Happy 200th


Hello everyone,

I know I have been missing for too long. Life has been just so busy that I forgot to write. Months back when I wrote my last post, I decided my next post will be extra special, and in that need for perfection, I forgot to share tidbits that make it all special and hence life engulfed me more.

I wanted this 200th post to be a guest post, but my friends are equally like me and life became too happening for them too. In the process, I missed important milestones of my blog. I completed four years of this blog ( which was initially started on blogger) on valentine’s day and missed the special post. I had an awesome yet silent birthday this year and I even missed that. But most important, I lost the fervor to write, world literally pulled me in me so much that all I read is work and all I write is work.

But then that doesn’t mean I didn’t do much. This year has been thankfully pretty happy. I knew it will be and it was. I miss writing nonsensical poems on my phone now, but then maybe its good. For mostly I used to write when I am sad, and I haven’t really written much sad poems this year. I even hardly go to my poetry club meets. But I am glad I am part of it, as it filled my vacuum last year and gave me awesome friends. Some friends who helped me sail this year too, when I needed.

Now, I meet people more though. I tweet few lines when little inspired. I post on instagram and love it. Maybe I like keeping my love for photographs. But I miss reading you all and writing here.

Life has a schedule now. Which says even if you sleep late, better get up early. And when home, you have so much to do that you should not think of all that upsets you. Meet people that make you smile and be glad they are there when you need them. This birthday, most special people of my life had long phone conversations unlike just short ones and I loved it more than anything else. I got my favorite cake and people told me they love me and I smiled. I have friends I can ping when messed up and friends I can meet to explore food. I have ones who give me poetry meetups and one’s who can see my face and read my mood. Lot of love all around and yet something missing. But I am glad for everything has a time. Maybe it will be time to love again too someday.

I enjoyed my work stint which was for one semester. I got my first salary and life moved.  Past three months taught me much more than I can ever imagine. It gave me confidence, it gave me identity. From the anxious, giddy girl who fiddles and whose words used to freeze in front of the crowd I became someone many loved and learnt a lot. From that nervous, messed up speaker on my first day of work (in-spite of all the preparations), I turned into someone who gave an impromptu farewell speech without faltering down. Next semester will be something new, but now I know I will not sit in vacuum. I just pray I get that dream permanent stint soon too. For hope is showing and wish it ends as a positive success. All along I always thought the profession that chose me isn’t for me, but last few months told me I was wrong, for I love what I do. I get smiles too in the process and I am glad.

All I miss is writing and being inspired. I miss reading fiction. I miss all things literature. But maybe, this was it. Or maybe not. Maybe someday I will be inspired enough again. Till then pray for all things good for me. And even love and happiness.

I seek to sprinkle some love
In the rough blankets of life
Spreading magic of smiles around
For that is all I know.

Cheers till then,
Hopefully we meet soon again.

Day sacred valentine card

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Birthday Celebrations


Birthdays and parties
Celebrations and Imaginations
Smiles and all the  fun
It is indeed a beautiful  life.

I remember my childhood always
When birthday parties happened
We all reminisce it still quietly
When we had all the fun.

There used to balloons and strings
Cakes and loads of  good food
We all dressed as the fairy buffoon 
And then there were ‘fun’ games.

As we grew up, the hoopla stopped
But celebrations continued
And sibling always had surprises
Like friends who always loved.

Some surprises happened in between
When love had knocked with smiles
Midnight cake and cards I remember
When dorms gave me lifetime loves.

Now birthdays are all about baking
And some telephonic conversations
But laughter doesn’t really stop
Till people are there to love.

Now nephew makes me live more
And across seas, my family plan
Like I do, for them in time
Over a video, we have celebrations.

I still wish for that surprise
That I can keep for a lifetime
When plannings do succeed for them
And taken aback, I just give teary smiles.

