Dance of Passion

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Obsession, desire, lust,
I know not, what are you,
Enveloped in magnificence
I see your aura all around.

Your laughter trickles my inside,
Your touch make me go stoned,
You are what I love to possess,
This entrapment stays, till you afar.

Enraptured by those piercing eyes,
Thoughts revolved around your nearness,
Distances don’t dissolve so soon yet,
But I still live in dreams, alone.

You are my newest fascination off late,
For you hold charming keys of attention,
Your company tickles me into hopes,
Yet, I wonder why exist this wanting.

A dance of passion, I seek with you,
When the body melts, with heat of love,
I will succumb to all that I hold inside,
To be yours, even if for mini seconds.

Then I awake to the reality you live in,
Fearful of the disruption this all brings,
You take a step, I ran nearer before,
But I wonder, maybe step back is my fate.

Longings, to possess, keep me going,
The distance, created much more fantasies,
I seek to be enveloped in the turmoil you are,
And maybe just once, have a fire ballet with you.

Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 12:The Art of Obsessions


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Imperfect perfect
I call thy life
Lost in seeking
What is perfection.

Explore Unexplored
I call thy options
Still finding them
In ocean of opportunity.

Beautifully Wrong
I call thy men
Who came for learnings
Leaving baggage to hold.

Weirdly Confused
I call thy destiny
Lost in mazes round
Still seeking my fate.

Unhappy Happy
I call thy circle
Revolve around them
I find hopes sometimes.

Unfulfilled desires
I call thy dreams
Yet I yearn everyday
To achieve through baby steps.

Blissful Peace
I call thy love
Aimed to achieve
Through fast turmoils.

Concealed Bonds
I call thy chemistry
Unspoken, still there
Giving wishful hope.

Divine Right
I call thy light
Guiding me along
To achieve imperfection.

Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 6: Perfect


Some Flashes

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Some purple dreams, some pink wishes, some white wings and maybe some hue of red. I wish, I dream. Of a rainbow surround around. Of petrichor and rains. Of beaches and winds. Of snugly feel and wet feet. Of the sun that set behind the mountains and colored  the sky with his light. Of the darkness that awaits its departure and of the moon who tells stories we might never know.

I wish for more such dreams, drenched in love of the nature. I smile with the few pages that might have my name. I at times blush when Snow-White or Cinderella find their one. For I believe, maybe fairy tales might be real. Maybe miracles do happen and maybe we are puppets who might have a happy end.

I once believed more earnestly and burned in my own desires. I once had thorns that pricked hard and yet I ran far off to the mountains, across the seas and fighting the rains. I once never thought of what was moral. I once never thought of me . I once thought of only ‘us’.

Today all I find is vacuum and some blank pages. Ink refuses to spill and words fail to be coined and yet I smile. For I survived. For I loved. For passions still drive me. I might not browse the tales more, I might not read the sagas as much, I might watch romances unravel less, but I still believe. I believe whenever this heart misses a beat. For some person compliment my existence. I still believe when I share a smile or a bite. I still believe when I play games of infatuations. I still believe when in spite of wisdom and fleeting youth, I see him standing at the door with some flowers. Who is he ? My heart wonders. The eyes just see a blurred image. And he disappears. But then I feel warm as if someone left a hug. And I feel secure. For he is around. Even if not near.

I babble nonsense. I scribble half truths. I dream of the unreachable. I desire what is not mine. Yet I believe destiny isn’t cruel. And who knows if he reads this and smiles. And decades later, we will write an end to these mindless tales together.

Also Prompted @3WW and @Theme Thursday

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I am…


I am a wanderer in search of life
Following the different roads
Throwing me down, or elevating me up
I find beauty in the way they embrace
And I keep strolling to seek more.

I am a poet in search of rhymes
Which resonate with my heart beats
Some laugh in joy, some cry in pain
I scribble like there is no tomorrow
For as long I live I know no other way.

