How Did I Got Here?


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So, I decided to take up the OctPoWriMo Challenge once again. I am not sure if I can do all 31 poems or not but I wanted to get back to writing and this is the best opportunity.

There is a kind of vacuum and lot of unwanted stress due to mundane things of life and I want some smiles back which can come back with more positivity than I already have so I thought I will write more. Writing is cathartic. Its passionate. Its love. Its happiness.

I am writing after ages and somehow I have forgotten to make verses and have got more comfortable with random thoughts. As I say this I am smiling, for I used to always say I even think in rhymes. Just how life changes right ? So, lets do this and I hope this make sense and I hope after this challenge I can get back that writing tempo.

So see you around ūüôā

Day I 

I sometimes sit still and wonder
At the serenity that encloses
I wonder if this it is, and ask
How did I get here?

I remember the struggles and pain
The scars are now all so gone
But I know the pain, and wonder
How did I get here?

Life is at a standstill again
I have a long way to reach zenith
But I am glad at being where I feel
How did I get here?

Love and happiness defined my world
And then material is how I found bliss
I am sane, but fidgety, about it all
How did I get here?

I still want the wings to fly across
Wet my feet in the sprinkles of magic
I have wishes unfulfilled and yet
How did I get here?

I detest the face in my mirror
I look at the extra inches and cry
Losing esteem is not my beauty, yet
How did I get here?

I let the enemies get the best of me
I get the opinions overpower my being
I be the best, and feel the worst,
How did I get here?

Engulfing darkness is because unrest
I do not know what I seek next
I want the skies I was flying in once
How did I get here?

I wipe out the tears that are tying
I comb those hairs and line my eyes
A kiss to my being is needed I guess
How did I get here?

As the temperatures start to dip again
I revisit dreams of last year again
And see your reflections smiling at me
How did I get here?

I make that promise of a lifetime again
Of happiness, joy and love sprinkled
I believe in all that I have to find
And romance another route to there

So I can say

I am glad I got here

With you
With myself
And life quota
Of kisses.

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Empty Moves


Another day ends in mystery
Sun sets in some deep darkness
I sit alone encircling fates
On the palm of my hands.

Sand escapes without any thought
Touching the wrinkles of the feet
That age even sans movement
As I struggle to slip ahead.

A drop of pearl is seeking me
Signalling on the rain to befall
Maybe it want the blessing to be felt
And the numbness is stuck in ice within.

A wave comes through the breeze
From the past sealed in a bottle
Filled with laughs and tears
Ending with scars that got fixated.

Some stones go astray and other stick
Some fragrances find the way to me
Some droplets fall to feel the essence
And I stand waiting for the unknown.

I take a step to be engulfed totally
Into the sea that takes my tears
Listening to every story I scream
In moments of agony, and in joys.

A strong air of familiarity splashes
On the face of worries to speak
Of what you lose if you do not wait
Asserting me of strength one last time.

Tears roll down the cheek to soil
After decades of tired helplessness
For that one soft touch I lost
I choose to move, back home.

Back to an emptiness, but to a life
Which might grant a blessing I not see
To place, where I seek new perspective
For something just moved, even if within.

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An Era Defining Me

Smiles is what I desire in this world reeking of darkness lost in corners of dust. Like a scarecrow hanging from lose gaps, it scares all positive vibe around. I aren’t sad, nor really happy, for life is one big decision, lost in¬†vacuum¬†of nothingness. ¬†A retreat is what I look for, in this vibrant place of too much¬†noise, just some space to analyse, of where I dreamed of going, of the zenith I can reach.

I run, I fight and then I briskly move away to a haven of nature. Detached from the world, for the small bits and pieces that interrupt the correct sight of the universe.  Inoculation I deserve, from the unhappiness I imbibe within, not seeing the bright rays that rise to speak of the life ahead, of the world I am yet to explore.

A guardian angel I forever encountered, in all phases of life, is lost somewhere. The first season I live where I see no halo of ¬†the mystic, of the fragrant smell of guidance and happiness. Perhaps I haven’t been treading the path of thorn rightly to make them crushed or maybe the eyes are still lost in hollows of what I couldn’t achieve.

A promise I need. To myself. To destiny. To stop the speed of dark. The negative pessimism. And move to an era of defining- Me.

A wax statue stand upfront
With smiles that never went
Of bets of the tears
Which they never saw.

Then I remember that person
That it represented
A persona I once carried
A decade back in innocence.

I feel like searching that one
Who sought to make me cry
And ever since tears found
Ways in my destiny.

The golden spoon was snatched
Struggles found way always
And never to end still
So I can make a new start.

I am hoping for that ray
I can see in this bundle
Lost in notes of life
Which show happy paths.

I smile, rejoice, not escape
From the crushing of me
Laugh like it rains forever
Of only what I want.

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Eyes closed in wonder
Adamant to revive itself
Desiring what it lost
Zest to feel life breaths.

Jinx was to be broken
Fabrication needed spotting
Stunned time is to be pushed
Ahead in the journey afar.

Heart shattered in pieces
When dreams found no place
Ambitions forced to replace
Yet legs refused to move anew.

Peculiar was way of destiny
When it moved the shine away
Sparkles turned into tears
Stunned was the inside
As blood solidified itself.

Unknown in belief as it lost
Confidence found way to the sea
A statue found place of the human
Dragging each day to die passionless.

Love lost all its meaning
Care never could move
Directions were not there
As I strolled to search within.

A journey of change awaits
Freshness which it guarantees
Happiness could be brought
If positive news brings the smile.

Love around is rejuvenating
The dead spirit inside flows
Yet I pull back forcibly
Unbelieving in gaiety emotions.

I once again decide to move
Letting destiny to decide
Trying to put that smiling face
In hopes of the revival of me.

Also Prompted@ 3WW