Happy October

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So, October is here and with it #OctPoWriMo too on my blog. Life has been insane, busy and good. I am glad for it. But I hope I can take time out for this commitment.

Hopefully I can do all 31 poems. Might not be as regular like last year but might combine days I miss in one post. I am already a day late. So here comes my  posts for two days 🙂

Day 1:

Contained in a cocooned shell,
Staining paper with emotions,
Hurt at the injustice of destiny,
Losing hope, I still wish, hard.

Hard work  pays, as a ray is seen,
Amidst tough luck, found a peeping hole,
Immersed it was in happy smiles of life,
Surviving, I transformed, from dark to light.


Day 2

Just a number it might be, for you,
Written within it, is my memoir, partly.

Born with the destiny number of two,
He transformed my existence innumerably.

Stole breaths, in between words, quite often,
Tears are mine, in remembrances, of all that now.

Silently I smile, thanking their presence,
For in them, lies the beautiful tale, of my life.

( This is written in Couplet Form)

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Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 1: Breaking Out of the BoxDay 2: Today is More Than Just a Number (Two)

P.S. : Been a while I wrote a poem so today’s post might not be upto the mark. But in this month, I hope to grow with each post. So, this blog will be updated the most this month. Keep reading and encouraging so I can complete this challenge.

P.S.S. : I wrote this posts at work on notepad app as I promised Morgan on twitter today to participate. It got polished as I sat on computer post work to publish. So hopefully its a sane start.



Self Love


Wordless silence adorns me
Deep insight of a bereavement
I anticipate nothing anymore
Lips quiver in frozen fears.

Double faces I saw not
Hypocrisy was never me
Innocence lost, Smirks head
Thus is born another cynic.

Serene was my mind
With every fake word
Comforting in danger lines
Unaware of the lie you.

How best were we
Illusions were all you
Some needs, I fulfilled
Some words, You gave.

I die within again
Reminded of promises, just
And thrashed, for inquistiveness
You liked, I distress.

Broken ties, I anticipated
Shhh, said the love
I wondered, of perfectness
Today laughs, my experience.

Skeptically, I watch vacuum
Heart whispers some lullaby
Reminds of all scars
Given when I skipped.

Another lesson, I presume
Another hurt, I pain
Another warning, I take
Another balm, I want .

Fearless I , just walk
Thorns will prick hurt
Promise another change, maybe
Embracing only, self love.

Till life, smiles again
I blow magical words
I hear, some rhymes
And hope, for love.

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