I am in my minds
As this heart die again
I decide to let off addiction
I had for one forbidden.

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