I am a writer in search of words
Coining fables and sprinkling hope
To the tired mind, and hopeless soul
Often the thoughts go deep in the vacuum
Where I search for letters yet unknown.

I am a conjurer in search of magic
Hidden behind the  clouds I see
Found in the stars that glitter
And the moon that beautify
I ignite it all with one tiny belief.

I am a human in search of love
Which unites true souls of humanity
Found in the smile that reach the heart
And the embrace that make us live
Seeking the fairy tale, that is indeed eternal.

I am a child in search of innocence
Found in the first dew on that lone leaf
In the paper ship that sails in the rain
In the careless scratches, and magical smiles
Seeking all that I risked losing, to grow.

I am a believer in search of hope
For every time that I lose the battle
For every hurt that makes me break
For every tear that refuses to stop
For a second chance, we all deserve.

I am a person in search of myself
Who seeks love and care, success and fame
Who is a lover, a sister, a daughter and an aunt
Who knows only honesty, and want no lies
Again committed to finding the pure soul.

This is a list poem.

Written for the OctPoWriMo writing prompt Day Five : Writing a List Poem



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P.S. If you are an old reader of my blog you will notice that most of the first lines in each paragraph of this poem come from my definition of myself in the bio.  I could not write as much  I wanted to due to time crunch but something is better than nothing 🙂

Lonely Winters


When one has accomplished one goal and there is no route to other goals, a kind of emptiness sweeps within. You know you are a bundle of dreams, expectations and desires and yet you are seen as one useless person for you are just waiting. And that sucks like nothing. October and November did that to me. I could still not get out of my city for a vacation and hence the stress quotient wasn’t relieved much and on top of it, illness crept in badly with almost everyone falling ill. So, the month was about medicines, sleeps, arguments, bad moods and what not.

Also, some realizations happened. Some relationships are of sort where  love is too much when apart, and too many disagreements when together.  Nevertheless, too much love kills for there are too many expectations.  But then, we manage for we have to. Again these months were isolated ones, when the social and friend circle were not present any near. So, a really dark winter in a way.

However, October did give one nice occasion to celebrate. A festival we made into a mini celebration for the family. Apart from loads of cooking, self pampering and shopping, we made it a fun day for our cute baby. Since, the baby’s first birthday was a video call one , we decided to bake a cake and celebrate one in our own ways. I managed to bake a cake apart from all other things and one tiny smash cup cake for him. And all of it did get done on time. Nice clothes, loads of photography, much more foods and load and load of smiles the day brought. Baby looked the cutest with his dangling long hair ( which got cut the next day and in a day he transformed from a baby to a big boy). The traditional attire look was best on our angel too but best was him carrying his cup cake in whole house and soiling around even if he hardly ate.  But, the cake was a hit and for the first time my sibling actually said you did bake one awesome cake. Totally worth it all.


Naked truths stood upfront,
Vacant lies the within
Tears roll across again
To fight inner recesses.

I fall, I detest it
Hidden are all goals
Focused ideas are empty
I am everything but me.

Jar of wishes is ajar
I desire to pick a jelly
Blooming with all love
Yet, that step seems far.

Idle looks my present
To all who sees carelessness
Turmoil I carry across
No one but the mind knows.

Load of expectations kills
Aware I, of all responsibility
The child within wants to play
One last time, like the end.

I reside all alone
In the middle of nowhere
To find a purpose or light
Where lies the path of sight.

An angel exists as a cure
Pairing smiles,  to sad tears
Giving sparks of happiness
And  I smile a bit.

Separation from you was hardest
When sickness found its way
I can never forget your excitement
When I smiled to your jigs.

For that moment I promise to cheer
Once and for all things dear
And say hello to rays
For my little sunshine there.


Written as part of Lady Nimue’s Month of the Year Writing Prompt-Season 3.

Also Prompted @ 3WW, OSI, The Sunday Whirl, Inspiration Monday, Trifecta and Two Shoes Tuesday.