Half Written Stories

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In the middle of the road,
Stuck at the half route,
Seeking the future,
Yet, looking at the bygones.

No regrets, yet negativity,
Patience, was once the attribute,
Now tested  beyond the limits,
Polished, to the point of finish.

Finally finding the way to destiny,
Yet, a long road  awaits ,
Baby steps taken, to love, to passion,
Interrupted often , wary being.

Halfway learnings, I call the story,
Of love, of infatuations, of muses,
Half likings, wrong assumptions,
I call all that stay, and the ones gone.

Wrongs often attracted, fuel and leave,
Rights often attract, nicety give moments,
A cup of coffee, or maybe the cup of tea,
One is a mystic, the other often taken.

Life is a swirling highway, twisted turns,
I seek simple directions, for hurt too much,
Yet it hopes, believes and likes magic,
For sparks they leave, signs of an alive heart.

Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt Day 15: Writers Fully Writing



I take the path I hate
Once again through by-lanes
Dreams and wishes, all mine
Like the fragrances I smelt alone.

Charisma of smiles hold back
The magic never seen before 
I experienced in those eyes
That steal me to reach heaven.

Some blushes and giggles transpire
Below the rains that wet us
Love was giving its clue
To one, and laughs to the other.

Sleepless nights and some waits
Tears of impatience, and wrongness
Immunity was sought to hurt
In some infatuated dreams seen.

Secrets kept, in conversations
Desires and beauty grew alone
Hands touch to kindle a romance
Which reeked only of innocence.

Gorgeousness in thoughts I saw
Flirtatious teasing were loved
Story they wrote, I know not
Feelings beautiful, they experienced.

Some sadness might have come
If the heart had played long
But destiny has some miracles
Infatuated souls were not they.

A beautiful relation born
Out of fights and smiles
And love seed stayed forever
Best Friends, for life, they became.


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Summery Memories

“So, do you remember that one summer”, I said inquisitively.
“Which one ? I guess we have known each other long enough to have just one summer.”

I smiled, thinking how he doesn’t even remember my adolescence persona and yet he fakes remembrances. I was left wondering,  if he had seen the transition, he would have been in one major shock. But, then some things are for good. I decided to tease him further.

” O really? then remind me one childhood memory ?”
“Hmmm….too many dear….that one you remember….when we went “, he fumbled to say

“hhahahhahhahaha” I returned a loud laughter.
“You still make fun of me all the time “, he said jostling away the coffee mug in a childish manner.

I smiled even more as I decided to finally give the gift I got for him .

“Read this” , I said handling an envelop to him.
“What is this now?”, he said annoyed.

“I am sure you will smell the fragrance of your favorite coffee as you read this. “

“Shhh…Just read”

He curiously opened the envelop of his memories, our childhood and few remnants we left in the patio of innocence.

You don’t remember our first smile, don’t you?
And that summer of memories we created with one ball,
Basketball it was , and we mixed it with some music,
Amusing ? But then you had your guitar for it.

Hold on to your heart and don’t be so surprised.
I still remember that cap and even that old car,
From which you waved even when running late,
Yes I owe your sisters this one for being kids.

My school bus could never arrive till you passed,
And day wasn’t complete till I was teased.
I was just creating some smiles to last.
You were making friendships in silly loves.

Then summer vacations made its own way.
Which made us take our long break.
But then I found the way to the court,
To play some charming games you liked.

Yellow it was? Your shirt smartest silly,
And you said how it has been a long time,
I laughed questioning that way of yours,
When you smiled to say, here idiot.

Then we grew bit more, and hormones acted,
On me and not you, and today I confess.
I know this will be a big surprise,
But then, that one moment changed it all.

Remember those summer classes ? algebra and me?
And then I met your arrogant brother once,
Maybe you knew about my presence or I presumed
And came with an excuse no one really believed.

That one drive was all that was required.
I looked my worse self and yet the excuses worked.
Dawn happened at dinner time I didn’t know.
Nor did I know that you visit friends without calls.

I know it was charming and beautiful but we whispered,
To know more than the years in those few minutes,
Blushing our heart away even no names were known,
To create pedestals to last a full life time.

