Birthday Wishes for My Favorite Man

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Today,  a very special man celebrates his birthday, some seven seas apart. And he deserved a post on his birthday somehow. Maybe when he grows up he will read my feelings for him through my words and know how special he is. He turns two. He is my darling nephew and the one who replaced me as the youngest member of my family. Somehow, last year, my relation with him was just phone and skype calls and as much I loved him, the pressure of deadline didn’t let me do something special for him.  But  then lot of things happened in a year. The 1+ baby visited my house and was around for four months. And the connect we built has only increased ever since. I can no longer wait for that bundle to visit again. So let me start it from the very first.

I still remember the day when my sis in law gave me the news of pregnancy. It was just weeks after they went off after vacationing with us. And I did not even have an idea that they were planning a baby. And there she went ‘I am pregnant’. I think I jumped and shouted and went crazy that day.  From that day on, life was a different kind of roller coaster. Bro wanted a girl and she a boy and I remember when they found out what is it, how bro went ya ya you win.  The baby was one bundle of joy. And then he was born.

I still remember that skype video still. Those tiny feet and tiny hands. Those closed eyes and the whimper. Those red cheeks and the most beautiful baby. It was as if an angel has just entered my house and sat in my heart permanently. Even since, seeing him was like our daily endeavor.  Watching him lie like puddle , to seeing him crawl, to his shouts, and then to his first few steps.

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Then, the little angel visited us. In the early hours of morning, we welcomed the little man into our house. Even since, life changed. Everyone woke up way too early for he was awake. Made him food so he likes it. Watched his steps so he never falls. And laugh with all his antics. It was my favorite way to be woken up by a sleepy boy by coming and siting on me and getting his game ride. His kisses I craved and jumped for the my pet name he learned to say even before he could say dad. This little man even made me change diapers, change his clothes, take him for walks, and keep sitting still to make him sleep while his mom was away. He became my life in those months. I look forward to coming home for his smile greeted me. I loved dancing with him, playing games of hide and seek, those walks and everything.And his naughty antics assured that I was his best friend  and mother in one. His favorite hangout was my room for the laptop had the cartoons. And I never complained. I remember when I went to a friend marriage for few days he missed us like anything and used to knock all doors just to find us. And then he went off to his home again with promise to be back.

The skype calls were our life then. I remembered that first call when he wanted to just jump and hug us and he was so lost and cranky. For he missed us all so much. But then, he understood. We taught him words, made him dance, recited rhymes and life had a new meaning. And then this little man was crazy for this aunt when he used to jump when he saw me. Sends across umpteen flying kisses and keep saying my name and we used to have best conversations in his gibberish.

And now he is two. My darling you are a big boy. I baked a cake for you and on skype call, we had a cake, some candles, a complete family, we sang the birthday song and you blew candles. We had the cake but you will have it there too in your party. But promise loads of your favorite pancakes and cakes when you visit.  I can’t wait to hug you. My mom says he is going to be like this crazy fan behind me when you visit. All I seek is to make you the best man  to be proud of having raised with the correct love, respect and everything that will make him the most amazing human being.  I want to be that best friend you speak of everything without hesitation for I am not a parent.  And yet give you  the most peaceful embrace of a mother in my lap. You are the man who ignited motherhood to me and will be forever mine and so have loads of fun and remember I love you very very much.

An  angel  found  his way through
Into the embrace of a mortal house
Trusting himself with the existence
And showering love and happiness forever.

Igniting motherly instincts within
Giving smile to a crippled soul
Embarking us on a journey to heaven
In the innocent bundle of pure feelings.



So, for my readers here is the most beautiful scene we experienced yesterday:-


P.S.  I kept my date of dedicating a post to the birthday boy finally 🙂

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