World I Wish for You

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In those deep eyes of yours,
I see innocence of the world,
The cruel and bad one it is,
Yet I wish you cleanse evil off.

In those believes of yours,
I see a battle almost won,
Of the satan caged far off,
As you proxy fight and shoo away.

In those laughters of yours,
I see only peace skimming around
With no gore and blood ever dropped,
With war as a concept, nonexistent.

In those touches of yours,
I see harmless kisses flying along,
No hand can ever touch you impure,
Ash it turns, whenever filth nears.

In those words of yours,
I see all the strength of the universe,
To scribble and imagine, stars and moons,
To make heaven, divine, for you to live.

 Written as part of OctPoWriMo Writing Prompt  Day 11: Couragely Speaking for Children

P.S. : In this poem I have  touched on topics I feel everyone should fight for  when it comes to children: Peace, Abuse and Education.

P.S.S. When it comes to children poetry, often I write thinking about my nephew. I want a world free from all things bad for him.

P.S.S.S. : Also, a haste tired attempt, so a short piece. Hope it isn’t that much a disappointment.



Abused was the word,
She heard unconsciously
With blood piping down
As if a flood came across.

Photographs were captured
Within her innocent mind
As she struggled to live
Nightmares engulfed her .

He was just a friendly face
Smiling with alluring games
She was  a fresh bud still
Unknown to the filthy surrounds.

He had a color in his expressions
As if he loved her presence
He begged her with a ‘please’
To accompany him to the next corner.

Anomaly was he in the world
Isolation he preferred somewhere
Yet, all she saw was some nicety
Not his quest  to exploit her flesh.

A dreaded dragon unleashed on him
With a hunger forbidden by devils
Her giggles and love could no stop
When he approached her with desire.

A path of destruction he paved
For she was too little to endure
Yet, heart was never he had
A monstrous animal fell on her.

The cries were all in vain today
Trust taught a new lesson in life
An innocence was lost for her
When she struggled to keep it safe.

A rescuer somehow hear her pain
But she was long dead by then
An angel had brought her to earth
Forgetting devil await to molest.

Accusations will fly here and there
Politics will play chess in her name
Sympathy and love will take rounds
Some will even seek to kill ‘one’ satan.

With the slight of a hand decisions happen
Yet, we still forget to teach humanity
Says the eyes of the girl in the dead bed
 Then ‘ the show must go on’ and it does.

I may die, or I might survive like stone,
Says the innocent mind of the tarnished
Respect the future, clean the mind
For I desire, no other to be abused.


Written for NaPoWriMo-Day 18

Also Prompted @ 3WW, A-Z blogging Challenge ( P for Photographs), The Sunday Whirl, Inspiration Monday, Trifecta, Carry on Tuesday, Theme Thursday, OSI and We Write Poems

P.S.  I generally avoid writing on social issues but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t disturb me. But mere words would do nothing. So unless I am capable enough to touch a life and improve it I let people judge me. But then, the latest case of a 5 year old baby girl just made me go numb. Read about it here. So I thought let me give my readers something to think about and help making some change. For I believe changes don’t come by protests or punishments but by influencing the internal thinking and mentality of the people who can be future criminals or may borne them . I hope I could  contribute a bit to that through this piece.