Then, children became adult and life really happened,
I still laugh thinking of it all and thanking stars,
For keeping it just as a good memory without a story,
Or I wouldn’t have smiled narrating to my first crush.

“Wow, so you were that girl…I guess even I had…..”
“Shhh…..say nothing…..let it stay as a beautiful memory”

“Nope…Maya might be coming…lets order some food”

“You are crazy”, he said smiling 
“If I wasn’t. We wouldn’t have been best friends still? right? “, said the smiles

“Raul is a lucky man”
“I know, ”  I said and  pulled  his nose to tell how the chemistry stays the same.  

“Ouch. It hurts”
“What?the crooked nose”

“Youuuuuuuuuu, ” he said , simultaneously raising the envelop to hit me.

I smiled realizing how the rest of the story still had him and me together in the best possible way.

I thought , how some stories are best if we don’t change their memories and status and leave them as they were meant to be written. It was a similar case  between he and she, two best friends , married to two different people, who crushed on each other and still remained best of friends, making the world smile with their stupid antics.

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Expressing Through Letters

So here comes me with the big- Letter Tag.

I have always been a big fan of writing because when it comes to expressing on face value, I used to often fall short of words with time. There used to be a time when I used to be kind of a submissive dormant when it comes to people but with time I learned the hard deal and now I tend to be more of a queen of my life. That means people might consider me rude, less caring and a dominant personality at times but then I hardly care because it took long for me to arrive at the personality I don now. So best way to express how I feel has been writings for me- be it creative writings or plain words or maybe just letters. So today, I take up this tag which makes my feelings too vulnerable to the world to express and give outlet to whatever have been stored within.

I know this post might be a bit long as I intent to go expressive with this tag. I thought of writing apt and precise letters which will be divided into parts depending on how many letters I can write in one go. So if you guys can stick along, this post will be interesting and new and I am gonna go expressive with visual treats along the way ….So Enjoy!

Dear Best Friend,

Its really been long since we talked. I seriously miss talking to you on a continuous basis and talking for hours and hours even though it was all but nonsense. I know the fault lies a lot with me. After all it was me who did the disappearing act and even though the circumstances were just too tough at that time, I am glad you understood without asking a word and that’s why you are my ‘forever’ best friend. I know we haven’t caught up for long and I so miss it but I promise we will be back to where we left. I know I must have done some great deed in life for I found you. Even though we don’t keep in touch much but when it comes to the happiest or the gloomiest moment, I have always found you by my side and that one single word from you is all that lights it up. I promise wherever I might be in future this one habit of mine will never change and I know that will be same for you. I am glad we worked out on the distance we once had and today I know even if we don’t talk regularly but still when we do catch up we will be house on fire like we have been meeting everyday and we will can easily move from where we left last. And you will always find me beside you no matter what happens. And yes one more thing- we need to talk and meet ASAP.
Love you loads!

Dear Crush (First)

I consider you to be the fragrance of my childhood which I will always cherish. You came into my life like a magical spring and all the years where you mattered were indeed most magnificent. I am glad I never made you realize about my new found feelings in my past(actually I myself was unaware ) because otherwise it wouldn’t have turned into a honey dew memory. I am glad I was never bothered what people thought about your inclinations towards me because then I would have messed it all. I am glad I was a shy character because when I see it in present I realize there was nothing and if I had taken wrong ideas and took steps I would have destroyed the beauty of the innocence we lived. And somehow I am happy it all happened the way it had to or else things would have been really weird. Though It did made me a little sad to realize you never remembered the childhood ‘me’. But then its good in a way after all even I never knew much about you then. I am glad we got back in touch after a decade and though it was upsetting to having to forcibly make you remember myself. But then it didn’t mattered because you are still the ever friendly guy you were and we got chance to rediscover friendship. I am glad it all happened when there were no feelings from my side. Your past memories just leave me with a innocent childish smile. I hope we will have more of those interacting sessions in the future and they will always be fun. I promise to meet again and chill if ever I visit your side of the world or you come here.And also if I might add I am sure I will never let you know that you were my first crush in reality.
Thanks for the cherished memories.