Written as part of the OctPoWriMo writing prompt Day 25:  Celebrations, Good Times and Poetry

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Birthday Mania


When March ends, I am mostly glad. For that month somehow never suits me. And secondly, the next month is the month of birthdays. Sibling birthday and then obviously mine. April didn’t really started on a great note. A past came calling, rushing in the memories I left back. It made me realize, I mattered but then if I take that step again, I would have been destroyed. So, first time in my life, I took a decision with the head and resisted my heart. And I was proud I did so. But, then a slight isolated me happened. It wasn’t needed but made me realize who cares, so was nice.

Before I knew, birthday week started with bro’s birthday. Baked the cake successfully and was super happy. And before I knew, my birthday bells were ringing. First birthday, that I was so not excited about. After all me was getting old and didn’t really wanted to celebrate. But, then some friends are just too special to make you smile the umpteenth time. Calls started since midnight, and so many as I never expected. Wishes were flooding on talks, on texts, on social platforms, I was just made very very special. And special friends, made sure I know how much I was loved, even if not expressed. I was floored, for people who I expected to be there, were there. I thank my stars, inspite of it all, I do have friends, for whom I matter. And best is, blogging has given me some precious pals too.

First time, I never blogged for my birthday. Infact, April was complete no writing month. First time, I didn’t wanted a cake too. But still managed to bake a very delicious cake which is now my favorite too 🙂 Here , is a picture, for people interested 🙂


Last minute plans to dine out. Some nice Chinese food, in a breezing weather, made the birthday , just worth it all. Its true, when you don’t plan, your day goes the best and this birthday was one. And since I was a lighter weight me ,( reminds I have to again lose the stress weight I gained..booohoo) the picture ended up nice too.

Post birthday was no less, I again won a book for my writing ( I first won a first prize for my micro writing on 14th Feb 2012 which I missed conveying in previous posts.) And so the prize was a happy birthday gift.

Rest of the month was bit mention-less  as it was little more disciplined, stressful and involved lot of studying , as deadline was approaching. But somehow April was a sane happy month.

An echo from the past
Ringed at the first step
Scaring the wounds
I gained in roundabouts

A soft voice reached behind
Emulating the memories I hid
To extend the hand once again
So the crushing laugh is heard.

Strength I gained to thrash
What was no longer mine
And opened wings in arenas
That mark the new era.

Some sleepy birthday surprises
Wishes and loads of love
Unplanned , yet the happiest
Moments I live in a day.

Rose smelled early,
As calls made one sleepless
Wishes from loved ones
As I celebrate last of a decade.

Some wins, some losses
Lots of hardships, one aim
Work made one a better being
As some tough times gleamed.


Written as part of Lady Nimue’s Month of the Year-Season 3

Also Prompted @3WW and Easy Street Prompts

P.S. It was a task posting this post, since I write anonymously. I wrote it in breaks in a day, but then wanted to blog it out so did. Glad I did as it ended out a kinda happy post.

Celebrations Abound

I seek happiness around
As the ‘fool’ joke mingle
In midst of the brightening
Of the celebratory ‘April’.

The month of the ‘births’
For the ‘mother’ of the house
And weeks and weeks of parties
In cakes and gifts of love.

Those ‘home’ parties I miss
Where the shrill voices mingled
With loudness of happiness
And we danced to glory.

I remember that last gathering
When we left the school to grow
Smiling in the noises of life
Stretching hand for world to catch.

Then life caught on to me.
And yet the house smelled
In mom’s delicacies of celebration
For we siblings were born years back.

It was God’s coincidence or irony
That he brought us on the same day
Just a week apart even if years apart
On different rainy days for our parents.

I still miss those teddies and chocolates
That ‘YOU’ used to hide in surprises
And smile of mine reached zenith
In idealism of my big ‘brother’.

Be it ill health or be it exams
Yet this month brought smiles
Or the reason of evil to end
For Almighty loved me extra.

The parties have ended long
The Siblings have seven seas between
Yet the love the friends shower
To make this month special of all.

There was someone I loved I lost
This year in the month of happiness
And with it God removed bad evil off
From the life of his ‘special child’.

I thank this month for coming
Post the despairing time before
And bringing laughter of time
To bless me with happiness forever.

Written as part of  The Month of the Year Challenge -Season 2

Also Prompted @Weekend Wordsmith, Poets United and Thursday Poets Rally-Week 58