News Update


Just a quick news update is this. Just trying to explain my absence from the blogging world. I successfully defended my thesis yesterday and am officially a doctorate now. So the ‘Dr.’ tag finds itself placed in front of my name. Quite a nerve wrecking experience it was so I am glad its over.
Now begins the real life. But then I wish it is comparatively better. I missed writing and reading all of you. So hopefully will be back with some good creative work soon.
Till then, Stay blessed and Stay happy.

Testing July


July….Sigh….The Horrible July. How do I define this month- Tearful, stressful, path-breaking, testing limits, break downs, quitting urges, but maybe in the end-Task Completed.

July meant lots of running around, after all it was a month of the deadline, final level of editing. Running round and round the supervisor, and all the baggage that came with it. It was also a month of isolation and total cut off from the world. What a roller coaster ride it was.

A week of anxiety, of fear if it will be. Idle wandering to see if it will be done. And then the real hard-work of editing from dawn to dusk.  A day came when patience gave way and I broke the first time in front of the supervisor. I saw the kindness in the panicked her in the way with which she assured I will see that the task will be done. And then back to square one-days and days of only breakdowns,quitting thoughts, nervous parents and sleepless, hunger less, stress full me.

And then the last day arrived. Inspite of all doubts and last minute issues which assured I will miss the deadline- I Submitted. Ahhh, What a sigh of relief. Five years of work, bundled in that one bind. What ecstasy. Post work  stress illness happened and July remained horrible. But then, I accomplished what I started. Testing me and achieving even beyond my capabilities.

A first draft of the pains,
Laid in my hand as I await
That acceptance from above
Of work processing to finish.

From their busy life, and idle me
To the painful days of stress
Morning to evening, nagging head
And choked within, doubting myself.

Tears, breakdowns, worthless thoughts
I saw it all in few weeks time
The pace was fast, and patience nil
Still, I struggled to survive each day.

Kindness of the family, pacified in bits
The phone call mostly panickied me
For the errors were reported all the time
But I worked and worked, till all limits.

Days went, when it all seemed worthless
For nothing is more important than sanity
But then certain powers let me push beyond
I crippled but in the end reach the line.

Smile was all I could think now
When that work waited to be submitted
For one task was completed to set me free
And made me a winner, one time I wanted.

The result is still to be mine
And if the prayers stay, smile will reign
For now, I was glad, years of hard work won
I emerged victorious and smilingly free.


Written as part of Nimue’s Month of the Year Writing Prompt-Season 3

Also Prompted @3WW, Easy Street Prompts and Poets United